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Guitar Hero World Record Rocked!

by IGN • 1,287,332 views

Witness as the world record for this music game is shattered.

Holy shit this a long guitar hero song.
well its made of 4 songs :D
xD that songs so easy
It's easy to talk but you really should upload you beating the song to prove that the song is easy. Who cares if it has shitty quality? You can just prove yourself. XD
wtf that is crazy O.o and his poker face lol :D
Nerd. Play real guitar. Much better, a lot harder.... 
First of all, LEARN TO PLAY A REAL INSTRUMENT. It might actually be a useful skill in life. Also, I remember that the older games are much harder than this, therefore it was not as difficult and this is an exploit song.  EDIT: wrote response down below, sorry I didn't watch the whole video, and my original message was targeted towards people that don't know how to play real instruments. Please stop commenting on this, I got the message months ago.
I know this comment was 7 months ago and the video and this video was posted 5 years ago, but he does play real instruments. 
Okay, I get it, he plays a real instrument. What I originally meant is that some 'many' people only play guitar hero or games like it and don't learn to play real instruments. I though that Rocksmith was an amazing idea and more games like it could teach people to learn instruments. Sorry if I sounded troll like and that I wasn't very clear in what I was typing at the time.
Watch him fail with a real guitar
he's probably way better at the guitar than you or me
There's a video of him covering Jordan on a real guitar as well as some comparison videos of Megadeth on a real guitar vs on a GH guitar.  He can probably learn any song from Guitar Hero on a real guitar.
Wow Danny was born to play Guitar Hero.
0/10 Too much blue notes -IGN
Omg I've shattered a million like nothing
o cara que edito o video e um idiota na hora do solo ele amostra a cara do danny retardado mesmo otário 
fucking commentors watch this vid? this is a game not for a real
hey why not play a REAL guitar and now play this retarded shit.
i used to be pretty good a gh but not anymore and never as good as these people
I hate when it cuts away from the game screen to show him playing. We can see him in the top left...
I know right, its so damn annoying
Congrats to him and whatnot, but i think the video wouldve been way more awesome if they didnt cut away from the notes at all...but ehh
thats SO fucking amazing
im just waiting for a comment to say "bot?"
11:09 The Face of Concentration -.-
I bet he gets all the chicks. lol.
chicks dig guys who can play guitar!
Yeah but...i had to just headbang after like 2 could he haw that...monotone face all the song? T_T
just wait till a a pro osu!mania player come along to GH XD HHAAH
Why u guys dont take real guitar ? -_-
Danny does play real guitar,.check his covers on his channel GuitatHeroPhenom,i like you're profile pic by the way :)
why you watching this vid because ITS not real intrument vid its a game Guitar SO STOP WATCHING THAT VIDEO THEN
That's a point my name is dani
looked like he button smasched 
Wow holy crap why do you keep switching camera away to look at him when it gets interesting. Whoever edited this is retarded.
is it me or is this easy?
Good Danny Jonson now try the uber song
This video got this guy so much pootytang. Coupled with the Hawaiian shirt, and his mad skills, he is probably fighting off poon like William wallace. Or not.
Hey. I FC'd Mercyful Fate the other day. Does that mean I'm as good as DJ?
Through the Fire and the Flames is harder by far but doesn't give as many points as Merciful Fates because it isn't as long.
I know that this is mind blowing and all but he has WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY to much time on his hands way to much but don't mean to hate but other than that that was amassing
What was it amassing?
But I'm not criticizing because I can't play that good.
I wasted my time watching this but pretty amazing!
You called wrong.  If he would have hacked, he wouldn't be in the damn world records.
Are you fucken serious!!! Danny is a real musician you fucken idiots! That why they are so good. All of you celling them a no life are fucken stupid because he can play thing song on a real guitar to Stupid bitches! Go to his channel and see.
+Daniel Poe Ok. He was just trying to make a point. Only people like you would really care about his grammar.
Obviously, They haven't seen TobeGH3
Bad video. Keep it on the board, I don't care what he looks like playing. At least keep it split screen.
my milkshakes were shakin for that boy
look at his face like... i have no life outside so boring HAHA
wow, that made a lot of people laugh
Pmsl your fucking videos...
Through the fire and flames on hard is tougher than this song. Play something harder for us
He's completed it on expert 100%, and done the same for some harder songs.
he actually holds the record for through the fire and flames also other hard songs so do your research
At least he could play the real guitar horribly, AMIRITE!
new metallica sucks dick!!
It's not even a Metallica song, it's a medley of Mercyful Fate songs.
reeeeeallly? I have a good feeling a number of people could play that song perfect, including myself if I spent enough time on it. theres way more difficult songs... how is this a record of any kind
its also a 2009 video , no doubt it has been beaten since this video
he also broke the record for through the fire and flames.
anyone still play gh on xbox? add me "Some Of Dat x" expert drummer.
Add Me "ThisAccountDontExist" No Seriously. That's My GT If That Doesnt Work, Then Idk What To Do. Most People Cant Add Me IDK Why.
Too many stupid camera angles.
What do the connected notes at begining mean
Nah. The connected notes with the wavy line is for the slider which was introduced to the guitar controllers for World Tour. If you do not that a slider then you can play the notes by pressing the coloured button in time (as they reach you); all this eliminates is the use of the strum bar. Whereas for Hammer Ons you can hold down the coloured button before the note reaches you.
*Have And those explanations are just me being a dick :/ Sorry :P
I have gotten a higher score on warriors of rock. I got 1,333, and something like that
This was before warriors of rock
this shit is easier than it looks ..
lol he's like a robot he's so expressionless through the whole damned shit song xD plus the vocolist looks like a pedo lol. Way to rock out man!
yeah, she wants the D
Thanks IGN for showing us the most boring parts of him playing.
i mean the way he strum his guitar, using thumbs?
People like you piss me the fuck off look at his channel before you talk shit about him he is a fucking legend at guitar far better then you will probably ever be so shut the fuck up idiot
he does kid hes in a band what are you doing special with ur life ;)
Easy... Amplitude™ is much harder.
He plays the drums irl and the guitar too I think. There is alot of focus and concentrating going on when trying to beat a world record I think.
these stupid cameramen didnt show any of the stinking solos
i play cello and am wanting to learn guitar so bad! i play rock band a rediculous amount of time each week and notice a dramatic amount of change. i can play a lot of songs on expert and im a girl!
look at his channel... see his fcking covers... now say again he doesnt play real guitar ;)
That's fuckin easy,try guitar flash,dragon force level six,it's a hundreds more harder then this songZ,
Actually he plays the real guitar aswell, check his channel^^
Holy SHIT Wow I could never do that
It's not the cameraman's fault. It's the shitty editor's fault.
First World Record: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! HOLY SHIT! MAN! FUCKING EPIC! LEGENDARY! Record broken: Yaay, good.
this cameraman sucks let us see the solos
What Abe said, but also, you typically have to actually concentrate on GH. When you're really playing, you get lost in the moment. Not much of a moment here.
Hello? That's like saying "Fuck Call of Duty, I fight real wars!". It's a video game. You can't compare it to playing guitar. One of the reasons video games are fun is because we can do things that we wouldn't normally be able to do outside of them. Can I play guitar worth a damn? Not really. But can I play pretty much anything on Guitar Hero? You bet your fern I can.
fuck you IGN i Wanna See The Solo
Well you are Yui, You don't know any guitar terms at all :D
imagine if he put the same time into playing a real guitar
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