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J. Cole - Lost Ones

by JColeVEVO • 19,135,741 views

Music video by J Cole performing Lost Ones. (c) 2008 Roc Nation LLC

Pullout Game Weak AF 😂
+NerdYT Funny considering im homophobic, no clue how I can bare to talk to you..
+Gram White How am I the one who's gay but you're the one that was talking about a circle jerk. You must be secretly gay if those thoughts are lying around in your subconscious.
"I refuse to bring my boy or my girl in this world when I ain't got shit to give em" that's real shit right there because he's basically saying he's not trying to have his kid living a bad life not even being able to live as a kid, if the child was born it would be hard to raise... Deep
+Kimberly Brito It takes strong comprehension skills to realize that J. Cole was rapping about the character, and then as the characters in a story. But that's why his style is different. Its creative. He only spoke as himself at the end when he responded, but what about yo seed nigga. Basically saying don't listen to them niggas. Take care of yo seed. There is an interview on here where Cole explains this video similar to how you did +Kimberly Brito . Impressive the way you broke it down. Tough to evaluate if your mind is not intelligent enough to read between the lines. Cole is not like average rappers. He is intelligently creative. And he even said himself in the interview that he is opposed to abortions, and does not believe in them.
don't matter!!! you have kids you put i the work!!!! it's all on you just cause someone aint got shit going don't mean shit if you got a baby coming go flip burgers go park cars wash windows if you a good man or woman that's all that matters you gonna do good for your child JS....
i am german so i dont understand anything but it sounds amazing ..
HAHAHA if you english guy would understand what he says :DDDDDDD
Cole and Kendrick the only ones that rap real not like these people rapping bout how much weed they smoke and how many "bitches" they've fucked. Got 13 year old kids listening to songs bout drugs and gang war, hip Hop is fucked up. Hip hop/rap should be about the story and the meaning. Then pop music is made to make teenage girls feel self conscious, they should listen to Crooked Smile. A song that makes you take pride in your faults and not worry about them. The music industry is messed up right now. Thank God for J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar for real music.
Don't forget about Big K.R.I.T
Sup cole i know you wont be able to read this but its crazy how you explain this so accurate about the situations im going thru now. But im only 19 and just graduated high school in 2014. I have no job. I cant find a stable job and i live in Philadelphia pa. But now this girl i mess with is pregnant with my child. To be honest she told me she couldnt get pregnant. But now she is and im just confused and lost. My father just recently got locked up and now im having a child. She doesnt know what to do yet. She seem like she want to have my child. "I refuse to bring my girl or boy in this world when i aint got shit to give them" this is the main thought thats goijg thru my mind. "& what about abortion" i feel like imma kill myself if i kill my child. But i dont wanna let my child stuggle the way i am. Idk cole. Im just lost right now and just needed to vent. Even tho you aint there but i just wish you could hear me out. -Tommy S.
Damn bruh I feel you. I've been in your situation an I'm 15
"I ain't too proud to tell ya that I cry sometimes about it." In this line do u think cole means he isn't too proud (as in he is ashamed) to admit it Or do u think he means that he isn't too much of a man and he will swallow his pride to admit it. Some food for thought here let me know what you think
I'm pretty sure it's answer A. Just my opinion.
FÛCK....why is this world so unfair man....why doesn't the guy have a say in abortion huh? Abortion is the evileat shot ever bruh...and I don't wanna hear none of that "it was best for him cause I can't take care of him financially" I understand that a lot of guys cop out and shit at the end but what about the guys that wanna help but get pushed out??
+Aniya Martin Yeah, you seem a tiny bit autistic, so I'm not going to start an argument with you.
What do you mean "it's only a fetus"!?! It's a fucking human! The unborn baby is considered a human being at conception. So you're basically saying that it's alright to kill a baby with a heart, brain, arms, and legs as long as it's not born yet? It's a living human. Even if the brain and body hasn't fully developed, abortion is still ending the process of a human life.... BECAUSE IT IS INDEED LIVING.
Wow not big fan of j.cole but applause..very good lyrics and emotions shown...this happens way to often!
Lol I was trying to be creative! Except for Murcialago I just want a Lambo lmao!
Yeah I feel you bro, who doesn't want a Lambo haha
Marissa Sanchez Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
I ain't to proud to tell you that I cry sometimes about it J. Cole - Lost Ones:
YO! This has got to be one of my favorite tracks by J Cole
people don't realize that j.cole has been one of if not the best rapper since he came out.. all this fake shit about fucking hoes and selling drugs is not real music. nor are they real artist. J.cole Tupac Kendrick and kanye when he wants to beat the top
+sellmecandy333 This man is talking about good rappers and the quote on quote "real" dudes. Kendrick and 2pac don't come close to bullied while growing up. Continue with your justin bieber. A conscience rapper (j cole) doesn't mean good rapper dumb ass. A rapper has delivery, word play, lyricism, etc. Go back to your imagine dragons
+sellmecandy333 bitches and whines? Isn't that what j cole (the conscious rapper) is doing with social issues? Do your homework before you argue with hip hop heads. Go back to your pop music.
