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Holographic Universe (Part 1 of 5 ) its all illusion.

by secretkeyactivator • 1,256,344 views The holographic universe proves that the physical world we believe is real is in fact...

I studied the Qabalah and the occult for years. Its covert sun worship. It de-personalizes God. It probably has Its roots In babylon. As Its path working, can and does raise the consciousness, It can be very dangerous. This kind of "consciousness raising" Is not Sanctified by God. Those who climb up another way are as thieves and robbers.John.10:1-2. Of course It Is not a way to climb up all the way, as some folks think. The so called  "Ascended masters" are just fallen angels. Praying and fasting Is sanctified by God. Try It!    Alef-Hey-Bet. Richard.
I can accept that John.  This bloody holograph we are stuck in sure is fucked!  I just want to find a way to get everyone out.
The video quality is an illusion
I am noticing more and more QP scientists starting to come to the same conclusions as this video starts to imply. And they are using real facts and tests and are studying it extensively. Where there is smoke there is fire, so maybe this is really happening. I am an insurance agent, I surely am not going to discover the secret of life, but I would rather use the 50 minutes of my life to watch this and wonder about the possibilities than be a brain dead debt slave watching the boob tube. Enjoy the possibilities, and let it be. 
The moment you affirm to yourself, "I surely am not going to discover the secret of life." is the moment your personal higher consciousness chooses to blind your subconscious from your conscious mind, perpetually cutting yourself off from the blatantly obvious, don't be so hard on yourself or you'll never let off. ;)
+Bennet Green Wow! I'm an agent? An agent of what exactly?  I don't recall paying anything other than my attention to form my own opinion.  Bible salesman?  Glad you can enjoy selling someone elses idea that encouraged the murder of so many and still asserts religious authority over the politics of the United States of America.  Good for you to have such a calloused tounge and mind to lick your masters boots so blindly and obediantly, that free will Christ sacrificed himself for sure paid off well with you. <3
I'm going to warn everyone against taking this video seriously for one good reason: The video (narrator) specifically says a person can literally vanish if they change their vibrational essence. ...yet all the ancient priests who knew about this are now dead in the grave. Their spiritual essence has gone to one of four chambers - just like everyone else (except Enoch, Elijah who are about to return as the two witnesses) because even Yeshua, who you know as Jesus, entered the first chamber and returned to set in place the faith of the ressurection. Thus... if you want to try and vanish into another dimension, the way Neo did in the Matrix, try to keep in mind. He left the illusion (Holographic Universe) only to enter into desolation - and if you think Zion (the Magical Kingdom) is a place that you can enter. Think again. Desolation is where you choose to go - so desolation will be your eternal abode: because you will lose your right to enter Paradise when you translate without being called. Seriously... You have no idea what you are all being led to believe by these malign people. ...and by the way: Bill Schnebblen said the eye of Lucifer was 'symbolic' of the rectum of a young boy - because the elite believe such a disgusting act allows them to be gods in alternate universes. This video says it is the pinal gland inside the brain - but the all seeing eye is set above a pyramid depicting society. that doesn't make sense. The notion it allows a person to be a god in alternate universes makes more sense - precisely because it is set above a truncated pyramid. I hope people understand the gravity of the situation here - because they are going to be shocked to discover the definition of love by these people is the expression of pure evil. ...and when they discover this is true - it will be too late for them. I am praying for you all ♡
This is taking some large leaps and becomes more philosophical than scientific. Just because it requires some sort of energy to process this information, doesn't mean the information only exists in our brain and isn't really there. It's like a computer. If you unplug your mouse and click it, the computer doesn't have the energy required to process it. Doesn't mean the mouse doesn't exist or wasn't clicked, it simply means the computer has no ability to understand its existence. It's more logical to believe energy creates our senses and consciousness of those senses than the other way around.  But, once you get in to philosophy it well all come down to asking unanswerable cryptic questions. At the end of the day, whether the lights are on or off, if you try to walk through the wall, you won't be able to. You can try to rationalize that any way you want.
this does not sound entirely correct
Have you guys read "The Present" at TruthContest's website? Very interesting truths about life there. Thought you'd like it.
