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13 illuminati bloodlines & mind control: Part 1

by irun26mi • 474,693 views

Fritz Springmeier exposes the truth behind the world elite

guys you don't really know what the word sin means. sin is simply not reverencing God the creator. Go your way and sin no more is simply go your way and acknowledge God in your life.
The wages of SIN is death, weather you believe it or not. 
agree, it's true but not in the context most understand. Sin is not something like a little stone that stays on your soul, that is all about vibrations, energy and frequency we are in. The world don't want us to live forever. They want us to believe in many lies and pray to many imaginary persona. And then we die.
mind controled religious christians taking about mind control ,,,nuff said
why are the likes at  911 o.0
The Eagles said it first: "We are programmed to receive."
135 people belongs to illuminati
microchip the masses to easily control their execution somehow.
@kaderoder where did you get that Atheists think that Unicorns are real? odd???!
keywords: Jesuits and Popes You can't have people figuring out about the biggest part of the conspiracy now (the Trinity in all its forms in various religions). People actually might start reading bible translations that have restored God's name to its proper place. The horror!
Spot on. The royals are up there to. I found a christian booklet that states the royals are of the same bloodline of jesus(no i dont believe that)but thats whats being pushed to some christians. If you want the link to check for yourself just ask me. Peace
I see the usual arguing about religion and usual criticizem, what doesn't make sense is how are we to build and work toward a better world and fight the Illuminati when we have no morale center or foundation to start from. If you don't like organized religion where are we to get the moral ideals and values we can all agree to? how will anyone be except-able as a leader, and how can we trust another's words who can't guaruntee us their true or have power to save. No God is to have no authority.
blah blah blah god god god. These theist fallacies never get old. Unfortunately your anti new world order messages are being deluded by your imaginary friend sky man nonsense.
remember, I'm just telling you what I'm reading: "One day, Fritz’ wife found a black box under their bed. To her astonishment, there were several fake ID’s with Fritz’ picture on many of them. He used such aliases as Ian McDiarmid, Peter Dunne, Amos Eicher, and Vernon Schwartz. Fritz’ wife could no longer deal with his deceptiveness, insensitivity and abandonment so she filed for a divorce."
The Bible was written by MAN hundreds of years after Jesus alleged death.These shape shifting reptiles are hiding their past. Fuck all this euro centric bull shit, it time to return back to Nature.
We are in fact living in the last days of this wicked systems of things the prophecies have been fulfilled (earthquakes, war, famine , disease )
true Christian's don't celebrate pagan rites & festivals
Look up MOMMABOY on errie
@knuckles194 its pretty obvious. Mass global control and mass genocide of both foreign and domestic human beings. Only you can ultimately decide what's right or wrong.
@SouthCentral00 they put Dr. Hovind away too, for tax evasion. that is what they do with those who try to unveil them because as you may have noticed, they will unveil themselves in thier own time! it is happening now, just turn on the tv!
@icjay1990 Wow, Do you insult you're intelligence like that regularly ? Hahahah. Poor Christians.
After reading most of these comments i came up with this conclusion,how we ever going to have a better world when we all seem to hate each other. It should be the opposite cos we are all in the same sinking boat. We have got to start caring about each other cos really we are all the same, and all head high in crap thats been dumped on our heads. Except others as they are, and only judge yourselves cos what comes out of your mouths is who you are. We ordinary people have to look after each other.
OK, that's enough of THIS SHIT! The whole part I was the guy talking about "the lord".
this is why religion is dangerous
@turningheadfart Lots of things don't make sense, but they all show truth. The Bible already is explaining whats happening now toward the end. And the Bible was made wayyyyyy long ago.
Watch Madness in the Fast Lane on Youtube for evidence of illuminati mind control
is my mind being controlled right now? haha you people will believe everything
I hope you do realize that the Lord is not existant, it represents the Good in the world, it is an illusion that was created by ancient plutocrats and it has been used for millenia to control your mind. There is no God, if you can't get beyond this you can never deprogram youself beyond the spiritual level to uncover *real* truth.
