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Conrail over, three CSX under. Great crew & timing at Wampum, PA. 1995

by jackmp294.5™ • 10,946 views

While waiting for some CSX action on the P&LE (CSX has trackage rights) at Wampum, PA, a Conrail coal train with CR 6260 leading, came north on the Youngstown line and stopped on the bridge over...

look like the autoracks clearance is a bit close!
Amazing timing. Catches like that don't happen very often. Thanks.
Man best of times. Awesome catches Jack
@NSHorseheadSD70 Those search lights are OS and turned. The new signals are seen in the second CSX train down where the single track starts. Also, the old bridge across the railroad, and the Beaver River has also been replaced. So this area looks a bit different now. Thanks for watching...
@Buffalotrains93 Thanks Ryan. Those signals are a lot older than you think. Probably 50+ years. They where just kept in nice condition. The railroads usually turn them, or put a black plastic bag over them when they are out of service, as not to confuse the crews with a dark signal. They where up-grading the line at this time, and put new signals down by the switch. It goes to single track for a good ways, and it gets to be a real bottle-neck. I can't believe they don't double track it again.
Friendly crews are always appreciated. Especially when they go out of their way for us. Nice video.
@WeldinMike27 Same stuff that passes here, goes past my house about 2 railroad hours away. We get 20-30 in a 24 hour period, with the more traffic toward the end of the week. Thanks for watching...
You know what would be like dying and going to heaven? Living in a little log cabin right next to those tracks and that bridge! Thanks for the great video! It sure is beautiful! It is definitely God's country there!
Great video! ALCOs, Stealth units, and Conrail are all good things
One of those railroad company's are regretting something...
@Nbuilder1 The date is in the caption. The month, day, and year is in the right-up. The right-up will tell you everything thats going on in the video. Just about everyone of my videos, as a story telling whats happening, and when it was taken. Thanks for watching...
@1jackdk Hey did u catch qny shots of the steam excursion they did in Conway this past weekend? I brought a few trains in and out while it was going on there were rail buffs everywhere
Jack, I always wondered why signal head, such as the Searchlight signals in the video were turned such that they faced a 90 degree angle. I remember seeing old PRR heads like that on the line by my grandparents house, and could never understand why the Railroad would not use why they already had. Why were such new looking signals turned like that? Great video and great catches! Take care, Ryan
Great catch, particularly on the Stealth EMDs! (Even though I know they werent to rare for that time)
The famous Howard Fogg painting of Wampum is viewed from Jack's vantage point on the ground looking towards the bridge, here. 'The Greatest Concentration Of Freight Tonnage In The World', contained in the 1964 'Along The Right Of Way' P&LE Fogg Christmas paintings folio. Great video, always wanted to visit Wampum - CW
Great video Jack, many thanks for sharing and a very happy new year to you too!
Great video and a instant classic!
I got it today on its ferry move. The video is up. One clip at CP RADE, the other at PACK. Sure looked nice, but holy cow! There was a BUNCH of people out after it. LOL
Sweet! This video I stashed in my top favorite's bin. If there was a (Way Cool) bin, it would be in that one too. Haha,,Well done bud! Rich
When was this video taken. To see a stealth SD40-2 is a great thing and also some Conrails that are not patched over.
GE Dash 9. Technology from the future at the time this video was recorded
WOW! Superb photo ops for you! You got very lucky with this one, well done!!!
Now that's something you don't see that often. Thank you for uploading. :-)
Fantastic video and look into the not-too-distant past. Loved the footage.
Are the searchlight signals new here? They're pointed away from the tracks.
Wow, the Conrail couldn't have set up any better for you!
Wow, thats a great Vid. Is the traffic still like that today? I can only wish for that kind of action.
Great video! Love the "Shock Control" Santa Fe car!
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