In the end I presume you all have the same "inner life" as I do. We are here we perceive things and we do what to us is necessary to progrees in life until we die. There is a definite limite to the knowability of things we have to either accept or construct agents and puropse that give sope people the inner strength to carry on and not end it all. The biggest question of all questions is then if some believe that what we perceive is just illusion is there any real reason to exist and endure any suffering at all? Anyone who pretends they have anwers to the  unknowables is a quack and snake oil peddler.
Here's the problem with the " Matrix" scenario as I see it.  If you're in the matrix a machine is giving you false info about reality, to keep you acting as its power source. You still sense things and have a life and die. If you take the red pill (is it the red one?) you wake to reality where you still only have you're senses and live your life and die. The brain can only interpret the information it's given. And I might point out that reality in the matrix is much better than reality outside of it. By the way it's not as if humans are the only ones sensing the universe, try explaining to the bear that's mauling you that it's all an illusion. 
+tubewoodycool What happens when we dream?  There is more going on than just our 5 senses.
Yours is the best and most succinct refutation I've found.  Much applause to you sir.
Знать всё -- значит не знать ничего.
It would explained the 1111 phenomenon and all the crazy number patterns I see everywhere.. It's being programmed in from outside this "system" but by who.. That's the question.. And also what it all means
Anyone who has witnessed a baby being born into this world, and the miracle of creation, from conception to birth, in a bed of pain and blood, knows that everything is not an illusion
Forgot temperature and balance in the senses. As well as internal pain.
this is very misleading and mainly woo woo
This is all utter nonsense. Holograms please. If someone throws a brick at your head fear not, it is only an illusion.
But if everything is a vibration of some sort then we should start calling them frequencies than particles. The particles only exist within our mind and just like the double slit experiment the external is but a range of vibration vibrating at all sorts of frequencies.
I do know about the holographic universe that we live in. A few days ago i had a dream that i was walking with some friends on an unknown street, and then i became aware while i was in the dream. I told myself this is not real, this is a dream!... so i started touching the walls of an unknown house, and i was screaming, why this wall is solid? This is not real!, but yet it was solid just like a solid wall from our so called reality world'. Then i woke up and my astral body was out and it came back in. It was amazing, right there i asked myself, what is real and what is not???
I don't like, that we now all think that the physical world around us is digital, when instead only we ourself are biological computers, so it is natural our individual reality is working like a computer, a biological one, but it doesn't mean the world is. we can imagine and guess it is, we likely find new behaviors of the world which will obsolete our current approximation of the world.
This is a excellent video..Totally not for the average Joe..Can you please upload a video like this about frequencies
We all apart of a quantum Holographic universe thats awake. Each person and their consciousness is a mini universe.Your eyes are the eyes of the universe and when you look at an object its the universe looking at itself through those eyes.
I blame Saturn....haha.  It seems we are confined; Held prisoners to this time/space construct. An internalized projection which is limited to the human experience; A small spectrum in the wave function of the energy vibrational frequency. Maybe we are living in the "Dark Ages" and knowledge is being kept from us. Either way there needs to be a balance of Negative and Positive energy. We may be experiencing a slight imbalance.  Stay positive.
+carl jr though i think slight imbalance is quite the understatment haha i agree and appreciate your response, cheers :)
this should be going viral instead of stupid other videos which keep you in this state of mind wake up people 
I think the Pineal gland can receive light from the candle, the sun and moon too. 
there's also the negation of the akashic record; a book of all events in ones life...  There's not random universe, there is only conscious universe of which we are all a part.
so basically this is how a TV works electrical signals come from a broadcast tower so who is sending these signals to us  I know its the universe but who set up the universe which would be our broadcast tower
Thank You for this video.  You just clarified so much of Kant's philosophical views for me.  Not to mention Bishop Berkley and many other Idealists.  However, I still find Mortimer J. Adler's views much more compelling.