@door2wisdom definitely. It's hard to try and explain it to someone that is blissfully unaware..they think you're crazy until one day it clicks. I'm not that old but I'm questioning things now and i wish more than anything i could change this world. We're so dumbed down that we aren't a threat anymore. The media holds the most influence in this world and they eliminate and or tarnish anyone in the spotlight that will speak out a la Michael Jackson,Tupac, Julian Assange, Princess Diana etc
Dark star I've felt the same people with minds of there own get diagnosed aspies etc and all sorts but were the ones watching everyone else follow like sheep in there beliefs when it seems the minority can see what's really going on :)
why don't you look at the sun gods and see where all the christianity came from.. MAN.. god didn't create man... man created god.. but if your a christian .. then you will say can't be it's not true.. when is santa claus comming ?
@Ileko1 I don`t take what you say seriously. But we all got something to say,and reading what others write we might learn something.
Someone is under mind control. Check the closest mirror! Religions that are older than your religion were Already corrupted by the bad guy of your religion????? Goods one!! Lol
@door2wisdom HEATHEN!!! How can you take the shit I write seriously? It's the most stupid dribble I've ever written.
@maxb8097 Jezus didnt wrote anything at all. More likely he could not write at all.
@LucifersDisciple6 lmao, and your name is lucifers disciple.
what sux is that this is a govt/intel op, not illuminati or freemason or rightwingmilitia. our govt r only ones w/ power and $ and ppl and tech for all this. 4 proof, look at john Marks book "The Search for the Manchurian Candidate" and wikipedia 4 human experimenation in US. GS disinfo warns against anti anxiety meds, but the meds r huge help, against the harassment, and won't turn u into zombie. Much GS videos on utube r disinfo...good luck...
@GhostieMilk You're quite stupid, really. To assume and only assume that I looked at the controllable aspects of the media to find this informations is stupid and ignorant. And secondly, nearly all information is from media. I believe there is a God, infact, many, but Christianity has been tampered with and even Christians today aren't true, they use the name as a fashion rather than a relationship with Jesus. Our civilisation is too ignorant of it's reason to understand God.
Is it necessary to make me watch for 56 seconds before it starts?
Mark of the Beast is the Hexagram (Seal of Solomon, six pointed star) Name of a man = Solomon Number of its name = 666 pieces of gold collected by solomon in one year Three pairs of triangles with their apexes touching. Each pair collectively represents the number 6, which qualifies the whole symbol as a graphical representation of 666
Who's to say that a one world government is really that bad? look at Star Wars, you have democracy (what we're in now) against a communist-like authority, both sides wanted the same thing (the emperor even stated he wanted peace) but from experience irl we know democracy does not work, the emperor went about getting peace in a different way that completely worked and he overtook the galaxy and for years they had peace until a rebellion started thanks to leia,so i dont see anything wrong with it
@maplespak if that pisses you off .. somethings wrong with you
@Ileko1 well then why do i want freedom and peice, why am i educating people about the currupt government? because im brainwashed? i might have more ethics and resposability than you, and im not brainwashed i know whats going on, and most of what you mentioned is true, except that they are jews smh
Good info, but spiritually I will choose my own path.
@BeatsOutDBricks we were all black before the one world continent divided and countries moved to hot and colder parts of the world
Springmeier became interested in the Jehovah’s Witnesses, even though he supposedly became a Christian during his ‘teen years. While attending Kingdom Hall, he met a woman who he eventually married and had a child together. This marriage did not last long, as his wife filed for divorce on the grounds of child abuse – a charge that was never proven. The custody rights of their young son went to her. Disgruntled over the court decision, Fritz kidnaped the boy and fled to Oregon from the mid-west.
From the voices i hear, many do hate. Yes you are very right,nobody should go to sleep at night thinking i hate that person,,,,its not only a waste of energy ,but also that kind of thought attracts negatives into ones life.
