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WWE All Stars Trailer: Two Generations One Ring

by TheSmackDownHotelCom • 9,005 views

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WTF flying rock bottom Flying FU whats going on here
@KreatorOfEvile I LOL'd at that so bad. I love how everything is exaggerated, It should be a decent game. In terms of doing mid air awesome twist and turns moves you know.
that sucks is like a cartoon svr 2011 is 1000000000 times better than that sheet the only thing i like of this game is that Macho Man Randy Savage is in
@wweiceman96V4 yeah i understand that, i know the difference between smackdown v raw games and arcade games in wrestling, but i wouldn't buy this, probably rent or borrow
@KreatorOfEvile I said it MIGHT be better than SvR 2011!
i hate all stars first but i start to like it and can wait wait to get it
The new THQ logo looks like shit...
@7DelMatizo that pin kofi kingston does how he trips them with his leg then flips them into a pin
i was like "WTF" with the new thq logo
Holy SHIT HOW MUCH Steroids did vince pump into the rock and john cena o.o
Through most of this video I thought the Big Show was King Kong Bundy haha.
I would buy Cena's FU as being a legit finisher (and not just an inflated Fireman' Carry) if he could deliver it while jumping 26 feet in the air as he does in this game. This could be fun!
@MrKillerrellik2008 What a lot of people have to understand about this game is that it's not supposed to be like the SmackDown vs. RAW series. It's just supposed to be a game people can just pick up and have fun with it.
@DashingMizFit That's like saying TNA Cross the Line is better than HCTP!!!
I....think I'll stick with SvR on this one. It looks like it should be called "WWE: PG Era Extreme!" instead of WWE Allstars. I would have prefered a new WWE LoW, but with SvR graphics and controls.
ARGG all the animations are from the TNA game.
this shit doesnt even look realistic
@vegeta2723 yeah thats is a really good game and yeah their very similar
This game remind me of Def Jam Vendetta And Def Jam Fight For NY and not that sorry as Def Jam Icon
@wweiceman96V4 i agree they should just kept the old one
It would be beast if certain move put your opponent through the ring or break the ring
and cm punk with short hair
I'm digging the Arcadey style. Hopefully it'll be kinda like the Old Def Jam games
The greatest roster.. and Kofi Kingston.
gonna be realesed on my birthday 1st april :p
The Funny thing about is u could get legends vs superstars in legends of wrestlemania lol.
Hm, I'm still quite mixed on what to think. On one hand, I like the look of it, and the gameplay could be amazing. Yet there's a bit of me thinking this could be just one gigantic dissapointment. Guess I'll just have to wait and find out. :/
alright wheres the create character lol i doubt there will be one
@RoBCyPheR1 It was already confirmed that the game will have a create-a-wrester feature
@DashingMizFit LOL,i highly doubt that this game cant compete with svr
game sucks, but kinda brings back the arcade memories..
This game might be better than SvR 2011 thumbs up if you agree
This is like an arcade game. Nothing serious, just pure fun.
although i like the svr 2011 game, this one looks quite fun
What a S.O.S. P.s. I think SvR 2011 is better
oh also forgot the flying people's elbow
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