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MTV Movie Awards: Behind The Scenes with Joni!

by thelonelyisland • 620,643 views

Joni takes you for an exclusive behind the scenes look at the taping of the opening for the 2009 MTV Movie Awards!!!

Joni and Jorma are both Finnish names... Hmmm...
No! How can you think that?! No offence but is English your first language? And are you talking about the same word I am? Retard as in mentally retarded.
@Bergashnurga How exactly would you know? Do you have experience handling large quantities of real crap?
how is it that will ferrel describes himself as the real sool man guy who doesent look at explosions meanwhile he's the first to look at the explosion
lmao i love akiva before andy has to go in the shit
@Phage0070 Well.....not really. I'd assume I wouldn't like the tub of stuff, lol.
Well the guys from jackass are...jackasses. They got a difficult and rather weird childhood. They try to compensate by acting like twits.
@astronomicat I bet half the theater said Wow.... some cause they were like haha as if other because they thought damn dousche bag is ruining the movie we paid for...
lol, watch the movie called "The Hangover" and you'll understand this little joke of mine :P
all they are missing is jorma and he's married so he isn't around as much
whats the pic of that andy's holding???? someone plz reply
Jonah! from chad matt and rob!!!!!
ever seen hot rod? critics hated it... but if you like anything by the lonely island... then its amazing which is strange because critics are all over their sacks now... a good thing though
i doubt it was real shit, it was probably idk, chocolate pudding or something else, they wouldnt have andy duck into real shit, he would have puked probably haha
Mama, is that real doodie? No son, it's just Andy Samburg.
Kiv is the one who is like, "Let's go look at the shit! Andy has to go in there!" And Jorm is at 1:00 looking intensley at something.
I love Andy samberg he is soo awesome and funny :D
Anyone know what the background music song is?
Andy's freakin' scream is so cute x3
I dont think they wud put him in shit I think its mud
Where can I watch the real video?
Andy samberg is absoulutley amazing A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥I love this its........INCREDIBAD!!!
I love Akiva's reactions, to andy having to jump in poop. . hes so cute.
i think its a parody of Slumdog when the kid jumps in the shit to go get an autograph of a pic. Hilarioius.
lol y argue over the internet? its lame lmao but anyway, off the topic u should put some parkour vids up lol :P
Does anybody know where I can find the twilight spoof they did??
?!? what did they record there?!
why are the top comments by the same guy, say the same thing and have exactly the same amount of likes?
Joni, la gente esta muy loca... What the fuck?
Andy is my celebrity crush. I love his kind of nose.
the scream at the end was epic
If it FEELS like real crap....that would be too much more me. That is because i don't like squishy poo slime all over me and I'm mostly pussy :3
Son, you're rutarded. Plus, you've been epicly troll'd
LOL ...of course at andy screamin'
dude!i love ur videos!keep that good work up!
naaa it was very crappy, except for a couple of things that andy did
what was that video they were shooting at the very end where he gets into the mud?
god damn i hate haters... o wait that makes me a hater...ummmmm ok im going to go jump off a bridge now...HOLY SHIT NOOOO I CHANGE MY MIND...wistle noise... QUITE NESS...loud splash...and that kids is why you dont hate even if its on haters
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