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by alt2600 • 777,254 views

Extreme Snowboard Avalanches Avalanches happen when a layer of snow is weak and can't support the weight of the snow that has fallen and settled on top of it. Avalanches can be set off by all sorts...

love ac/dc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the 1 at 1:30 was so sick i didnt think he would make it
ye but the difference is that when u go under the avalanche ... u cant swim back up
know what would suck? being in one of those..
haha when it snows here at sunderland,we grab out snowboards and street board,its sick coz when we get bad snow its about 5 inch deep :D
@kinghomie3 theyre called tree wells, people die in em every year, really gotta watch out for them when your skiing trees, get to close and wham your at the bottom of a hole suffocating from snow
lol u cant try it moron, this guys insane, an adrenaline rush isnt gonna save your ass from snow weighing tons crushing your body.
nothink like the fresh white powder :P
always take the appropriate avalanche gear with you. avalanches are not like waves and you dont want to be involved in one. i know ppl who have got their friends killed in avalanches (who have had the correct gear). don't think you're the king of the mountain because the mountains always gonna kick ur sill ass peace out
Euh... les 3 mecs à 1.12.... ! ils s'en sortent d'après vous!??? je crois pas.
that shits intense. those guys are bad ass's lol
@ThrillinAllDay How do you think they find people? Avy Beacon....
Awesome vid and the tune is matched perfectly. That last snowboarder has got some surfing moves....or it would have been good night.
looks like fun jk, thats pretty scary.
one fall he is dead. snowboarding an avilanch thats insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@barstoolbird Like that scene of the Lord of the Rings 1, but instead with water and horses ;D
@zleary816 i was thinking the same thing but they probably had it like wirelessly sending the footage or something like that
at the end, i would be running screaming for my mom an hour before he left
@zleary816 same way they would retrieve a person.
Unreal.... awesome video thanks......
that last shot looks like it was taken from an episode of BBC's Planet Earth series. It's almost identical, if not identical.
I thought that was a magic video. Cheers
love this vid and the avalanche at 1:03. AC/DC just enhances it
in sovjet russia the avalanche rides you ! :D
How did u find the camera at the end when the avalanche like buried it?
i think the last shot is from a bbc film
holy shit great video!!! 5 stars 1:35 is sik i think thats from the movy FIRST DECENT
1:04 this is suicide omg....but anyway great vid dude :D *****
@zleary816 Bulletproof case and one hell of a tracking device, that and a couple hours of shoveling.
if you think about it AVALANCHES are like "BIG ASS" waves in surfing
Fake. Did you hire a helicopter for the day guys, just for the vid? I think not. Even if you did, you were all dead at 1.10. Great animation work....all the same.
It's very hard to outrun an avallanche because if you go at high speed you can easily go out of control !!
@ThrillinAllDay probably was fake or els those trees would have snapped like toothpicks
The dude in the middle @ 1:14 was HAULING ASS!!!
how the hell did they retrieve the camera from the last shot
@blakmagikal What are you talking about, that IS AC/DC
god way to ruin the powder for everyone
Awesome vid! My guts are still tight after watching that.
Ya i was drivin back from crested Butte in colorado and saw this mountain kinda small but it had a avalanche waiting to happen we saw the cracks in the snow so we got up there from the back and went down and caused a sweet small avalanche
1:03 why did all three people go at once?
@Gangly1 Lol you idiot. How do you think people get up these mountains??. P.s. all 3 survived 1:10, i remember seeing the original video somewhere on youtube.
dude avalanches are crazy but what about like sinkholes. no one ever talks about them but this kid almost died in one at mammoth i guess or at least thats what the video says but hey it looks freaking scary. try searching man creepy stuff
luckly i watched macgyvers avalance episode. i'm safe!
ur an ex patroller, how much speed does an average avalanche hit?
i wonder how they found the camera again :D
the video rocks one of my favorite :):):)
Love that ending. Very cool.
Yeah think so too! your just a computer nerd that's saying you can snowboard but in real you never ever did it.
it looks like big wave surfing...possibly an extreme sport is emerging!!! Lets go find us some big avalanches to ride!!!!
And that my friends is why we study avalanches .....
Thats INSANE!!!! Major adrenaline rush cait wait to try it!!!
dude the last avalanche id be like shit shit shit ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
these guys are suicidal, with or without avalanche gear...
no thanks. I'll stick to respecting the avy forecast,and digging pits.
Travis Rice 1:14 , even the best get in avalanches. Buy a beacon and a backpack with a shovel, probe, and avalung. The 500 bucks will be the most important dollars you ever spend..... Don't let them be the 500 dollars you should have spent: a friend at your eulogy
1.21 is from a snowboardmovie of last season... it's the greatest yeah!
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW just awesome, i never thought smth like this is possible 2 do, just in xXx =)))))))
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