@JawzMuziq one thing i have a problem about christianity is that u guys belieev that jesus is gods son, but jesus had a human mother -____-
When was this recorded? It surprising to hear no one laugh when he said "new world order"
@Remedynr That's the thing I don't know. And whatever the truth is am I supposed to know or do I already know. What's real and what isn't real? What's life what's death? And what about religion? These "they" are they meant to be Sadist Satanists or are they really just an illusion of God?
@Ileko1 I am not jewish zionist reptilian,satanist,nazi,anti semetic(how can i be anti semetic if i`m supposed to be jewish) and all the rest you wrote down. I am brainwashed ? What does that make you?. By the way i believe in no religion,but i do believe in a creator.
The word of "God" written by man in the bible. I don`t believe a god who loves would allow the world to be like it is,but i do believe man with a hidden agenda would allow it,and use lies to trick people into believing something thats not true.
Another who things he knows another person,you dont you only know yourself. Yes we have a choice wait for the messiah to come to make things right,while millions starve to death or decide the future is in our own hands,jesus has been coming for 2000 years,how many children have been raped and murdered,how many babies have starved to death in the mean time,how many man made wars have happened,while you and those like you wait for jesus millions more will die.
LOL, the silent comment voters were analyzing my above comment, it was just too real for them to vote up
@Ileko1 Are u sure they are jews? or just pretending to be. I read revelation and its interesting what it says about people pretending to be jews. Perhaps the true people in power are doing everthing they can to make the rest of us hate jews. Just a point worth checking out.
You clearly haven't been paying attention to what they've been doing...Evidence of all their evil works is around us more than you know. I am a devoted Primitive Baptist Christian. While I am not discrediting God and his power, we can't expect Him to look after our safety and the world's safety at this rate. The majority of people's morals have been so twisted that they can't understand God. You need to do some REAL research and stop being so narrow minded, friend.
@darkstar19 I agree with u 110%. Before i came on here today,i was just thinking about the youth ,cos i care about them,and i look at how this stinking system, has stolen every bit of humour.respect and love from them,and the rest of us for that matter. I wonder how many people can`t remember the last time they laughed or even smiled,(and meant it). Those ruling us have done a fantastic job of dumbing us all down,havn`t they?its like souless bodies are inhabiting the earth.
@noogetful Free PDF
@rentintin2000 usually not, But when it repeats itself but in different text I begin to question, Then research.
@door2wisdom Everything is designed to cause social division from race,religion all the way down to music genres and even what sports team we support. Think about it, what dominates the main newspapers? usually anything that can cause division among the general public. Unity=Strength in numbers and that is what we need.
fritz rather practises diffamation instead of exposing child abuse within "christian" organisations.
Look up Conspiritous! Trust me. God over money is the new movement!
Its not so much satanic as it is paganistic because there are pagan teachings and mystery religions in all forms of christianity. The catholic church is full of pagan symbolism and their teachings can be traced back to babylon and other mystery religions. Catholics worship on sunday because they worship the SUN, jews keep the sabbath holy which is saturday because they worship saturn but they wont tell you that. Catholic christians also worship the dead. Religions were created to divide us ok.
@door2wisdom This kind of political maneuvering requires a great understanding of the peoples who are being manipulated. In order to foster feuds, for example, one must understand the political and social histories of the parties intended to take part in the feuds. We the Sheeple need to ALL wake the F*** up.. Door2wisdom great Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace and Love
But you cannot hear voices behind a text is the part that I am talking about. Even in voices, people are just not very educated "when" they think they hate another person and rather see their enemies unhappy, through their actions or something they said, maybe something instigated, maybe they display hate for someone else that lacks education or is different on here, through text exchange or video responses.. Like I said, people over-react often,and a lot is because leaders lack guidance/honesty
I honestly could care less if the bible is restored or not.What is more important is that economies be restored, human problems be restored.If we rely on God to do it,maybe many more generations will have passed by,just as it already has! I'd say,the most important focus that humanity keeps missing out on because they are so distracted by religion is the Central Banks Policies and The IMF which enforce them.The Treasury as well has major issues that Obama covers by saying:should not be concerned
@JawzMuziq i think the religion of islam has a lot less faults than christianity, even though they are on a basic level the same thing.
