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Flame Thrower-Chris Brown

by xxPooterxx • 74,644 views

Its been going around that this song was called "Strangers" also, but I think its "Flame Thrower" Copyrights of Jive Records

yo dis is ma second sonf afta fallen angel
thiss song is amazingg .. theyy needa put itt on freakin iTunes !!
@watamelonsojuicy i liked the song i juss didnt like her ass
this could easily could of been the new "Thriller" if they made a video for it.
is it just me who thinks the deep voice until 0:17 sounds like saying "kill me" half of the time. like i think the distorted "voice" at the very end of love the way you lie is saying "rihanna, rihanna, rihanna" am i alone in that? love this song! also think it would sound more fierce if he said I DONT WANNA COLLIDE instead of i dont wanna cool down. fits him much better :D
this is a demo song for britney spears
I LOVE IT WEN HE SAYS "Most of the chicks yuh meet arn't like me" ahaha he sound madd sexy nd wen he be like "im sweatin gasoline will sumbodie juz cum nd wipe me down if yuh struck ah match on meh id probaly burn diz motha fucka down" OOH He sounded sexy
@zoeycanjerk riight..... well.... i use to like her music aqnd everything but like... after.. what she has put chris brown through..... i understand he hit her he was wrong but people do make mistakes u kno.. and then like the media wanna be all in his face because he did something wrong because she possibly provoked him.... but smdh imma ass u as a fwend lol i like ya (no homo)
yall not thinkin bout what rihanna did to chris. she started it. how knows how long she's been hitting him. im not saying he should have hit her back but she shouldn't have hit him. she knows that she's wrong and that's why they are back together now.
@zoeycanjerk gurl but u kno..... i think she did umm deserve that shit lolz..... and that bish...... =( i juss dont like her . poor chris
@zoeycanjerk haha gurl i kno ... chris is fine though but like... what im saying is the media wanna make a big ass deal about it becuz .... you kno he a celeb and like.. o he hit a woman u kno.. and like. hes was fuckin 19 ... u kno... but umm he is fine ... i wanna juss beat the fuck outta rihanna i ain like her ass wen she first came out with that damn song wats the name of it?... something where she was in the club.. lookin like a hoe thinkin she was the shiz
&- if you really was a fan ; You wouldn`t be takinng no one's side.& - i Doubt he wants to be reminded about it. So don`t put him Or Rihanna in anymore trouble .
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he's so sexy no matter wat ppl including his haters say
i suppa luvs dhis song...nd let me find out dhat yall hatin ass bitches and hoes mad....wat happen wit him nd dhat girl riahanna is done nd ova get over it..kayy...thanks..nd if yall gotta problem wit wat im sayinn...come holla at me
i'm not usually into this kind of music, but this kicks ass :D
Chris is einfach der king of HIP-HOP wer was anderess denkt der kriegt schläge
Love Chris Brown. Sooo much. This Song is hot!
this is the shit I do everything with the songe breack dance to driving to moving and so on so forth
ROFL. seriously. it`s chris brown ; Like you don`t need to talk about Rihanna on all his songs. Just to clear this all up ; you could be mature & leave a simple " i Love this song ." Likeee he Didn`t kill her , So stfu about it,.
This is a Britney Spears demo :)
@EmyyLulu you can if you know how for you and your freinds js
dude ur gay. actually, no ur a huge fag. this is for sure not the #1 song in the world. this song blows
chris is beast if yall cant respect dat fuck yall
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