A person who is deaf and blind since birth can reach out and touch a bird. Therefore the bird is there in the physical world. Sooo... now what?
That deaf and blind person is still in the same world with everyone else's projections. That's why they still feel the bird
A most genuinely interesting video series to consider, much appreciation to all the attention put into it, I am up to the 7th installment in this series and despite the scope of the content I still feel it's a remedial understanding of what I personally already suspected.  Great work, non-the-less, keep it up!  Much love and appreciation, from yours truely. <3
Please replace "brain" with "mind". The brain actually does nothing. It's the mind that perceives everything.
Man I'm glad I've read plenty of Daniel C. Dennett before watching this video.  As he would put it, this guy has fallen prey to the Cartesian Theater fallacy of consciousness and perception.  I highly recommend you read Consciousness Explained by Dennett; as well as Mind Over Matter by Adler.
Jenni Hall Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Any thoughts on this?  
So does the brain even exist?
Why are people getting balls deep with philosophy and physics on a candy crush video........ Christianity videos are that way >> if you wana talk aloud of philosophical dribble i suggest you visit them. In the mean time, i leave you with these thought provoking question's. How can you view the universe through a limited perspective and call it truth ? If a fish could study the water in which it lives, but cannot view the stars at night, are the fishes philosophies based around the water or the universe at large ?
LMAO.... OK. I am sorry bud, but that was just to funny.   "Why are people getting balls deep with philosophy and physics on a candy crush video." I agree with you there. BUT! You sound as though you think that Christianity is some argument or a stupid book of stories. Because if you have ever read The Bible and compared it to other so called "Faiths", then you would have had a better knowledge of what "philosophical dribble" is. FAITH is what The Bible AND the religion that follows the TEACHINGS FROM The Bible is all about. You simply can't call it "dribble". I can't "see" GOD, but, he has said (through his son Jesus Christ) "Have Faith in him". The Bible isn't like the koran, where some jack ass made up stories so he could rape a 9 year old girl and then marry her when she was a 10 year old, or tell people that lying is OK if your intent is to fool your enemy, or it's OK to rape woman and then stone them to DEATH for causing you to do it. THAT is "philosophical dribble", while Pretending to be religious. GOD made the "Fish", a fish. THIS is how MAN has dominion over the earth. he made everything (animals & insects) as smart as they HAD to be to live, but they never get past that point. Therefor, they HAVE NO other perceptions. I am saying,that ONLY MAN has this type of brain power to perceive in this manner and then the thought to question his reality. On the other hand, IF they DO have these perceptions and thereby the thought processes as man does, we will not know it until they decide to communicate it. Until that time comes.... WE are the "Children of The Most High GOD". Therefor, WE are in command. By the way, if you don't like talking about The Bible or Christianity, then don't bring it up in your posts and people won't have the desire or a need to defend it. I am not trying to be a smart ass or an asshole here. I am just posting my views, Thank you.  . 
This mond fuckery is gonna have me looking at people like theyre not really there lol
My cat would still kill the bird even if I couldn't see the bird or hear the bird, or smell the bird. This video series better get more interesting real quick. Or I will turn it off, and it will cease to exist in my reality.
rocncruise Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Crucial facts essential to your life that are being purposely hidden from you to make you weak.
Hmm.. I wander why they are not teaching this in schools. But I know why, they want to make a sheep out of you :)
David Mccann Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Crucial facts essential to your life that are being purposely hidden from you to make you weak.
I'm entirely on board with the Holographic Universe and the double-slit electron experiment but my question for the explanation of seeing always make me think of blind people. Their retina, etc, never receives any electrical input. So how is their reality shaped? They can never see matter so the electrical signals in their brain is shut off to interpret reality. And what if you're deaf and blind?
the travel duration of the neuro electric signal from the eye to the processor at the back of the brain, is infinitesimally small.  Meaning, remember those balls on a string on desks, you drop the one at the front and the one at the back responds - that's how fast the time is.  Not the speed cleverly simulated here (and my favorite visual motion animation software) way ahead of it's time however!
