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The Walking Dead 3 Gameplay and Commentary

by penguinz0 • 387,582 views

This is the greatest arguing of All Time

I really wish you made more gameplay of this game..i laughed so much ''what do you want bitch'' ''is one of the zombies levitating''
"This is a tactical flaw, what if the zombies have long ranged artillery, we're all fucked!" 
I have to pee. Well piss your pants I'm in the middle of an argument here. xD
dumbass..... thats not a lamborghini..... its a ferrari
Cr1tical would be a great babysitter
Cr1tikal: "What do you want bitch?" Clementine: "I have to pee." Cr1tikal: "Well piss your pants! I'm in the middle of arguing with her!....Alright she's pissing her pants just ignore the puddle of urine on the floor!" Cr1tikal, father of the year.
will there be more episodes of your journey to papa john's?
i know its sad.. i want him to reach papa John's too.. :(
oh good decision a padlock but wait what if the zombies guess the combination? XD
"If the zombies have long range artillery, we're all fucked."
the fresh prince reference....
I just love how Cr1tikal will insult anyone, even children. He doesn't discriminate!
Will part 4 ever be created?!?
It must be created, I need directions to Papa Johns
Lol he said "on a playground is where he spent most of his days" I cracked up xD
this game has a lot of unnecessary cursing
Mooooar! I need moar!
Mr/Mrs Winters. would you kindly provide the source of your picture. i would be very thankful.
Was that because he was one of the things trying to eat you? No but if you're not careful I'll kill you next. God you're so cruel but it's hilarious. xD
Run for safety Clementine, there's a bookshelf! lol
You don't know what that bookshelf is capable of.
5:46 people don't kill zombies.  guns kill zombies
it's time to initiate sex.  lets have sex.
Make more. Vids of this plz
I've seen several people play this and you are by far the most amusing one.
Am I the only one who noticed the fresh prince reference?
I'm pretty sure others have noticed. You aren't special.
Awww. Here I was thinking I was special.
Cr1tikal: what do you want bitch?! Clem: i have to pee Cr1tikal: well piss your pants LLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL!!!
You should finish this series
Very funny please make more
The Walking Dead Game is sometimes scary
5:18 that zombie sound is kinda ridiculous xD
Should play season two
What if the zombies guess the combination xD
Behind the counter where the Vicodan is!
Due I past the first part like in 2 minutes
THATS dope kid has a hiero shirt
"On the playground is where he spent most of his days"
Wow, thanks for repeating a quote from the video and ruining it. Dick.
Plz make a part 4 im begging u I will do anything so u can make a part 4
That part made my stomach hurt from laughter when I first saw it! xD
God I keep thinking of the show.
I agree, i could read to comments on any of this guys vids cuz his kids type stuff from the vid
you and your fucked up stopping point XD
What happened to the 4th? Did he stop?
also 7:52 for Prince of Bel-Air reference!
I was puttin a dip in and laughed so hard it flew outta my mouth
and wtf, lee CAN'T walk, Clementine is dumb for still standing their after realizing someone is in their. And even if that boy was bitten he wouldve eaten everyone already.
Cr1tikal. I love your videos. You have given me a wider volcabulary than I could have ever thought possible. You are a teacher. But if you keep persisting to call Clemintine a bitch I'll cut you.
u should continue the walking dead
Cr1tiKalL! we demand another episode of the Walking Dead!!
no he showed how to get some of the weapons that arent in quests
The TV show is based off of the comic, and the game is based off of the comic even more so. It's even supposed to be canon along with the comic.
What's that? Nothing just a telemarketer selling shit.
More of these game videos like legit!
just saying there are no commentary walkthroughs if anyone is itching to know what happens next
"No, she might get obese" Hahahahaha.
I love how critical knows that the real deal is Papa Johns baby yeah!!!!
Crit1kal! Please play more of The Walking Dead! ;-; Pretty please?
NO one said i played the games either! Are you fucking serious? I never said anything about that. Stop making assumptions.
It would be "Grammar Nazis' rule" because we are not possessive of the word "rule".
Chillinout max and relaxin all cool and shootin b-ball outside the school
you need to make a The Walking Dead 4 Gameplay and Commentary :)
UUUUGGGGHHHH! critikal and your goddamned cliffhangers!
I "pwned" you, bitch, and so did the REAL Grammar Nazi. Face it, you're not a real Grammar Nazi, four-eyes.
Legos are amazing. And I'm a 16 year old guy!
"YouTube recommended a Jaime Yeo video" Who in the shit is Jamie Yeo?
"Born and raised." On the playground is where he spent most of his days hahaha
Carley looks very much like Rebecca Chang from Dead Rising 2.
I am finding myself capivated by the storyline and interactive dialog of this game.
"Wow...someone was just asking a simple question, omg so shocking."
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