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The last airbender race debate

by carleemaurier96 • 666 views


You are racist you stupid bitch!! You imply that there are no Asian out there that can act because only white people can act?!
ignorant attention whore... sorry
You also keep claimimg its okay that they were white because the characters in the show were voiced by white people..hear me out here, even though this is fake, a story that isn't real or whatever you want to call it you are misrepresenting your argument. This show was a real STORY and the movie M. Night made was supposed to be based on that story. It does not matter what race voiced the characters because those people were not derectly a part of the story line.
voice actors dont matter. zuko's and iroh's voice actors are asian. ozai's is white (its actually luke). so are you saying the that a white guy could have an asian brother and son? the earth king's actor is also black. that doesnt make him black on the show. also inuits are native americans not "from all over the world". wow that made you sound stupid.
Hey! Sorry for taking sooo long to write you back. Just wanted to say thnx for answering my question! I do know (as of now) that the dvd's haven't been released yet...unless you get them from malaysia- bootlegs from what I've heared..idk. At this point I would rate TLOK at more like a 7 1/2 lol....can I give it a half like that? Guess so! Any way thnx! I hope the show gets better as it goes on! Avatar, as spock would say, must live long & prosper as a franchise! Despite Shama-Lama's awful movie.
I am sorry but there are things called contact lenses that can make your eyes blue. And you really think Nicola Peltz was a better Katara (even though she was white and couldn't act) simply based on the fact that she naturally has blue eyes?
1:08 Not again with the "voice actors are white" argument. Bart Simpson is played by a grown ass woman, Tommy Pickles is played by E.G. daily (a woman). What does THAT say? This "voice actors are white" argument really has no merit. They're voice actors, for crying out loud. Dee Bradley Baker is white, and he voices Appa and Momo. ZOMG, does that mean Appa and Momo are WHITE, too?
Hope your tv is fixed! Looks like the next episode (episode 9) we'll be seeing Korra trying to communicate with Aang! No one knows yet whether or not she reaches him but its deffinetely worth checking out this week...of course all episodes are worth checking out! (=.... Did you get to see the episodes you missed off line yet?
0:53 "The people on the show maybe Asian, but the show is not about Asians." No one said it was ABOUT Asians. The show is heavily-Asian influenced. There's a difference. Also, the fact that the creators of the show themselves have expressed time and again that the characters are supposed to be Asian is enough reason to cast the characters Asian.
pft i thought the same thing. lol eff the axe give me a super soaker. the only reason i watched that movie is so i could see what it looked like>: but nooooooo we get to see a outline and a hand.
I also notice more and more that there is a very simple thing a lot of you ppl don't seem to understand. American does not equal white. The USA is inhabited by people of all skin colours and races, and white people are not in (large) majority. In fact, if you want to talk about the 'real' Americans, then you talk about the natives/indians. I also hate it that some white Americans (mostly conservative republicans) claim that the USA is 'their' country. NO IT ISNT
If you were any race other than Caucasian you'd be singing a different tune. Your automatically not going to see why this is such a big deal to others.
Many people including myself do care. It's not just because they didn't fit their parts, it's also because the movie was supposed to be based on a story that was completely influenced and based on Asians. I'm white and I've relized a lot of movies should've been done with Asians and other races but were instead done with white people....& its getting old. In other words the movie should have "respected the culture."..& the casting didn't just suck because of the race issue, the actors were bad.
"What if someone made a ‘fantasy’ movie in which the entire world was built around African culture? Everyone is wearing ancient African clothes, African hats, eating traditional African food, writing in an African language, living in African homes, all encompassed in an African landscape…but everyone is white.” - Derek Kirk Kim, author of Same Difference and Other Stories
yeah i watched the whole thing on tv. i have to say it was fair. not great not bad but fair. there were a lot of things that annoyed me (romance, how she got her air bending, avatar state magicly appearing) but on a scale of one to ten i'll give it a 6 or 7. as for the dvd i think its already out but you may have to buy it on line. the second seasons coming in the summer of 2013. ive seen the previews and it looks cool XD
That would be cool, I can't wait for Korra to meet Aang! THAT WILL BE THE BEST!
Bottom line you may not be racist but neither is the show and sham-Lama's movie certainly was. His movie was messed up on too many levels for me to have anything possitive to say about it. It seems very ironic that in defending yourself against being racist you call the show racist. What do you think that says about you and you views on this issue?? As far as your comments here I think you are misguided but "hopefully" not racist....
no no no the best part of that whole movie is there only weakness is water and they come to a planet thats 85% water. omg so damn smart XD
But asian and inuit cultures and looks.
