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The Pierre Fitch Gay Porn Star / DJ documentary

by Brand Strategy TV • 286,295 views

Part 2 or the Pierre Fitch Music Documentary. Following Pierre Fitch around Australia on tour, DJ-ing at gay clubs in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. A tiring tour with limited sleep and a hectic...

Thanks very much... WalterCollins... U r the best!!!
Absolutely adore this video, well done, way to show the real person behind the persona..P
Fuck all the haters Pierre! Your doing great! I can't believe so many fucking kunts can disrespect you! , FUCK THEM
I had a crush on Pierre when I was younger. He's more than a beautiful body. He's a beautiful mind as well. ;)
wicked fill like throwing up say no to sodomy.. repent or you will face hell fire.
how in the world does Pierre have that physic doing what he does...but anyone help and educate me on how to have that kind of a physic ?
lots of talking about shit haha
The song is called 'Neon Lights' by Fierce angel and bassmonkeys you can download from Itunes. Its the song used on part 1 and part 2!
documentary?... or commercial?
Pierre, I'm sorry that men disrespect you. However, if you make a choice to go into an industry that objectifies people, you have to expect some of that.. . just saying.
'Fitches' were, are and always will be ten a penny and make no contribution to Gay culture or history.....
@DgoLA25 you just need to look at him to tell his a typical gay stereotype guys lkike this are when the gay scene SUCK but as a gay man i live in hope there not all like that
you are the cutest boy i've ever seen i would love to go out with you but sadly your older than me (your a grown up i'm not)
His life is pathetic because he took a break from porn & made some money dj'ing in Australia? You guys are the pathetic ones; he's young and having fun & sex. So what? There are way too many of you self-loathing GOP queens, a la The Log Cabin boys, so afraid of their own sexuality they join a Republican Party that hates them & wants to eliminate them. In fact, It's becoming almost impossible to distinguish between some of you fags & that crazed sex-phobic cunt Rick "Frothy Mix" Santorum.
he's played hoe for 10+ yrs and now he gets offended when people see him as a tool/toy.... puhlease. A philosopher, you're not.
Send him to Paul Morris (Treasure Island Media). He'll sort this little cocky bitch out.
WOW!!! Pierre is H O T !!! (til he opens his mouth and a pink picnic basket falls out! LOL he's amazingly hot otherwise!)
im on the strange part of youtube again!
I love what you do. Go insane .
The guy at 02:52 is sooo fine!
love pier you are a trooper god bless
what happened to his family? How sad and pathetic his life is...
This dude is gonna have a mental breakdown at 35
I completely agree with you but not all gay people are like the guys bitching here. To be honest I think these ones are insecure, maybe a little jealous but mainly fearful that this video fulfils all the negative stereotypes about gays which reflects on them & therefore they get shit from the gay haters.
Neon lights (bassmonkeys club mix) elek0tro junkies feat. therse :)
I can see the sadness in his eyes, just a twinkle right after he said "that tatoo was for my brother when he died" I was immediately thought oh wow that's sad, sure the porn industry is shallow and dark but yes we are judging a person we don't know anythin about other than he's a porn star but seriously can any1 just see beyond that? He's gorg and if his beautiful in the inside as well then that's all that matters. People are really quick to judge another for whatever reason but only God should
Check him out in HM boys connor and Pierre he takes it up the bum hot hot
What a sad life, does he understand this can't last forever?
i don't think what he's doing is particularly difficult...but he certainly is sexy
at this rate, drinking, partying, not sleeping, even when sick, he's going to die young. take care, pierre!
You become an object when you sell your soul for sex! Deal with the PR, if not get out of the business!
just an average guy with muscles...
they act like being a dj is some strenuous job. send him to stock the shelves at target, then we can agree that he's a "trooper".
his cute but nothing special!!!!! he looks kinda retarded in a way.....if you like retarded young fetus looking gay boy than i guess he is the type. Too many better and beautiful mens to even focus on this one.
