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California Spearfishing by Dan Silveira - Omer Spearguns .m4v

by Dan Silveira • 41,574 views

Dan Silveira - avid diver, spearfisherman, kayaker, and sponsored athlete for Omer and Sporasub, has created this "California spearfishing video" to show the accuracy and power of Omer spearguns....

After you reel them in do you them on a large stringer?
I usually keep 2 or 3 on my belt stringer and regularly offload them to my kayak or dive board.
That's a lot of good stone shots. I find that when I have my head cam on, where I'm looking when I'm sighting down the gun is different than when I'm just looking around. You don't seem to have this problem, did you have to correct it during use? Or you just naturally have your head at the same angle when you're aiming?
@spearo094 , I am using the Liquid Image Wide Angle HD camera mask - product #322. The mask shoot some amazing footage!!!
Hey Dan I am a lefty shooter and it says that it is a right hand shooter on the cayman et HD and that it had a thumb grip or something. This is the only thing separating me from buying one.
ifishanyweather, I have never used the Cayman Carbon, but I know that many people in hawaii like to use that gun. It is very light, maneuverable, and well manufactured. It seems that people prefer to use it in the larger size guns (100cm and larger).
have you had any experience with the omer cayman carbon?
@FishHuntCook , I am sure O.ME.R would be happy to hear those words!!! The gun I am using is a 95cm gun. Great for Cen-Cal on clear days, or costal diving down in So-Cal. They make this gun in 80cm all the way up to 130cm. Happy hunting!
DAN please help me out... ive been looking everywhere for your divelight(red beam) or a simialar one i was wondering if u just bought a normal dive light and switched the bulbs? they have one at my local dive shop with a red beam but they want like $760 for it which is BS... any advice would help, thanks alot and goodluck hunting
I have not used the wrist mounted knives yet. I like my knife on my weight belt, and my flashlight on my left wrist. I don't want anything on my shooting arm, as it would become a point of entanglement with the shooting line or floatline.
Honestly, if you like O.ME.R spearguns, I think you will like the new O.ME.R -ET (enclosed track) gun. If you want to hunt the reef, I would use a 110cm or 115cm gun. This allow you to also transition into the blue every once in a while to shoot bigger fish.
My light is does not have a red beam. My camera had an issue at the time where it would sometimes turn the film red when exposed to dramatic contrast shifts. After the firmware update, the issue was gone. I dont know of any companies that sell a red dive light, but friends of mine have added red filters to the lens to create red light.
Hey i was going to buy a mako speargun or a riffe but this video makes me buy a omer so im set on an omer speargun for now the cayman et HD. Also what size was this gun?
I know you dive for O.ME.R so of course you would say they are great guns. I really want to get in to spearfishing and obviously need a gun. I would be spearfishing in the keys (Islamorada) Probably to shoot hogfish. What kind of gun would you recommend out of the O.ME.R. line or any company? I'm Not on a budget. I own a O.ME.R. Bandit so I know I like the company. Just don't know about their guns. If they have any U.S. made stuff I would prefer this, if not that's fine. Thanks Dan.
No, Lingcod are closed, in California, from the end November till April. These lings were shot in November.
Hey Ray, Yes, the some of the other videos I posted were shot with the Liquid Image mask. The liquid image 322 HD wide angle mask can be purchased online for about $350.00 online or at some dive shops. Amazon, B&H photo, etc. are all selling Liquid Image Masks. I know that west Marine sells some of their products, but I am not sure if they sell this model. If you still can not find one online, feel free to contact me through my website and I will help you. spearfishingisnotacrime
Boss... brand new to spear fishing been 3 times!
I have the SAME dive suit. They're warm huh? Hey what do you think about those wrist-mounted knives? Im thinking about buying one.
nice shooting . but wow those fish are dumb they just sit there. or you are super ninja. i dove with you in Martins class in florida (FII). i also dove with Justin and Brian in Kona for level III. Those HF2 are nice now they have enclosed track just don't shot them upside-down.
What is the length of your Cayman ET ?
@TheBlackveilbrides44 , I don't have much experience with using the newer JBL guns, but as a child I had a small JBL gun, but I was not fond of it. Here are the reasons why: 1- the slide ring on the shaft would get stuck and mess up my shot. 2- I have trouble sighting down the shaft due to the closed muzzle. 3- the gun was too small for large lingcod and lacked power. 4- the tip had several extra pieces of metal hardware which reduced penetration. Those were the reasons why I choose OMER.
