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Putz, The Friendly Tank

by Daniel Putz • 196,208 views

itt: the tank is too powerful in versus mode. please, do not replenish the health bar, ffs.

I fought another tank as a tank 2 save the others c: #thesacrificeMap
Should've started raping them once they were cornered and you gained their trust
Whats so funny in doing this sort of shit ruining the all fucking game? Plz answer me
Best Friendly Tank Ever ahahahahah xD
Whats so funny in doing this sort of shit ruining the all fucking game? Plz answer me
Love the way he punches the hunter xD he splats on the wall xD
@Czechforce Dude WTF are you talking about? Doing this is exactly the same as SHOOTING your teammate and on those videos people hate those guys. I actually don't care since I sometimes shoot my teammates but still would you like to get shot? Or when you're the boomer and a hunter kills you?
For your first question: It is possible for specials to hurt each other but not common infected. Your second question: One of the people talking in this video is actually a survivor, so they already know that the tank is helping them.
@JUBJUB211 u dont die u just lose control of the tank it roams freely until it finds survivors unless ur playing with 2-3 other people then it just switches to another person
As did I!....I asked for a Charger's hand in marriage. He said yes....Then one of my teammates killed him :(
The narrator sounds like the tall skinny kid that was in superbad
zombie: can i pass tank: no *Punches the zombie away* zombie: ahhh *splashes on wall* thumbs up for that :)
lol 2:12 *hunter miss and see tank gonna pwn him* son of a b**** ROAR bem die xD
Thumbs up if you think that Putz is the only infected with a heart
1:12 dummas shitface muncher, i punch u in da face!
HA! If the survivers only accidentally shot him, he would be a kickass allie. which they did.
hell no the tank is awesome in versus without him we are shit
@SwirelyBitch KK, it's called "The Last Hunter" on L4D2 forums. Stupid YouTube won't let me give you the link without throwing an error. You should find it.
the witch cries because her husband the tank beats her
Putz likes to make the survivors win :D
1. That would be very annoying. 2. You have your own choice without that XD
im suprised they werent shooting at you
Im wondering how his frustration meter didn't go empty
0:54 Heh, PUTS then across the room...
@WildGirly25 It's called "Left 4 Dead"
this guy sounds like a complete nerd
So basiclly hunter buddy+safe room=bad friends
Putz means unclean penis (no offense, its in the urban dictionairy).
"Help us kill the infected" RAGGGGH "Maybe we could live in Harmony after all" RAGGGGH RAAAAAAAAAAAAGH Priceless
one time i did a game like this in l4d2, only that we were survivors and we had to escort the boomer to the next safe house while the other infected tried to pop him. If the boomer pops the survivors must let the infected team kill them so they can get a try as well. Also getting the survivors to accidentally kill the boomer counts as well.
I've tried that but as a hunter i was called hunter buddy but as soon as we got to safe room they kicked me out
@XXShadowStalkXX your right. one time I played good tank too but the vote to kick pop up in a matter of seconds
Who the hell is talking? They all sound the same.
@XXShadowStalkXX some ? ALL !!!! they just found a hundred original ways of reason to kick you
The tank is too slow with punching, they shuld make it so he can use both his arms(in versus)
what happens when u lose control of the tank ?
wtf that was awesome how did u get them to do it (not shoot and kill u)how did u get them to go along with it??
Gotta love naked zombie nightgown ASS.
there should b a betrayle achivement
i love the way how he killed the hunter
I was a friendly tank once, I revived everyone and killed infected 4 them :)
@XxGonixXFAN why? because we dont freak out if we die? and we dont go fucking hunting for achievements? its just a game.
Best. Pet. Tank. Ever. Without. Hacks. Putz is so awesome!
too bad putz cant revivew you :(
can hunter pounce infected ? awesome face
-tank looking at Louis- Tank : Oy Rouis ! joo rook liek feet
I did something like that but with a Boomer!
@XXShadowStalkXX yah like in l4d 2 massive kicking if u get smoked 2 times
Like once I in the sugar mill i was a jockey and incacipated nick and for no freaking reason they kicked me out...I mean seriouslly WTF?!Am i too good for yall lazy asses?!xD but I am serious why?!
It's a shame they didn't win.
I've always wanted to do this. Kinda hard without all talk and other teammates 'cuz they get pissed when the tank controller doesn't attack the survivors. :P
You are the friendliest tank! "...RAAGGH!"
yeah! That would be so much fun to do. I wanna be the tank and help survivors.
I met a friendly charger once. We jumped together 'till one of my teammates killed him. I cried. TT_TT
I once when i played as a charger in l4d2 i killed 1 common infected because I was bored and then 1 sec later i got kicked. I was like "oh come on!" I just can't believe some people. Also later that day I got called a noob because i changed team from survivor to infected and then got kicked again. Any idea of why im a noob because of that?
@nonnom1991 I'm happy to say that ever since I've got the game a week ago, many people on versus haven't kicked me as a beginner even when I haven't said that or I get 0 damage in one run, or I incapicatate my teammates. I do tell them I'm a beginner though. Though this one team of VERY serious fuckers kicked me though I was doing better than them because my voice sounded gay
i always do this its so much fun
@XXShadowStalkXX I always wanted to play L4D with seven other friends and just mess around. It'd be so much fun but as you said, so many people take it way too seriously. :c
@GamerNerdFTW same here. mabey we cold make a game like that?anyway, send meh a friend request on xbox GT is SAF Grunt
If your doing it anytime besides when your winning by a significant amount of points or everyone is goofing around or friends, you will get kicked lol
@XXShadowStalkXX No we need more people who play this seriously and not sabotage the game for fun like this.
Lol well what did you think was going to happen
lol i once did this all the infected were being friendly but the surviors wanted no friendship
The infected didn't invite him to hunter 15th birthday.
@XXShadowStalkXX I know, right??? People kick me just because I dont follow their plans for infected! ()r otherewise because Im not good at the game.)
@darksider300 for the tank Chocolate,Pie and Cookies!!!! or should we give him some pizza?
Ooooooooooooh... ♫ Putz, The Friendly Taaaaaaaaaaaank, lived in a city, ♫ ♫ And frolicked in the bloody mist, in a game called Left 4 Dead! ♫
He keeps them safe so he can eat them all alone
Fun Fact: The Tank has the same voice actor as the Hulk. This video demonstrates that very well.
it would be hella funny if they shoot putz and its all dont shot teammates LOL?!?!?!?!?!>.<
0:48 eww that butt of the infected
even with a tank they still failed!
The Tanks reminds me of a Pokemon :D
I wish all Tanks were like this.
how cool would this be if all tanks were like this?
its very fun to be a friendly tank when the survivors understand that you mean no harm.
"i think this is the only way to win this game" lmao
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