The computer running the simulation would need to have 10 ^ 600, 000 gigabytes or more to run it!  :P
Terrance Martin Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Holographic Universe (Part 1 of 5 ) its all illus…:
Как ау́кнется -- так и откли́кнется.
loooots of equivocation going on in this video.
Fun topic to discuss after puffin' on a doob-a-dee-doo-da. In reality, upon inhale, the brain really digs good herb. Hence the subconscious realization of an alternate reality inside the mind's eye. One can easily see blindly, all while enduring a deafening silence. So, this video exposes exorbitant explanations with exciting, extra-explanatory examples, in turn exacting an extreme extraction of excessive examinations along with exempt excuses. Except it exemplifies existing exorcisms with excretions and expensive exhumations. It's exceeding exciting and extensive expectations of exhausted, yet extraordinary executives. Exhale. So, remember. According to this video, I didn't write everything above. You did.😉 4twennee
The opening presentation states an incomplete set up.  The state the five senses: hear see touch smell taste.  They left out sense - internal sense - our emotional navigation system, the toddler that knows it's mother - the soldier who finds his wife on the battlefield - these are guided by our spirit, our life force, and they left that out.
It's all crazy. It's all false. It's all a dream. It's alright.
Plato's theory of Forms or theory of Ideas sserts that non-material abstract (but substantial) forms (or ideas), and not the material world of change known to us through sensation, possess the highest and most fundamental kind of reality. today we have gone from Idealisms, too Materialisms...
I feel like they should have had Lawrence Fishburn(Morpheus) do the voice over.  
i find i mistrust anything that sounds like it is by a US media company.
eh, too Matrixy for me. Occam's razor. Certainty over uncertainty. I think therefore I am, etc, and other shit like that..
This doesn't mean the world isn't really; another point I know what a hologram is and holograms don't have feelings, I know I'm real......This is BS
"People Are Asleep The Wake Up When They Die" Prophet Mohammed 
Знать всё -- значит не знать ничего.
The mind resolves into Consciousness just as a pot resolves into clay. Consciousness cannot be known...yet everything appears in it!
It said that the average human only uses 10% of the brains what realities existence in the other 90%?
Questions: If we are creating our reality through senses, why does everyone see the same thing? e.g if I took a tennis ball around the world, everyone would identify it as a tennis ball and feel, smell, see the same thing. Also, what is triggering our senses to create this reality?
It said that the average human only uses 10% of the brains what realities exist in the other 90%?
Mind you this the life of the Physical Body and The Physical World.  Do you know your human body and all of the living life within you.  It's all Science. True. What is also Physical here is carried into the Spiritual World.  Once, you are of no existence anymore. Thats spiritual.
im laughing so hard,i hope you people see this for the bs it is.look up new age religion(thats the old name)
Its all a dream - #shamani   #healer   #kirk  
You worthless sons of bitches are made in the image of God…
+לארי, שם פרטי לזכר Atir When will people realize there is no god, it is a construct of the human mind. We are talking apes, the only difference we have to primates is we have a better understanding of tool use.
 i took dmt last night and i got to say i acully saw the virtual reality with out my sence's or maybe its just another ilusion of electric thing in my brain or its just another reality like the afterlife or somthing like that briefly my theory that DMT lets u play another game becuse u see another deta in ur cump( brain) its like another disk for game or somthing ?? i hope u or any of ur smarts guys here responde to this coment its very intresting And sorry for my low english please so please leave a comment!!
cyberage100 Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
Highly Recommended!
All the worlds a stage lollll
"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" Yes, because the same sound effect can be recorded objectively through various devices. The external world exists, obviously. However how we interpret it is debatable. We construct reality mostly into concepts. We apply meaning or significance to these concepts. For example when we see "a clock" we apply meaning that is appropriate to a clock. But maybe it's really a camera that is shaped like a clock..
