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Team Martyn and Toby - Part 1 Survival Games

by YOGSCAST Martyn • 1,014,178 views

Welcome to the first Yogscast Survival Games, where Yogscast friends and family must fight to the death and only one can survive! Check out other viewpoints from the event at the links below: Lewis...

This video actually made find out who Hannah was
This brings back so many memory's
I miss these old videos he's changed so much
+Lord Goldspawner Same sellout? Same shameless plugs? Same annoying thumbnails? No, he didn't use to have any of those.
Well. I guess when you put it like that
Whats the intro music called?
2 years wow. BUT ALSO, when you said "NO go away" to the enderman, you sounded like my bff when she is doing her Dave- from homesrtuck- immpression. It was funny when i realised. Lol Jess-'SO TOTALLY FABOULAS!'
Like if watching in 2015
It was a creeper that blow up
2 years, holy shit... These were the good ol' days.
You said is that a sheep or a person no a person
Martyn you and Toby is grate frents to getter :)
Are sjin and minty together?
2 years already...
What's the music that's playing when they see someone? The kind of tense one
what is difrent in survival gamesand hunger games in survival you can craft destroy or build but in hunger games you have to face on facts that you are going to die
Is that a sheep or a person? No it's a person it's fine!?!?!??
I want more of this cause this is awesome!
OMG. I'm so used to the new 2014 Beginning, I'm not used to this one. It brings back so many memories, I almost started crying, 😭
Nice to see something awesome again!!!
what is that song in the intro?
I have played this map its too easy
Do more survival games!!!
is that a sheep or a person no just person lol it was a sheep
Yeah do more and why arr you not from the yogscast
This is on skydoesminecrafts server
how did you know it was skydoesminecraft's server?
Look at the date... It wasn't it was private server
I miss this stuff :(
just realised, martn's enderman voice sounds almost exactly like Bakura from YTAS
Hi YOGCAST Martyn, I would like love o play Minecraft with you. I know you will most likely deny, I just wanted to ask you if I could have a chance to play with you.                                                                                                        Thanks,                                                                                                              Shane
that looks like a hungergames map of the keicraft server
Sometimes martyn kind of sounds like jason from an eggs guide to minecraft
@Doc Moo ridge has been slender
I don't usually what you but I think I'm going witch you split
toby sounded like stewie near 12 minute mark
Love your part in screw the nether
inthelittle wood and so totally toby
one time only had wooden sword and 5 wolves owned opponent XD
I think Martyn will win :l Hes really good
DONT DIS ENDERMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thought it was tobuscus you wanker
Oh DaveChaos and Nipde was there awesome ;)
You don't need an ip you need to download the map
6:03 is that a person or a sheep it's a person were good
its fun seeing martyn not beeing a part of the yogscast yet...
Hannah started the fire in the park
I love watching everones different pov's :D
you guys should play more of these
the spider made me jump too and me big fan!!
OMG at 9:24 when me and my friend played we died there!!!
Love u 2 nd it's always best to know the map it's not cheating it's tactics :)
hi can i have the ip for the survival games 2 we sould play together some time thx byeeee
i just switch the key to F. it makes it a lot simpler since its right next to D which is a moving key. i've also switched the "drop" key to P because i kept randomly dropping things by pressing Q while trying to run
Hannah set the forest on fire
Lewis was actually taken out by a creeper then shot by the skeleton
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