@GVLBRTY Hi,no iv`e not read it but will get myself a copy. Thanks.
@RaidenGear15 for me Catholicism is a word, this is my life, my opinions, and if i say its a word , its a word
Ok, this guy is clearly Schizophrenic, how the fuck could you possibly listen to him?
the bible is so fukin obvius one page is talking about one thing and the next page says somtin else it was changed by the illuminati
@misterneckbreaker88 as a former athiest, you are wrong. the bible is 100% factual truth, connecting the dots is the key to finding this out. i wouldnt tell you the wrong thing.
@JawzMuziq noo ur no little boy...ur a little bitch =)
i have called my son out of egypt. E G P T=5772 . Y being the archetype for the saviour God. Love is the law,5772 is the end of the program.5772 is encoded in the great pyramid ,the height of the pyramid is 481 feet times 12 of the zodiac =5772 ! 5772 is the jewish new year.29th of september 2011......29 days later the mayan calendar comes to an end on the 28th of october year = a pyramid inch. this meme is encoded in the great pyramid.
@door2wisdom Furthermore, in order to maintain power and influence, large governments will often work to keep smaller powers and governments from uniting. In fact, this use of the principles within the Divide and Conquer Strategy is most common. It is much easier to prevent small powers from linking forces than to break them apart once they have aligned. Leaders who utilize Divide and Conquer Strategy may encourage or foster feuds between smaller powers.
People Have "Scandals" For Trying To Expose Or Escape The Illuminati
@kaderoder You poor delusional fool, please enlighten me with a bible prophecy that is in effect right now.
Obama said (and I have it on video titled: JFK exposes Obama) The Americans at large, are not paying close attention to how a Treasury Auction goes (wow, he studies how people think) "They shouldn't" " They have their own lives on their plates to deal with".. AKA: Obama Covers for the Treasury. AKA, Obama reelected Ben Bernanke for another term ending in 2014. AKA: The Federal Reserve serves the Treasury Anually. All this info can be retrieved until it is removed if ever.
@kaderoder I'm only after 1, you could spread the word of 'god' right now and tell me but I doubt you will because all you are is another brainwashed fool that's one track minded and will never open your mind to the wonders of nature and science. Go on..... come back at me with a prophecy thats in effect right know.
Find the families, kill them and kill the rest involved only then the illuminati will be stopped and we can thrive as one for the good for the sake of our generation and the next. Fate is what we make of it you can decide to sit there and carry on with your life or you can help stop with the future organisation I'm making to stop the illuminati. "Fight for what you believe in it die trying" - Marlon camacho
12 and because of the increasing of lawlessness the love of the greater number will cool off. 13 But he that has endured to the end is the one that will be saved. 14 And this good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations; and then the end will come.
@theonlyone246 son just shut the fuck up, why you have to be racist, talkin bout "the white man" nigga we all equal, some blacks are smarter than whites, some hispanics have more sicial ethics than whites, why you gotta make whites so important, and based on theories we all came from africa
@timmyraa2 silly predict text, i meant 'now' at the end .
Plenty of scholars, both Christian and non-Christian have discredited the work. I suggest you read Michael Barkun's "A Culture of Conspiracy" and "The Two Babylons: A Case Study in Poor Research Methodology" By Ralph Woodrow from the Christian Research Institute, Vol. 22, No. 2, 2000...
Read Springmiers' book Illuminati Bloodline. Shits crazy. Springmeir is actually an ethnic Jew, who after his years of research converted to Christianity.
@OrgoftheOrganized Nothing about that gathering says "Free to come" Would you agree that this was a paid event, with PAID CAMERAMEN? Selling a goddamned book? Using religious dogma as a launching point? Eh?
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