That's Eminem style 
what I like about this song is the part where he raps but like being the girl and he says "my momma raised me without no help from a man" and shitttt that speaks to me because my mom raised me on her own until I turned 15 and I was fine with no daddy. I'm not saying that what he's talking about is wrong because it's true if you don't even have money to support yourself how can you support a child? the thing is the mother is who has the child in her womb so if she wants to keep it, she should be able to. idk where I'm going with this, just my opinion. I love this song and J. Cole regardless.
Wow i enjoy sex, you can still have sex. As a man, you have to put your sexual urges away, put the condom on and make sure she is on the pill. its that dead simple. 
J Cole makes no fuckin sense whatsoever. He hates his BLACK father for leaving him and says he ain't shit, yet he's out here acting like a civil rights activist. I think he is simply trying to appear concious in order to boost his sales (which it did look at the sales of 2014 forest hills drive)
What does his father have to do with civil rights?
what about all the men who want to be fathers and the women who want the abortion? why is it the man who's always portrayed as the coward? Tons of women get abortions and the man has no say or the woman doesn't even tell him until it's too late. 
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This reminds me of life while sober now im sitting here trying to remember how it felt but i feel like this last year and a halfs been a dream 2014 just flew by so fast i want my life back
As a female I would hate to be forced to carry a baby for some one else so basically abortion is a woman's choice.....don't wanna be a dad terminate your rights.....I'm sorry for the guys who wanted the babies but imagine being forced do carry and push out a baby...if a woman wants an abortion she should talk to the father FIRST but in the end it's her choice no matter what
We are a rising hip hop collective coming from Atlanta . But honestly, we strive for songs with meaning and if it lacks meaning, we make sure that talent is there. Nowadays rappers getting famous off of Dances and Catchy Flows...#WheresTheTalent. Not trying to bash them because if it sounds good then ain't nothing wrong with listening.If ONE PERSON would just give us a thumbs up, you'll be one step to helping a group of young talented, humble , motivated and inspired men dreams come true.
Y'all are pretty dope. Got the turn up music and the meaningful music too
This song makes me cry sometimes frfr
didnt listen to rap before...thx j cole, i do now :) simply the best
try Locksmith he's pretty dope, a lot like J Cole just with a west coast vibe. RA The Rugged Man is pretty good also, both those guys talk about true things just like J Cole, really enjoy their music
He says he doesn't want to bring a baby into this world without anything and yet made one She says he's like every GUY who says he loves her just to get in pants yet she let me him once he said that especially without protection smh
N all his niggas saying these hoes be traping niggas playing with niggas emotions like they some action figures swear they get pregnant for collateral its like extortion, man if that bitch really pregnant tell her get an abortion..thats F'd Up
going thru this rite Now Getting All kinda Jobs To Support but not permanent One's FAwked up Rite Now But IMa NIgga And i Cnt hide From My Probe's just like ever other Soo Yea IM Crying Just Aint DRoppin Tears KUsz it dnt pay bills
I haven't felt this way about a music video since "Stan" by Eminem.. This is so touching and sad but true. :'( J. Cole knows what's up and this song is deeper than anything Kendrick or Drake or any of the other new school rappers could make.
tricia monk Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
why wasn't the  woman part done by a woman?
It s impossible for this video to cost just one dollar
in my opinion i think logic and J Cole are the best RIGHT NOW lyrically. best rappers of all time: Nas and jay-z The best unique styled rapper : Eminem 2pac started rap and gave all these rappers a starting place. and you CANT tell me at that time he wasn't a mainstream rapper. just because he made rap what it is today doesn't make him "THE BEST" IMO.
+Peter Steele rakim is recognized for using iambic pentameter before others. Obviously there's no such thing as originality but there's always a start
speaks to my heart. real life
"I let you hit it raw, mothafucka Now I'm pregnant and you don't wanna get involved, mothafucka Take away a life, is you god mothafucka?" Real shit mayne
I was raised by a single mom and this song makes me cry a little every time. One of the songs that got me to love hip hop.
This song really hit home for me. I know it's been out for a while but I just ran across it. It's just funny to hear some ppl talk about the content and you can tell that they've never lived it.