If that cardinal is inside my head, does that make me a bird brain ?     BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  !!!
How go you explain a person that is in a coma? Makes no sense when you think about it that way.
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what i dont understand is, those electric impulses, how can they make sure we can see colorful images. how  does our brain know that a certain amount or frequency or whatever impulse is equal to a certain color or shape? are there some kind of codes in our brain? btw the music we hear, its just sound so how can we have different emotions, feelings while listening to something (music, thunder, earthquake...). if somebody would die because he gets a bullet in the head, then why does he die if as you said everything is an illusion and all of it is happening in our mind. why does the mind then doesnt keep creating illusions? btw so what you mean is that everything we see hear or feel is non existant, its just made up by our brain, its in us but then our brain and our body must be an illusion too. so are you telling that we've got a soul? what about knowledge then, is everything we know also an illusion created by our own mind so it is all a joke and nothing is treu nor false?(this reminds me of assasins creed: nothing is true everything is permitted) 
Eudes Polo Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
I had to stop watching when the narrator said " sight provides us with the most extensive sensory information" eh wrong its touch that does that.out of the five we always are touching something even if you jump naked you still touching air.....please get better informed narrators.
The purpose of music is to suspend rational thinking and lend "dramatic license" to the presentation. That is how you can know they do not believe a word they are saying...just saying ...dumdittydumditty-dah-dah-dum
From what I've seen so far this ain't any secret, it's just a specific view on everything. It connects greatly to Matrix theory I think, but I'll watch other parts, it's interesting nevertheless :)
Its probably some kind of visual and audio manipulation...Not sure if the entire world is one. But Im sure a select few are being dragged through it...
Lenin said the 2 opposing philosophical camps are idealism and materialism.  This is an Idealist idea of reality.
so trippyyy lol i love sciencee
Holographic Universe (Part 1 of 5 ) its all illus…:
if aliens was our friends they would show us worlds that our perceptions block from our reality. cool
Supratim opsonised Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
This video is bullshit... If I were to suddenly go deaf and blind, it's true that I wouldn't see or hear a bird. But it would still be there. Even when I'll die, the world will still be there. I just won't be able to experience it.
Exactly! There is no proof or evidence that electrical signals are creating our reality. The mind is a tool to experience things, not make things.
Checkout this song I did...It's good workout music :-)Light Work-Smokeahontas ft. JunetynF
If you want logical answers to this and all else that will really startle you and change the way you look at yourself, others and indeed the universe, I highly recommend that you read a new book titled Ztingar, and whatever you do, don't be put of by the animal characters used to present the background story, because the facts presented in the story will blow your mind.
Why are people still looking at the world from just the perspective of our senses ? Quantum physics explains that at the fundamental core of everything . The fact of "the matter" matter doesn't exist . A particle can be at one place and another at the same time . And yet people still can't wrap the mind around that thought . It's pretty simple our consciousness/mind makes reality real . But our surroundings are as real as breast implants . They look amazing from afar . But once you get close and start to feel and look at from a different perspective . You realize that something is fundamentally wrong . The material world has been proven by science to not be as substantial as one might have the illusion it might be . And yet people to still hold on to it steadfast and won't let go of that reality . It's ok I'm 27 and it took me a while to let go also . 27 years of programming by the powers that be can be hard to open your eyes to . But if you don't open your eyes .. We'll enjoy the software download ..............
My reaction to this video 1:56
Only Truth can and will bring Balance to a world that is imbalanced by deception and delusion. If you are a Truth Seeker I can recommend reading The Present - it is a document that contains Universal Truth, Truth that is the same for everyone and will bring us together. You can read and download it at Truthcontest[dot]com Enjoy!
Dose anybody down how old this is
this shits gining me a pannick attack bro
I think a blind person would be very confused after hearing what this video has to say.
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