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Yogscast - Diablo 3 Secret Pony Level + 1000th Video Celebration

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 1,324,707 views

Thanks guys so much. Spent all day compiling this video because my excitement for Diablo3 is at fever pitch. Cheers to Lalna for all the artwork help.

Simon in spandex = the end of the internet
lol they renamed the mane 6, midnight sparkle is twilight sparkle. lol, is that for copyrights or something??
Hmmm..... I wonder if that old guy is Fumblemore...
is lewis a brony???? he knows so much about it
2011, that doesn't feel that long ago...
What have people got against bronies! We just like the show :(
sometimes people just do stuff out of spite
Congratulations yogscast! You just spent half of your 1000th video talking about MLP:FiM. Good for you!
id like to see how u make this game fucking funny
This is my favorite yogscast video yet!
None is gonna win this argument -_-
Nightmarity wtf its rarity
SOI i wish!!, if only
Midnight sparkle twilight sparklw
Midnight sparkle... seems famillier
you know i really like the video for i think the video is awsome obviously so STOP TALKING ABOUT RANDOM THINGS LIKE CHUCK NORRIS AND COMMENT THE VIDEO TO HELP THE YOGSCAST FIX SOME THINGS IN FUTURE VIDEOS IF THEY EVEN NEEDED TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha did anyone see the emails that were in Simons "e-mail"?
Where did I insult anyone? And you should get a life, you replied for a 2 week old comment
Blank flank! Blank flank! /watch?v=SavhDy5aQlQ
Hanna's pony kinda looks like Luna except not an alicorn.
lol thats Bambi Simon for ya
i went in there before,i bet diablo in normal nightmare
Did anybody else notice the email from Best penis xD
Anyone else notice how much their audio quality has improved over time?
No! Chris menson what are you doing?! LMAO
So I am guessing it's canon. That the yogscast are bronies? FUCK YEAH
My little pony skinny and bony
Lewis knows pretty much about mlp fim :) I think hes a brony too! :D
currently the longest chain I have seen. anyway love and tolerate don't feed the sprites and so on have a nice day :)
Every Brony should've sang along to hannah's song!
ummmm what's so horrible about a show with an original target audience of little kids hmm what's so scary about that?
it scares me how MUCH they know about my little pony........
The reason they know quite a bit about MLP is because Hannah is/was a brony/pegasister! Yea i'm a Yognaught alright haha ;3
coming from someone that watches my little pony... what a failure
1:13 You have been eaten by a grue XD
wait is hannah brony or pegasister?
by far the best video simon and lewis made. ever.
I too approve of this video because MLP friendship is magic is AWESOME
1.its old 2. watch Sunshine of israpony 3. fuck you to :D
Lol mad bronie is mad, because your crap show is saint
Well at least his punctuation and capitalization is far more superior then what I've seen from this comment.
MY LITTLE CREEPER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1. its the top comment with only 2 likes 2. they are british or whatever 3. Fuck you
Seen the episode they made called "Sunshine of Israpony"?
ill say that robbaz already show the secret pony level
i think that orange thingy on his butt is the cutie mark :D
Me when I sawed this (I didn't played any diablo but I got some experience) 3:00 Me:WHAT? ARE YOU JOKING!? 3:10 Me:Now I seen everything. Evil ponies. DIDN'T WE HAD ENOUGH RAINBOW FACTORY, CUPCAKES, SHED.MOV, MOLESTIA AND ETC.?
Hi, have you heard of "D3Max Out Turbo" (search on Google for it)? There you can watch a nice free video demonstrating the right way to speed run Diablo 3. It made it easier for Jack to speed level in Diablo 3 and therefore max out his character very fast. Perhaps it will work for you as well...
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