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Blood on the Dance Floor - "Deep Within" Official Lyric Video

by bloodonthedancefloor • 207,508 views

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I think this song is really clever. At first I just thought that it sounded nice but that it was a bit of an incoherent mess; it seems to suddenly become a different song halfway through the verse. Then, I listened to it several more times a few months later, and paid more attention to the video this time --  I don't normally give a shit about literary analysis or artistic value or anything like that, but in this case I thought it was really cool how the alternating "light" and "dark" sections come together in the end. I believe the song is about how love and lust are parts of a greater whole, working together, and how both are necessary parts of successful relationships. Meh, that's just my idea though.
0_0 jayy is perfect 
Can someone tell me what album this is on? Because whenever I look for it, I get no luck.
No its off of the Clubbed To Death EP
Clubbed to death ep which also includes wheres my wonderland and clubbed to death
i love this song i love dahvie i love botdf its amazing
This is exactly my relationship with my gf. :3 oh and btw for you Jayy lovers - 1:36
wut da fuck is this shiet  O_O  fuck this gays , and i don't care is fans of this shiet band bully me
If I got a penny for every time I saw what the fuck is this shit on a BOTDF song, I would be a fucking billionaire.
From what I hear, Jayy will be 23 on August 17th and Dahvie will be 30 on September 5th.
Love you dahvie, jayy you help me and my boyfriend out so much because of you I litterly wouldn't be alive ♡♥
I love Jayys part, it gives me chills (in a good way) love this song!! <3
my bf turned me on to BOTDF! love them and think the lyrics are fucking wicked.. but then im not a prude when it comes to sex. so i guess thats kinda where the maturity lies in some of the haters of this band. its the OMG!! i cant believe they are saying this shit! well, get over it. u dun like? GTFO!
Beautiful, and so sweet
I love BOTDF... want to get meh rave on...
No let me tell u all straight jayy is gay and dahive is biesexual and I love them both I hate it when people ceeck them they stopped me from killing myslef and plus all the songs are not just about sex they are all differnet things so dont go hating when they was acusations botdf dahive he is an iconcet man who wants to live his life and write music and if u listen to all the rock bands in the world they all do songs about sex so u cant say shit I love both u all cant say shit all shut mouths
I love botdf but I kinda think u exaggerated when u said all the rock bands in the world. . Evanescence doesn't write songs about sex nor does skillet Paramore or imagine dragons ;)
+nicole huff True. Btw, love Evanescence lol
I really like it when Dahvie says let me fill your tummy. It makes me turned on tbh oops >\\\<
Dahvie and Jayy have a completely different meaning of "deep within". Sometimes I wish that Dahvie would take the lyrics more seriously because Jayy's part gives me chills and in some songs makes me cry. I think that Jayy is a great lyricist. He is so underrated. 
+Sophie Vanity Maybe he did, but I don't think Jayy would sing something he didn't like. And his parts of songs sound nicer, are better written, and make more sense. Just what I think =)
I know :) I like his part better anyway, just I think Dahvie can be serious too, if he want...maybe :D (I mean... "Always and Forever" is serious ><)
I love this song ;-; can it just forever play in my head
These lyrics remind me of my bestie who I can never see again. Idk why, it's just like he could've wrote this :DD Oh god I miss him so much.
I literally can not wait to see them tomorrow with millionaires first time i ever see them live ^-^
Sexual, loving, AND dancy.  This is by far my favorite song. My boyfriend had me listen to some of your songs last year for the first time.  Now you are my favorite band.  I hope Bad Blood went well.  I love you! ♥♥♥
These lyrics remind me of my bestie who I can never see again. Idk why, it's just like he could've wrote this :DD Oh god I miss him so much.
This band would be so much better if Dahvie's voice would be deeper, it sounds not good how it is now... but Jay sounds perfect :-/
Jayy and dahvie are soooooooooooo perfect
Haters love me but what I mean is haters love then BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR!!!!
so? jayy sings about sex 2 so that means dahvie cant? wow get the fuck over urselfs YOU DUN GOOFED
They need to make a music video to this :3 Love the song btw <3~ c:
3 I love Jayy's singing all about love. Then Dahvie turns it around to party party!! 3
Personally, I believe this song shows the different views on sex. Dahvie is displaying how some people see it as just sex, nothing more than a little fun, whereas Jayy shows us how sex between two people can mean so much, it brings them close to each other in ways nothing else can. But hey, just my interpretation.