Artist Juanito cuchillo Song la malicia mia
3 perspectives in 1 song. Genius. I applaud you J.Cole #ColeWorld
Smh my girl just had a miscarriage n I thought bout this song so similar to my life. Love cole for this one
Dumb bitches who let niggas hit it raw. Wear a damn condom
+Alexiaa Sanchez I hear you, but it always comes down to what the woman says/allows. If a man were to say " lets not use a condom" and the woman said no. Then he wouldn't have another option but to accept, other wise it would be rape. Men are still dumbasses but at the end what the female says goes.
+Alexiaa Sanchez your fucking dumb "men had the dicks", so women have no say in whether the guy wears or doesnt wear a condom? do you think before you talk or nah? and it is your problem if the guy doesnt pull out in time, cuz guess fucking what? you have to carry the baby for 9 months. ive been with girls that told me to wear a condom and in that situation, i never just ignored what she said... girls fucking see the dick go in, so the if the outcome is becoming pregnant, its the girls fault as much as the guys. you saying what you said is like me saying, since girls are the ones that have the vagina and can become pregnant, its their fault... every heard of a female condom you dense fuck, youre so fucking stupid it genuinely baffles me to see someone so damn ignorant. i hope you have a defect that prevents you from having kids because god knows we dont need more of you.
"you flippin like reciprocals"  That's when I orgasmed... math in rap= Asian orgasm THANK YOU FOR THAT
The females part got me through my pregnancy. Amazing how music can speak to you.
Are hood niggas listening to this? 
This was the song that got me into Cole all those years ago its been 5 6 years now
Damn ,this songs real. I can definitely relate. Thats why i like him as a rapper.
We need more lyrical artists like Cole this song is so real 
tell her get abortion, but what about your seed nigger?what about your seed nigger?....real talk right there J
big fan of jcole... im a 16 yearold rapper can u guys check out my music.. plz thanx
Funny, when I had that scare with my last girl she was the one wanting to get the abortion. Dudes can be low bitches ain't clean either.
Dude's in the comments deciphering basic lyrics like they're the Da Vinci Code and shit. We get it.
this is why I love jcole ❤ he's amazing
Love this song listened to it when i was pregnant with my daughter
he always has brown skin girls in his videos...finally:)
hold up now let me finish looooool......Fire! 
First time I saw this I thought his girlfriend was shot by a BB Gun. Not that BB Gun was the company who shot the video.
i aint too proud to tell you that i cried sometime about it
"she'd put a ring up on his finger if she could, but he loved her cause the pussy good, but she aint a wife doe" lol
People hate on Cole cause he's not a "rapper" that flashes his chain and shit but the shit he raps is the realest shit in life
song makes me cry every time. 
IMO, In my opinion J Cole, and Em are the best rappers atm, Best alive: Nas Best ever: 2pac Just my opinion
IMO....They all are talented n their own way....IMA Tupac.Nas.Wu Tang.Mobb Deep.J Cole. Type
"But what about your seed nigga?"
Check my music out?
this song always makes me miss my son, and i dont even have one. 
sabrina a Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
"ain't too proud to admit sometimes I cry about it"
Anyone else hear Jessie J Price tags?
J cole goes in like no others atm
J.cole is brilliant
Am I the only one to notice the resemblance of the beat in this song and Jessie J's "Price tag" ??????????????????
+Eto Segun I know I might sound completely crazy.. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy this song, however when I first heard it (which quite frankly was yesterday) I thought to myself : "hold on, it reminds me of something" and then I realised that it was Jessie J, "Price tag"! I don't mean the lyrics or anything;.. just the beat and instrumental version! Have a listen... 
+Paulina Genzels yeah i understand now, you're actually right,beat sounds familiar 
Nina Armenta Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago
J. Cole - Lost Ones
J Cole going high af? ... Unfortunately we have very low artists left like him ... now a days people Like Chris Brown gets more views with the help of HIPVIEWS dot COM> fuck the world
chris brown is a hip hop singer and entertainer i think hes very talented ......j cole is an amazing rapper completely different category
Chris Brown goes fucking hard tf lol. This is coming from a hip-hop head
Zariah Smith Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
love this video.
Kaye Levi Shared on Google+ · 3 days ago
love j cole....
Don't african americans know about condoms
obviously they do since they are still a minority in the u.s..
Whoa whoa whoa. Wtf man? Condoms are genocide universally son, of course everybody knows about em, you say that like they're the best shit ever, your purpose is ti to multiply, the most human thing you can do is create life. This priblen is biggervthan "you shoulda eore a condom" smh
Rosemary Morales Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
DjGotham1224 Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
ColeWorld till the death of me😌💯
davide gab Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
This shit got me crying. Fuck.
Daniel Phiri Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
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