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Quest for the Golden Apple 01 - The Calm Before

by TheMinecraftMuse • 48,230 views

Every journey begins with a single step. In this episode, I talk about my goals for the series, as well as tackle all of the vital Day 1 basics, including finding food, shelter, and light. Music:...

going back to your first lets play, it sucks that you are all done with LPs even on your new channel, but i guess life goes on. look forward to where you go next on youtube.
I agree. It is also fun to watch how far he comes in editing and commentating. He is truly a funny and amazing person, who truly knows how to make someone laugh.
I remember discovering this series back in 2011 I was 12 and I pretty much had no Idea what minecraft was I only heard about it because of some one from school, so one night I just put in the youtube search bar minecraft and seen the this video and I watched It and all the episodes that were out at the time but had to wait for newer episodes.. needless to say this sires is the only reason Love minecraft. I ended up buying it Christmas 2011 and I also watch all of muse farms as they were coming out!
The trilogy lets plays of Quest for the Golden Apple, Muse Farms, and Facing the End will be, and always will be my favorite Lets play series of anything ever. :D
I think I'm going to re-watch this whole series again :D
It's been so long from when i first watched this, that im glad that i can watch it again  without remembering anything, so i can relive these series of lets plays
My foundation for being a great minecraft player 😩 the memories 😭
So much nostalgia 
This is, in my opinion, the best Minecraft LP ever made. The videos are made by a narrator who has a voice that's as smooth as silk and editing skills of an artist. The series has a simple goal, but a very emotional plot; and the series is the perfect length, illustrating how this skilled player has achieved his final goal quicker than he had expected. Final Verdict: 10/10
It's only been 3 years, but it seems like 20 years. gahhhh i dont know if this is nostalgia or just outright depression. :L
@WWExtreme25 People who say no homo are annoying (no straight)
i think i will watch this just because his voice doesn't piss me off.
Epic Fail would of been if you spawned. Moved couple blocks fell into a revine and it happened to be half built into a Dungeon and then you open the chest and find a golden apple know that would be the fastest golden apple quest.
This was the first LP I ever watched :D
Also, MCmuse your voice is like, the sex.
Antvenom does not suck! But i don't think this is a copy either.
5:17 coal in the mountain, you didn't see it when you were there? lol
two minutes and a thats what she said joke comes up... oh boy here we go again
if you still play minecraft you were one of the few people who had the crashing glitch they have fixed that. :D so listen im new to you i dont know if you still play minecraft. so dont make any mean comments. but i subscrbed!
Anyone else watching muse's whole series like from qga to muse farms to facing the end?
1.1 quest for golden apple... 10 min / less, done. =P
This is like that TV show that woun't have another season but you still think there is more and you watch all of them over and over!
@RottenDC1 *red apples are what im talking about. you need 8 gold and a red apple, which drop from oak trees
well, time to start over again i guess :D
I really love this spum/muse so much. I'm re-watching.
rewatching this whole qga-muse farms-fte series.
make a cousin you mean XD inside joke
He doesn't upload on this Channel anymore, his new channel is called spumwack.
1:50 Wanna make a farm at some point... Lol.
Need to come back in 4 days and reminisce...
I spawned in a world, dug around a bit, and found a mob spawner and in the chest was a golden apple. I'm a lucky bastard.
Man do I miss this. watching this and muse farms over again.
Are you fucking retarded? This was made more than a fucking year ago, you REALLY dont think an update was added between that interval?!
You're voice is like, 70% of the reason why I keep watching your videos.
I'm watching the series all over again!
Muse's voice is so calming in this video compared to his recent ones, haha.
1st time watching this after watching over muse farm twice.
1 person found a golden apple then fell into lava
honestly dude,... im waching this for the first time;. and as for boring waching it its not boring.... i love stuff i can just sit back and let play .. and watch .
Fuck. This is just so much good old Muse... :D
lol the place he picked to be his home is a good definition of his criteria of place to found Yellowton (close to a desert, mountains and a big body of water)
starting after like episode 83 of muse farms
Your voice reminds me of Blu from Rio. o.e
@StankyCheeze123 vanilla is when you play without mods or any outside help other then the original game.
i thaught the first order of business was pizza
1:02 look under the sand, coal :D
1 person couldnt find the golden apple
2 years have gone by, I am stilling watching your videos and I still love them.
There was coal at 5:19 in the video
You have a voice I could nap to... no homo.
he found sugar cane at the spawn point and there was coal right where he made his house!
After muse farms I decided to rematch all your old videos, you have changed a lot
"I'd like to build a farm at some point." Yes Muse, yes you will.
In this video you sound like sheldon cooper especially at "changing the world
Re watching this whole series.... You got me started with Minecraft, and you're awesome, muse! :)
just finished watching muse farms 63. Now to start watching QGA.
I remember when this first came out and I watched every episode the first day it came out all the way up to facing the end and now spum wack his new channel I'm doing the same
Wow your a good tuber nice first impression subed ^_^=b
You're voice is like kitten x puppy + baby pig - those damn creepers
@ThatNoztikGuy haha im not a hateful person but god damn you are pretentious get a fuckin grip
I have a question do you make all wood tools first or make a couple picks mine for stone and use it for tools?
In the video announcing the QGA series, he says that he's seen "The End of this world." He referenced the End, and has the first thoughts about Facing The End. In this video, he says "I'll probably want to build a farm eventually." He makes the first step towards Muse Farms. It's official. Muse is a time traveller.
Rewatching after episode 35 of Muse Farms.
9:26 - Try turning off clouds and using fast graphics instead of fancy. That's what I do to reduce lag on my computer too. 10:16 - You know, this is made so much better because apples spawn from trees now. So trying to get one from a stronghold will be fun to watch.
Yout channel needs more publicity
Your voice reminds me of that ben 10 guy for some reason...
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