Yeah, the aliens were stupid...not that I have a problem with aliens, Actually I'm a Trekkie, but his version was really just CRAP! Your sooo right it was like "hey everyone, we know you've been waiting the entire movie to see the aliens so heres a dark figure standing in a living room." LOL...Sooooo SMART of Shama-Lama! FYI, Don't know if you like "The Legend of Korra" which is the spin off show for TLA....Theres an episode on tommorow (saturday) on nick! Or, you can watch it online.(=
OMG I LOVE KORRA. i wanna cry cause our tv's messed up./ this makes three episodes ive missed in a row*cries* i wanna see the ferrets kick some ass man T_T
lol I almost wish Sokka was alive so he and Bolin could meet. that would be Avatar history XD
I am sorry, "pure" american people. So you think white people are "pure" american people. You realize that there are Americans who are not white right? You claim that you are not racist, but I hear a lot of talk but nothing you are saying is proving your statement.
I'm definetely team Bolin! He's funny and brings something good to the show, I think it's that he reminds me of Sokka which was one of my favorite characters from TLA.... Of course NO ONE can replace Sokka! The show is doing really well with tv with any luck they'll make more than the "scheduled" 2 seasons. Korra really has a good plot, but I heard each season will have a different focus or (plot line) to it, so season 2 will be about, IDK, Possibly another villain??
Your welcome and glad you enjoyed it. The new season should be out around the fall of this year
LOL...Good point! Then there was the scene where the guy wanted to go upstairs & check if there were any aliens....even though he had an axe right next to him, he idiotically left it against the wall and went up the stairs without his weapon....SMART! (; LOL, I think your right the "best" part was the aliens weakness to water....Shame on you Shama-Lama!
OH yeah and black people can be racist against black people soo... the director CAN be a racist bye!
Hola! I dont think youre racist, nor do I think the casting is. Its just, they shouldve casted more Asians, to represent them on TV. I hate how people make it seem unimportant, because it isnt. Asians just want to have the chance to be actors, they cant if roles like these dont prioritize them. And I dont understand the argument that the characters are voiced by white ppl, you dont see the voice actors in the cartoon so their race is irrelevant. thats all, hopefully we can see more asians on tv
But of course they were the best Actors thats why no one likes them XD
Though I am glad you can admit there were flaws within this movie, your support as to why they cast who they did is flawed. Shama-Lama even included scenes with black people doing bollywood dances on kyoshi island...That was deleted scenes but it was still mind numbingly disturbing because once again this is his indian culture being put in an Asian/American film. I've seen Bollywood and it is good but WTF is it doing here?? The guy should have tried to find actors that actully fit the story line
Hmmm...I saw your "I'm not rasict, I'm just making a point video" after this one and I take it actaully are "RACIST"!!! I think you just don't understand what rasicm is because if you did you would stop with all the stereotyping. Too bad...
Yue is inuit. Her hair isn't white and her eyes aren't blue because she is caucasian.
3:01 The show was not at all racist. Edwin Zane, former Vice President of MANAA (Media Action Network for Asian Americans), was actually a consultant for the show. He was there to make sure everything Asian-influenced in the show was represented with respect. Wouldn't you know it? Mike DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko NEVER got into any kind of trouble.
This kid sounds like a nut. The movie was misleading to the original feature of characters. Sokka and Katara were to portray black kids in an inuit culture, Aang was a white kid in a indian culture, and the fire nation was suppose to be Japanese/Korean in a chinese culture. It was a mixture feature, and that's what made Avatar Special. It wasn't accurate and mixed everyone as its own world. The film just distorted its meaning. Obviously most fans don't agree with what happened.
@dragomike That's the whole point. She EXPLAINS how she isn't racist. She has arguments. If you would've listened to them, you would understand that she is not racist. Instead, you are naive.
IN the cleveland show the white guy (forgot the name) is a racist even though he hangs out with a black guy
I think its him. ive seen alot of his movies(sadly) and all of the actors in his movies seem to be dull. boring and have absolutly no personality. for example the movie "signs" the main family was so freaking Zombified and plain. when the actual attack started happening they didnt do anything. they just walked around the house until the alien actually broke down the door
Yeah, the actors were bad both at acting and as you said "they look nothing like the original people." I care about the race issue but if Shyamalan was going to go with white people he could have at least gotten some better actors, their acting was horible and I keep asking myself if it was their fault or the derectors...whatever the reason this movie was even worse for of it. The characters had zero personality and that's a shame since our original characters were so diverse and fun to watch.
That SUCKS! But I'm glad you like it too (=....Since your tv is messed up, you may be able to watch the episodes you missed by going to, They ussaully upload an episode a day or two after its aired on there should be at least 2 new episodes on line if you're interested. Todays episode was very good & will probably be released on in a few days. Just look up the tittles of the episodes you missed & then you can find them on Nick! ....P.S. Nick has HD quallity 0_0......
in actuality NOBODY CARES IF THERE NOT ASIAN. there from elemental tribes. simple fact is the charaters looked nothings like there originals that's why everyones pissed.
Well I think you're actually making a good point, carleemaurier96. There are so many debates about these kinda things while a lot of real problems around racism are being neglected. People aren't going to give this one a rest since it's easy to bash on a movie, but incredibly hard to actually do something about the real deal. Just ignore those people who confuse what you're saying with something they think you're saying so they can have a go at you, they'll never try understanding anyway. O_o
@dragomike all i'm saying is that on the cartoon, aang katara and sokka are all white voice actors. Toph too. The 4 main characters ( zuko is however asian)
Okay...I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, until you said that the show was racist. This show was not an anime but and american show that the writers wanted to incorporate asian influence into. Why?? because they have respect for the culture and were interested in it. Why would people who are racist take a different race and base their intire show on it?? ugh...