best spearfishing video on youtube great work in the water and on the edit
was using 3 different guns in this video: Omer HF Camo ET (Enclosed Track) - 95cm Omer Cayman HF2 - 80cm Omer Cayman 65cm All these fish were speared in central California.
@52 that fish looked a lot bigger when it first came out of the rocks lol
I was using the Cayman ET 95cm gun. I have it rigged with 250 pound mono, connected to a pigtail swivel, and dyneema 2.0mm line on the reel.
The new camera #322 has a 105˚ viewing angle. The older liquid image cameras had a 54˚ angle. I will never go back. Wide angle is perfect for spearfishing.
bassmaster11294, I was using the new camera #322 has a 105˚ viewing angle. The older liquid image cameras had a 54˚ angle. I will never go back. Wide angle is perfect for spearfishing.
Amazing video and good song! Who is the musical artist? Thanks for the awesome upload.
Where is this? reminds me of monterey
@spearo094, Without the reel all OMER guns float without the shaft. If you add a reel, the guns ability to float has to do with the amount of air in the barrel vs. the size and material type of reel you use. I have the OMER match 30 on my 65cm gun and it floats. On my HF guns, I have OMER match 50's and they float. If you upgrade to the aluminum match reels, this may change the buoyancy characteristics. You may have to contact the company for further details or experiment yourself. Good luck.
Hey I bought the omer cayman 90cm about a week ago and speared at big pine key fl, the problem was it was a pain to load it cause of the butt of the gun, do they make like a belt attachment to place it in a load it?
The song credits are at the end of the video. Also, you may want to get a longer omer speargun for open water spearing if the visibility is good.
There is nothing better than paralyzing a vermillion rockfish "stone shot" 1:15
Dan, does omer make a slip tip shaft for the ET line up or is there another company that would work for this type of rig? Kick ass video!
If I post the spot, it will never have fish like that again. I must keep it a secret.
Thanks Dan! I appreciate it. Is O.ME.R guns just as good as an AB Biller or a Riffe or better? Sorry I'm new to this. Just looking for info. Thanks
They have both left and right hand grips, or you can get the standard universal grip. I believe that the ET comes with the standard handle on the gun, and the right hand grip comes as an accessory which you can put on it.
what kind of line are you shooting on your shaft line?
What kind of fish was that at 3:12? I've seen a few of those in Monterey but I never know what they are.
Dan, Is any of this filmed w/ that dive mask camera you showed in one of your last video's? Where do you reccommend for me to get one of those mask camera? Thanks in advance, Ray Live in Redwood City
Only the brave can go under the water and hunt, so please don't cry because you can't
wow, fish are dumb in cali. They just sit there. haha
Dan, On this Video @ 8:46 on the timeline there are a crap load of fish just waiting to be speared. Where is this Dive spot at my man? Thankx!
I am going to buy a new speargun. Im debating between a JBL 38 NW special and the OMER hf2 80cm. Im gonna be pretty murky and cold water in tight conditions with alot of kelp and rocks. I need a honest opinion and you seem like the person to ask. Thanks.
hey guys im realy new to searing and im thinking of gettin a jbl supper carbine any thouts my limit is 120$
Yes, I spear many White Seabass. I will be posting another video soon about hunting for those fish. I have some epic footage!!! Stay tuned.
3:08 Why would you shoot a perch over rockfish? Great video!
Sporasub (now owned by OMER) sells the slip tip. it is called the toggler tip.
Hey there very CooL vid u have a video reviewing The Cayman E.T cuz i am thinking of buying one! if u have send me a link plz! tnx
The limit on rockfish is 10. but the total limit on fish is 20. So If I already have 10 rockfish, I can shoot perch. Also, rubber lip perch taste great, and they can sometimes be challenging to get.
@MrArmodiosGR , The video is called Bluewater Spearfishing in Baja by Dan Silveira. Youtube does not allow me to post links here. You can send me a private message and I will shoot you the link if you cannot find the video. Click on my youtube page - freedivingdan
man plz can u tell me what is music track name the one ur using ? and iam getting the OMER gun like u have but i will be shooting more in a open area no rocks is that fine with omer ?
I should have clarified, what is the first song played?
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