I personally say if he is doing it because HE wants to....then let him.
Kind of sad....he seems high or on drugs or something. Idk...something is off. :(
have u seen him in lineups to Unity and Sky nightclubs in Montreal? definitely lonely, sad and not very smart...
would love to see Pierre and Rogan Richards get it on
what? how is tmarga trying to mess wih Pierre's life.??
I recognize the guy from somewhere and it's driving me crazy that I can't figure out who he is. He says his name is Tristan but he's not coming up under searches. Does anyone recognize where he's done work?
this documentary is about a porn star. if you think you're the most "holy" person and you think being a porn star is pathetic, THEN WHY DID YOU CLICK THE LINK?. If you don't have anything good to say, GET OUT OF HERE!!!
ugh, new dull cliche of late: former porn star (?) gone mediocre DJ. lame lame lame.
Two words: Brent Corrigan. Now I would worship that!
most porn stars find it hard to have stable committed relationships. seen some programs on that.
Elek-Tro Junkies Feat. Therese-Neon Lights (Mix Bassmonkeys Club)
is his friend davy in the porn buisness too?
... are these our community role models?
And we ( all the gays ) always complain about people judging us. Hypocrisy is a bitch.
Therese - Neon Lights (Bassmonkeys Club Mix) & Fierce Collective - Where I Stood (Fierce Collective Mix)
He is cute because he has Bambi eyes!
I am seen dancing in this video! Top job Walter!
Vanity boy like this base their whole life on their looks alone, thus they can't handle growing old. He might be cute to some, but I wouldn't do his type.
The music is from Fierce Angel thefutureisfierce,com
why do ppl treat this guy like a god .... he aint even nice i dont rate him at all and i go for guys with tatts and muscle on the gay scene but this guy just seems like the type that would say "im independent im happy" when really hes sad and depressed and scared and would just fuck u around when in a realtionship
I always loved guys like Pierre...always!!!
your the man pierre. Does anyone know the last song played in the video?
Height 5 ft 6 in. It's not that hard to fill out such a small frame.
why is that on camera he looks cross eyed and the other guys in the clubs are ugly I will not go out of the US
ridiiiiiiiii, pagliacciooooooooo!
Neon Lights, (Bassmonkeys club edit) [feat therese]. artist: electro junkies. Fierce Angel Presents: A Little Fierce (Remixed) Enjoy!!
pierre your r sooo sweet! It's nice to see the human part of the porn star :)
I like his porn, yes, but I also like this man's thoughts and his relaxed mood, I like him!
hey ching chong who gaf if you don't come to australia, you and your attitude are not welcome so go fu
there was a chicken that survived two years without a head, that chicken was a legend, not pierre!
and please, if you think being a Porn Star is one of the shallowest jobs in the world, how much more are pathetic people like you?
...kinda makes you want to go 'down under', don't it? LOL
really thanks a lotttttttttttttttttttttttt :)
The slut is not my type, sorry.
Interesting. Wish he could do something more productive. Hope he will. This life style is, well, it gets old. Just going out to the bars/clubs gets really old. It's only fun if you haven't gone out for a long while. And he doesn't appear to be having much fun. If you have to drink in the morning, there's something wrong. Ask my alcoholic friend, who finely 3 yrs ago got sober and has since remained that way. But again he could be doing worse: prostitution & drugs.But this job is a dead end.
ok, first of all, get a life. If all you can do is makecomments on how shallow the guy is, then GET YOUR OWN LIFE and stop trying to mess with his
He is so damn cute...I can't take it...I love this guy!
I love to be in the ring withthis pier gay guy. and enjoy ko his ass
What's the "where i stood" remix at 3:38 ???
last words in the clip: "never judge a book by its cover". really?! every activity shown in this video (porn, night life, fashion, etc.) is all about judging a book by its cover. however I didn't see much in this video other than a cover. which is fine, in this context. you either accept porn or you don't. I accept it, for what it is, a business.
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