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Nonstop In Tokyo | Dubstep

by Dragon House Bam • 1,607,492 views

Dancer: Marquese "Nonstop" Scott Dragon House Dancing in Tokyo, Japan. Artist: SKRILLEX Song: RIGHT IN (or "Just Believe")

how was that flight lol I'm over here on duty and that flight though.... x.x
Dynamic dance in the style of Dubstep . This music and dance from the future .
I saw you trip or almost fall coud ofndone better but if I were a judge ill give you a three out of ten not trying to crack on u and nomhard fellings im only eleven I seen better
街歩いていてNONSTOPがダンスしているのに遭遇したら、 僕なら発狂します。
wow amigo a ver cuando te pegas una vuelta en posadas misiones argentina
This video has been a huge insporation to me and my work...I'm a glassblower that loves to dance
Even back then 2 yrs ago he was a beast but now he perfected his craft
Nonstop does this in Tokyo!
This is my favorite nonstop vid. Just out on the streets doing a perfect set!
Japanese are shy! But I am Japanese tooo!! 
u can watch 'super chample' Japanese TV program on YouTube. u'll know level Japan.
Adrian C Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Christophe Rouhaud Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Vraiment un bon danseur ;)
Hey check out my new dance vid on my channel leave likes, comment, and subscribe I'd appreciate it
"Did someone loose their robot on the streets again?"
lol at them japs just passin through
dude you're vibrating like a huge phone!!
Those Japaneses reaction: "Who let this robot out here" oohh Itadakimasu :D:D ..yeah
chan chin chan chan chin chan means i have a small dick,,,, congrats mate^^
When could we see you in Japan?
nice, thats whats up i wish wisconsin was like that
Nonstop can u remake this video please cause i want to see you do another dope dance to it
Is this even humanly possible!!??!?!?
@SandyHookWasFunny ...( Your comment has is irrelevant. ) (-_-)
vai melhorar essa cara de mendigo
Nonstop, you inspired me to dance, get better, and post. Keep doing what you do best
Look at how clean their streets are, wow!
he has more then glitch style.. he does hiphop to
The guy who uploaded the vid is one of nonstops friends bam is a member of dragon house im sure he was the one filming it.
I'm japanese. I want meet you. I'm sorry... I can't speak English.
They have the people and car go through to prove there was no editing of the video. there are a lot of disbelievers out there that think dancers like him aren't legit!
Im 17 years old Japanese dubstep dance. Check my dance and tell me what you feel:) Thank you @KZwalk
I might start dancing like this :P still practiceing
no taxi nonstop will not move for you
his style is popping and animation, with some liquid (So he does hits, glides, waves, isolation, strobes, robot, etc.)
No bones..... Coz he's of the rails ;)
Awesome! Can you guys check out my new dance vid 'In for the Kill' too? Thanks! :)
holy shit whahahhaha amazin im stupid beach
Who the hell would just walk right by that...
How could those people just walk away that was history in the making. Also i wounder who was holding the camera
2:06 If only I could learn how to do that...
1:07 Japan don`t give a fuck :)
as usual outstanding, but video would've been more surreal if the streets were full of busy people walking by.
How can these people walk by with straight faces?!?!? can they even walk by!!??!?
i know this? i was informing someone he does more then one thing :|
Step it up! Music Industry!! haha
if you love this dance then you shud check out my channel,you wont be dissapointed!
do bam and nonstop use the same headphones?
I´m japanese and this is normal one robot dancing in the middle of the street I see daily
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