LOL, Hello again! The season of LOK has ended, what do you think of it? I can't figure out when its will be released on dvd but I thought it was realy pretty good so I would like to get it if I can afford it ): Do you know when its release is by any chance?
i was mostly upset because the actors looked nothing like the original and they pretty much killed any personality the charaters had
that is major awesome sauce XD i love what ive seen of the series. looks like it has an awesome plot and pretty well rounded characters. (team bolin all the way)
"Just because I am not Asian and I am saying that it doesn't matter, does not mean that I am being racist to Asians." Uh yeah, it does. Oh, another thing. Literally every single thing that you said has been disputed. My gosh, nothing that you said has any credit whatsoever. I'm just saying. Bye.
well not all americans are white... and also the show may not be all about asians, but its not all about whites either...
LOL...I know right? Speaking of "Signs" that was so aliens can manufacture and pilot space craft waaaaay beyond anything we can do yet they don't know how to turn a nob and open a door? LOL...I'm not sure this guy ever had "it" if you know what I mean.
1:07 Another thing about your "voice actors are white" argument. Mako, who voiced Iroh (until he passed away, RIP), was Japanese. Dante Basco, who voiced Zuko, is Filipino. They're supposed to be uncle and nephew. If there's any merit to this "voice actors are white" argument, how does it make sense that the uncle is "Japanese" and the nephew is "Filipino" when they're supposed to have branched out from the same bloodline (Iroh is the brother of Zuko's father)? That argument really has no merit.
Me either. i hope he teaches her more about air bending and spirituality cause Tenzin cant really get through to her (i love Tenzin) maybe Aang can give her a wake up slap and she'll get seriouse about training.
It is true that not all the characters in the show were Asian, as you said Katara and Sokka were not. That being said the movie M. Night made did not ask specifically for other races than whites...I am white and this was very upsetting none the less. When they cast people they were looking for "caucasion" or any other race..Whites allways come 1st in hollywood and I don't think we should be that way. That said maybe I could have handled the casting if the actors & script had been better...Maybe
Finally someone who understands. carleemaruier96 is right, none of the characters that play part in the movie look the LEAST bit Asian. The three main characters in the show HAVE FRIGGIN BLUE EYES!! Ever seen a blue-eyed Asian? NO What you say on 1:51 carleemaurier96, is stupid though. There are plenty of good Asian actors (who speak English fluently). The show is American btw. And the Inuit are native inhabitants from the most northern parts of the world (like the arctic and Northpole regions).
2:52 The Water Tribes aren't Asian, they're Inuit. I don't know where you got the impression that people are claiming "they're Asian." The Air Nomads, Earth Kingdom, and Fire nation are Asian; the Water Tribes are Inuit. Also, [The Track Team], the music composer for the show (and friends of the creators), had this to say about the characters: "Everyone is ethnic...Asian, but not from any specific Asian country."
@Zhaquiri Actually, some antiracebenders, or even just casual fans, have claimed that the Water Tribes are, or should be portrayed in the movie as, Asian. They are not geographically Asian (except for maybe the Siberian ones; I'm not sure) and are considered Native American/First Nation, but they are believed to have Mongoloid genes like East Asians. Many of them today still have the monolids and epicanthic folds. When the stills of the Greenland extras came out, and even while people were
[CONTINUED] watching the movie, many people thought that the Inuit were Asian. The early sketches of Katara and Sokka had the stereotypical "slanted eyes" which actually upset me because not every Mongoloid-descended people have those eyes. Most East Asian and Inuit people who I've seen have eyes that sit horizonatally on their face if one were to draw that cross that people draw when drawing faces.
*tears up* no, but i found out a good bit of what happens i knew that Sato bastard was evil. got i hope i can see Aang. for bob sake he has a beard XD
i dont even care about the race of the cast. The movie just sucked balls.
There are things called asian americans, so I don't know what asian voices sound like, unless you are referring to asians that aren't american and english is not there first language.'s Shyamalan! The actors were awful like everything else in the movie, but that itself is his fault. He was in charge of casting & he picked wrong. When casting they looked for "caucasian" or any other race. Seems like a bad way to go considering this movie was supposed to be about people of other races. So when this girl talks in one of her vids about the casting being "not racist" because they were looking for the "best actors" I can't help but role my eyes at the statement.
you are by far, the dumbest little troll that has ever plagued youtube..please shoot yourself
@dragomike I said that because people say i'm racist. My 3 best friends are asian, black, and mexican, so how am I racist?
The fact that they have correct asian pronunciations but not asians to portray the characters with the correct asian pronunciations is by far more offensive.
@TheAmazingPotHead sounds serious.... u should get some help. Rehab seems like a good solution. Drugs can kill you.
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