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Alexisonfire - To A Friend

by Justin Chapman • 167,412 views

Just the music with a picture.

fuck dallas green as hes a massive stuck up prick, iv met him. also the remix bullshit is alright but alexisonfire is a cultural icon and their songs will always be better
Allright then :) Never met him ^^ 
i have friends that are friends with the band. i was in toronto for nxne 2008 and was hanging out with george for a bit of the weekend lol iv met dallas a few threw friends and he was a ass every time lol
i dont even watch degrrassi its shit drake is the only good thing about it
Actually, Mr.SuicideSheep and Adventure club brought me here. :3
WTF ? They broke up ?! Omfggggg . :'(
Thanks so much for putting this song on, I LOVE ALEXISONFIREE!!!!!!!!!!! ☻
Cancel your research they broke up, one of the singers went to City and Colours.
Shut the fuck up and listen to AOF. That's why we are here. :D
@Misseatsalot yeah i heard it too, i was really surprised lol
lool naw niggah! and godly ..i wouldn't go that far.
jk jk the vidoe is so awesome i saw it on dagrassi when spinner beat up jonnny
why dose that kid scream soo much??
Ok i gotta do this. Thumbs up if you heard this song on Degrassi
i also heard this song on degrassi when he whooped that one dudes ass johnny something, iono. but spinner kicks ass XD that was an awesome episode too. :| anybody know the name of the first song when he had first whooped johnny when they were picking on toby??? plz and thans in advance. ^_^
I once seen a video on youtube about "Degrassi", it starred the failed-rapper Drake; he got shot. Best fucking moment ever!
why did you hate them. Its funny how people hate something they don't understand. You should be in parliment you would fit in great :D
yeh man i heard this on degrassi when this one kid was kicking every1s ass so i thought it was kewl, now i like all thier music
@cbertram11 Because it's their style? It's called post-hardcore, and if you don't like the screaming, it's probably not for you..
this song is huge to me. wen my dad was in the hospital with cancer this song brought on the first wave of tears. a good thing. i think i needed to start letting it out. wow what a band.
AGREED. Dallas Green is definitely the only lead guitarist/clean vocalist in a post-hardcore band who actually sounds great live, too (listen to TDWP or Attack Attack, their clean vocalists sound like shit live), and Ratbeard can throw down on some drum fills.
@theraVen27 I would let Dallas Green sing for me any time if I had that Chance :D
@Vengeance667 A canadian show portraying the typical teenagers and their struggles.
The low point was when I heard this on fucking Degrassi.
i luv this song it rocks alexisonfire rocks i luv the lyrics
"just the music with a picture" AKA the perfect youtube video. Thank you Justin Chapman, :)
@CoryCanDo i hate degrassi they totaly dont deserve to use this song on there show.
@Roberob1189 yeah he probably has no idea who city and color, black lungs or berginfield 4 is
hey aof, farewell tour.. st. catharines? killllll it!
@ZIDBULA about everything, they didnt stop because they thought there music was never the same. they do that on purpose they would never ever make two albums that are similar, they would never, they do not care what us people like, they make the music for themselves. they say it in every interview. they broke up cuz dallas didnt want to work 2 full time jobs, you try it. then wade wanted to leave next, try replacing 2 guitarist that sang aswell, they didnt even want to try it get your facts rite
i know that is my fav part of that episode and thates how i found this song
Still my favourite band after 9 years!
I dont even care if Adventure Club brought me here I'm surprised i havent heard this song while i WAS listening to alexisonfire
Comment if you are from Canada, Thumbs up if you are from Nova Scotia!
Hm, i sure do love me some alexisonfiree<3
This is the only song good by them.
@facerover umm dude theyre not the best but they are pretty good... not the best though
Fuck when your first thought it already a top comment! What FUCK is a Degressi?!" LMAO
have u just escaped from a mental hospital or summat? anyway, it is pronounced Alexis on fire. It just is. It was name after the stripper Alexis Fire, so why would it be pronounced "Alex is?" if you dont believe me, watch the video of No transitory, and listen to the dude saying their name at the beginning of the song
I listen to alot of Hardcore stuff like death metal thrash metal and all of that but i actually like this band they are actually good and its hard at least for me to find good music though that is mainly do to the fact that i was just so not open to lighter music but im starting to open up more and i have to say these guys are really good i like them
@BraultOlivier because Dallas was killing himself trying to do both major projects: Alexisonfire and City and Colour
NO WAY. It was on Degrassi? Noooooo. xP Spinner has cancer? I haven't watched that show in so long.
I heard this song when I was in 8th grade and this was my shit! Then a year later I'm watching Degrassi and I was like LOOOL<3
thumbs up if you DIDNT here this song on degrassi
omg yes!! The best thing ever. I saw it a week ago and it turned me into an Alexis fan. A week prior to that, i haated alexisonfire, now, thier fukn sweeet!
umm to all haters y do u take the time to watch it and comment get a life!! THIS SONG ROX!!!
@MrAznarrac23 when that fella with the mohawk got into a fight with some dude in ally, i dunno i was watchin it at some girls house, well she was, i wasnt.... i swear
thumbs up if you here this song on degrassi
fuck you. this song rules. ur life sucks. kthxbai, lol.
i'll stay in time and watch you pass by... i'll draw this line and hope you take my side, you shouldn't have to fight alone... but it's nobodies battle but your own.
I know what it is but never seen it. And I wasn't aware this song was on it.
i did 2 times man they are fucking SICK .. i cant wait till they come back
does he say: for xmas we get coal? that was a line i understood. dude i can never hear lyrics correctly, but i heard that and it sounded awesome. ha
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