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Cage the Elephant- Right Before My Eyes (Lyrics)

by Mitch Powers • 446,207 views

Timber shakes these trails they all derail Phony, false and frail An empty ocean lost our way with no direction home Golden needles names we take in vein Find it harder to remain And nothings...

This band goes from sounding like the Beatles, to sounding like the Offspring.. But they're still Cage the Elephant, they maintained a certain "uniqueity" about themselves
I can't tell if I like this or the slower version better
awh man the acoustic is way more powerful ironically 
Your right tea fessa i know spelt your name wrong
This song is so perfect and beautiful 
This is the song Caleb Jacobson was listening to when Maggie saved his life in the significance book...It fits so well. :,) 
And what is more ``suprising``... It also fits to the whole world that is losing control :)
Omg that's exactly why I'm here!
i was in class today and heard this song for the first time, and i already love it ! <3 :)
this song. . . . 
Phil Howley Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
There is something mildly beatley about this song. just a little bit
Yea, there playing a bass drums and guitar in sync to create a song.
my favorite from this cd
There are good rap songs, that are as deep and meaningfull as rock songs. You just have to know how to look.
Am I the only one who is reminded of green day's basket case at 2:36? I am one of those melodramatic fools neurotic to the bone no doubt about it Idk it kind of sounds similar CTE is much better band though
@SodiumNitrateBot Just search "Right Before My Eyes acoustic" and you'll see it.
Omg 187 again is that number following any 1 else
Never had a favorite artist(s) ever. But I think you guys have taken that spot. I love your music.
WARNING: Attention seeking whoreish shit is about to ensue. I was listening to this when my girlfriend broke up with me, you'd figure I'd feel bad listening to it but it actually holds a serene comfort. =) I don't see how you can't love Cage the Elephant.
Rap isn't bad, think of The Beastie Boys, Cypress Hill, House of Pain, De La Soul, Jurassic 5 and many others. Good rap, just like good rock, is dying out.
name a deeeeeeeep rap song, im serious-not trollin, just curious
there are several good bands out there. They're just not mainstream
Lol, thats funny. Not the friend but what you said. XD
Everytime i listen to Cage The Elephant i realize im scared not frightened but scared to lose them and i dont appreciate them enough!
This is one of the most underrated Cage the Elephant songs
we need more bands like these guys
You're corrupted by dumbassery. Cage the Elephant is great. Rap is great. It's superficial, socially irresponsible music in general that's "ruining our generation". Various artists spanning all genres. But you know, that's just my opinion or whatever, but 'ya just can't group all artists together within a genre as corruptive or this or that. There will always be exceptions.
What if humans were flora on the earth, but the harmful viruses were the gas companies and the archaeologist digging into the earth like a staff infection?
i adore his voice, he has that "i dont give a f***, i just love to sing" voice. (: but my fav song by Cage the Elephant has to be "Shake Me Down" <3.
Finnaly a fucking band of crazy guys who know what they do. I've been waiting a long time.
Weird... I downloaded Flow and instead got Flow and a very slow version of this song....
I feel it necessary to point out that it is not "names we take in vein" but "names we take in vain"
Wow 6 haters out of 229,384 how can you hate this song
that's one of the best songs i've ever heard
Why argue? Why not just appreciate the genius that is right before all of our eyes and ears :) see what I did there? k, that was pretty lame, but still. Just chill and enjoy the music. It's hard NOT to enjoy this music.
i had lucky to find this great band
you just strengthened his point, just because others have opinions doesn't mean you should bash them because they have a different view, he was telling the guy not to hate on rap just because he doesn't like it, he was accusing a musical genre of corrupting an entire generation, which we all know is horse shit, ps I don't like rap/country but I don't blame them for killing my entire being lol
Does anyone else think this sounds kind of like "Shiny Magazine" by JET?! Anyone???
Acoustic version sounds better. :)
i never heard of these guys until i saw it on a waterloo road in the description
@fistfaceproductions You're an idiot. KoalaHippie said their songs aren't about sex and drugs. Read before you criticize
guys...i kinda dig this.. a lot...
i'm so sorry..i'm kinda scared to listen to it now.. :l
I think of this kind of thing too when I like comments xD I do it to show support.
Song to my life <3 Music doesnt get much better then this.. (:
@pontinius Oh my gosh i love that song! I never realized but you're right
i'm not one to post random stuff on people's videos however any fans of this song may be pleasantly surprised by this very professional acoustic version!!
proud to say I'm from where this men are from. Bowling Green, Kentucky. BEST BAND EVER! <3
I know what's wrong with rap. The C is silent. You know.. like the D is silent in Django.
Foster the Elephant and Cage the People NEW WORLD ORDER!!!!!!
These Kentucky Boys nailed..The whole entire 80's 90's ..With this...And, exclameted a missppelled world...With, Float. Amen
I know what you're saying. Tiny Little Robots and Power by Kanye West are pretty similar in parts. It's really just the delivery of the message.
best band of our generation, remind me of the old nirvana acid days :(
I swear, this song... it makes my chest hurt, like I can feel it in my heart... I think it's Matt's voice.
@SprFabHair44 Yeah Dude, look up a song called every me every you by Placebo. That's like an exact vocal match to this song as well
the only rap I enjoy is kid cudi for some reason...
hahaha, I've been listening to this song for so long and never noticed I was only listening to the acoustic version, just discovered this :p I think I prefer the acoustic one. But who cares they're both so amazing
like if u replayed this like 100000 times
corrupted by rap? I'm not sure what the fuck that is supposed to mean but you should listen to a bit of Rhymesayers.
Kid Cudi's old stuff was pretty deep. Now he's getting generic and meaningless though, breaks my heart.
Matthew Shultz seems like a nice guy.
They kind of remind me of Velvet Underground, but with a more modern "spin"
well there are a lot of rap artists that produce that kind of songs, but you wouldnt understand the lyrics anyway, so try something from immortal technique. not every rapper talks about fucking, hoes, money or drugs ya know
My friend just said this sounded like it could have been written by The Beatles, Cage the Elephant is in good company then ;)
yea you tell him, can't believe people are blinded by partying and money that rap makes you believe when really, they need 2 open their eyes 2 the real world, which (like this song talks about) is failing miserably
@HeyPhantom4 But I don't feel like its a stretch at all to say that THIS song is VERY similar to "Every you, Every me" by Placebo.. much like some of the other songs on this album are reminiscent of modest mouse, pavement, and the pixies.
Not true. Listen to more indie music there are tons of great bands out there. Check out The Heavy and The Black Keys, those are two very good bands. Our generation's mainstream music is trash...come to the indie side....we have good music!
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