Um yea never thought about it that way
To all people o know who will hate on your comment: Try listening to Something Grimm or You Are The Heart.
Seriously Jayy is all bout love but dahvie is all bout sex I love Jayy!!I love their songs!!
Idk how to view this song I love the intro and jays parts but dahvie just killed (in a bad way) with all the sexual stuff
Those 100 people didn't get something real they could hold on to.
Nicky Poe Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
one of my favorite songs ever by these guys...
Shaked Teram Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
they make u love them!!!!
People that say Dahvie is a pedophile are REALLLLLYYY stupid... Jessie Slaughter (the girl that accused Dahvie of rape a. Admitted to lying b. made a video apologizing and saying she loves botdf
No problem ^-^ I just want people to stop hating..... c: This band has a HUGE meaning to me.
Haha, I made a lyrics for Knives and Pens on my channel. My favourite band actually. ;)
wtf is this their wearing punk rock clothes but their doing dubstep this disgraces dubstep resonally
Why can't people say "i don't like this song" without making a huge hater speech? And why do people have to comment against it? Why cant you just ignore it?
I respect your opinion, and I can see where you get that. I used to think that too. Then when i really started thinking about it, i realized that maybe it represents the different parts of life. There are the serious times, and then there are the times that you just wanna have fun. But I still respect your opinion :)
this is all over the place...and i like it
I used to think these guys were gay, poser bitches because that's what all my friends told me... but after listening to a bunch of their songs and watching a bunch of interviews, I found out these guys are fucking amazing! love you Dahvie and jay!!! <3
Remind me again the objective of this song? It was all clicking together and then Dahvie starting slamming on and on about sex, alcohol, etc. this is like the MAD show. I mean, it's a good song and I like it but this is like trying to mix water with fire.
Pedophile or not he is inappropriate for his audience which is usually 13 to 15 year old girls. He shouldn't be saying thinks like "I'm gonna cum all over your faces" and showing his bare ass to young girls. His "concerts" should be age restricted.
Most cliche thing you can ever say is "haters make us famous" are you in the band? No bitch. Who are you?
I just mean at some parts, not the whole song obviously.
i think thar so cute even dovey I wond give hime my nummber
If you have ever looked at their interviews ,you would hear them say that their song are about love,in every form.
Perfect sound, the way this song is put together
1) It's Jayy not Jay 2) Dahvie isn't a pedophile 3) He is talented to other people so keep your opinion to yourself.
If you know as much as I do about Jeremy, you'd cry. Nobody deserves to be forced into solitude, especially by the people who are supposed to protect them.
Jayys all in "love" and dahvies all sexual :3 cheesy
JAYY'S SINGING THOUGH *o* *eargasms everywhere*
It's more so about something, or one, close to you. But that being taken by negatives.
Love / Lust Yin / yang Light / Dark order / chaos 2 sides of the same coin I GET THIS SONG NOW
finally a person who understands that meaning is more important than anything, thank you Jayde Homer
Why is the rum gone? Oh my lawd I'm dying
Oh my globb i havent listen to BOTDF in such a long time! Listening to them again bring back memories :3
Lol BRAW thats funny xD i love that im gonna share it @lchimaruGin54
Jayy's parts are beautiful and dahvies voice is just funny
Hehe c: I only love this for Jayy's part.
Love both Dahvies and Jayys part. . . Dahvie says starry in the most adorable way and Jayy just has a sexy voice
I love how u say penetrate and get inside
Haha Dahive is being all crazy and Jay is like you know what Dahvie no just stop I'm trying to be serious here dude. and dahive is just like Why is the rum gone and jay is like --__--' really?
Best lyrics to blast on the bus ever xD thanks dahvie!
.. For some reason it's like Jayy is singing to Dahvie, and Dahvie is just like.. no, party!
i love it how jayys parts are nice and sweet and dahvies are the exact opposite XD
!Caution! Don't feed the trolls.
I think it's sad that Jay is somewhat talented and he has to associated with a talentless hebephile.
Please shut up, i am tired of all the bullshit "omg i hate this " "lol so gay" ..well if you hate this, go. We listen to what we want. Do you hate gay people? Dont bother us.. #sgtc
The whole thing reminds me of my boyfriend xD
I actually agree with that in some songs they have together, and I love blood on the dance floor very much, but in this song jayys part is the only part I like in this song, I don't like dahvies part, so ya I get u
Jayy's part makes me cry every time :')
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