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How to Wear: High-Waisted Shorts

by Émilie Joy • 77,069 views

Which outfit is your favourite? Don't forget to watch this video in HD! A pretty popular trend for this summer is high-waisted shorts. And in case you felt confused on how to pull them off and...

Levi jeans are my favorite
love the yellow shorts outfit so much :)
if she's a little fat, skinny is a skeleton. just saying.
Yur pretty and u are not fat that girl is stupid! Shit i wish i had yur body!
@DJhelluekitteh I don't usually make my own clothes, but my sister sometimes does!
How do you know if the shorts you buy are high wasted
WHere did u get the shirt in outfit 2# it's my fav
your hair... AMAZING! nuff said.
it's really quite simple,make sure the shorts are (A) tight & (B) wear cropped tops,the only thing to consider is how much skin to show between the bottom of the shirt & the top of the jeans
Oh my.. You're not fat! I really hoe you know that Emilie! :)
Are you mental? This girl has a banging body! Please find something better to do with your time than making senseless comments like this.
Where did you get the denim shorts on outfit #2 ?:)
New subscriber here. I REALLY FOUND THIS HELPFUL. :)
no shes not! you clearly havent seen fat and or know the meaning of fat! ...thanks for the great video btw really helped! :)
Not necessarily! I just like the way it looks more! :)
yes i was rude,,she's not fat but i preffer side 0-1 :P
Um......I think I might love you. Def Subscribing.
i really like your hair :) is it naturally curled or have u used an iron ?
#2 i got a heart attack!love it
you literally have my hair except yours is longer. it's literally the exact same color and curl as mine!! i would send you a pic but i dont want to be creepy lol
@kaleidoscopeeyes9896 The song is Behind Sapphire "Oh my what a fine day" and on my nails I have the sally hanson salon effects in frock star!
youre gorgeous girl! love the video :)
u are sooo pretty and look like emily osment
My favourite is outfit number 3!! Its soo cute!
Your So Pretty & You Have.Beautiful Eyes.
I am a youtuber who does duct tape crafts,challenge videos,DIY videos and more! It would mean the world if you would take a minute to go check them out!And you never know...You could love them!
you are so not fat @NicoLarysa is stupid.
@themsiheartdance97 It's Behind Saphire "oh my what a fine day"
Wow! Your adorable! :D I love your sense of fashion!
Wtf who would think she is fat?? She is absolutely perfect:)
Your so pretty! Thanks! Goooooood music:)
Great video hun! these outfits are amazing!!! I almost forgot how much i adored high waisted shorts.. ahhhh :)
@EleganceOfRefusal Thanks for watching!!!:)
WOW! u prefer size 0-1?!?!?! Dayum! That's an issue! I'm sorry but it is. If u were born naturally a size 0/1, sure! Whatevs! Unless otherwise, I'm telling u, that's an issue :/
I love your hair! and you are so beautiful! are you even wearing makeup? natural beauty right there. makes me wish it was still summer! could you pull off those shorts with tights for the colder days?
fat? she's a perfect size. maybe you should think before you type, i don't think you'd want to be the reason she's not there tomorrow.
You're a little mean- much more unbecoming than curvy hips.
um... she isnt even fat. i wish i had her body
U look exactly like Emily Osment;)
you have fingers like me. chubby, ugly and non girly :/ dont you hate it?! I DO!
I like your clothes, u must know about this style, i love the vintage style! :)
Lol...You started dancing when the music got slower xD...But my favorite is the coral striped shirt and shorts one (:
i like your ears lmfao , your pretty
Do you make your own clothes, [ like buy old pairs of clothes and cut them & sew to a different style]?
Okay, you are seriously my inspiration! like i dont wanna sound creepy but i would die to be just like you lol. keep up the fabulous work darling <3 hope you see this sincerely , your biggest fan lol :D
These styles are sooo me! I thought i was the only one who wears these with baggy shirts and what not. Girls at my schools wear them with crop tops and w.e. THANKS :)
@MMjuicy95 I'm pretty sure I got them at a Vintage shop near my house!
Woah u look like Kesha but more natural version aha :)
My favorite is outfit #2, so cute<3
Emma5284 read your comment closer
Can you show the whole outfit? What shoes I will wear to those outfit? Thank You.
and it such a coinsidence ur name is emily
I love all of the outfits ! U are super pretty also !
@NicoLarysa - She is not fat, she has hips. You know, what a woman should have. You shouldn't degrade people...
nice outfits. :) where did you get your baggu?
love that red and white striped shirt! i subbed!
do the shirts need to be somewhat baggy?
@YoFaceMan0 Thanks! I'm not wearing makeup in this video ! Haha awww shucks. I know same! I think so! It would probably look really cute!
Where did you get that baggie in outfit #2? Thanks!
hey sweetheart why dont you do us all a favor and take your judgmental bitch ass somewhere else c: thanks
you're a little fat...nice outfits anyway
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