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Ocean's 11-Year-Olds

by SecretSauceTV • 128,655 views

Watch as three boys attempt the heist of their lifetime. A Short Film Written & Directed by ANDY SIGNORE of SecretSauce.TV This video had over 600,000+ views on our Old Channel

omg i know justing he is so hilarious!!!
Friggin Brilliant....these young actors did a really good job, DP shot a great short....
Yes we are teaching kids this, and what's wrong with porn? You find me a person who doesn't like porn I shall show you a person who is a 40 year old virgin. I think it was cool, there smart.
the clerk must have felt like a dumbass.
WOW>> Threy did a really awsome job on this They look so PROFESSIONAL... A++++++++++
@RatedPi ironic how you think white guys cant rob stores and how "the laws of anatomy"stop white people from doing what black people do
I love it when a plan comes together!
this inspires me.................
Really great done, those three are really good ;D but i´m still waiting for "Ocean´s 12-Year-Olds" xD
Once it hit the chase, I was thinking two things: 1)"Go little dude, go!!!" and 2)"Good luck outrunning a black guy!"
i need to recruit some 11 yr olds oh wait i have a laptop
@RatedPi how racist of you to say a negro cant have a job
This is amazing.. I never thought it was going to end like that :3
ummmm, i would assume it they were using that in order to imply "Playboy" duh.
I thought it was going to be stupid, but it was actually pretty cool
in my town, if a black adult began to chase a little white boy, bad things would happen.
lets face it an 11 yr old wouldnt outrun a black guy
Me and my friends are gonna do this but with beer instead of porn
@AceOfROMs mabye their parents have settings lol
cant they just use the internet? o.o
These kid could of just watched the pics online.. But this is much more entertaining :D
Haha, funny video. The boys do a good job on acting as well
"Do supermodels have superpowers?" sounds like something an 11 year old would ask.
wow you guys did a great job that was a great idea for a film. btw if you guys did the film editing that was amazing for your age.
BRAVO! One of the best youtube vids I've seen in a minute.
awesome... best wishes from Jordan keep up the good work guys :)
@DauntaQue sorry i agree that was a fucking stupid comment i apoligize :/
why would they want that when there such thing as internt
i thought black people could run fast
it's the McGuffin like the diamond in Snatch or the briefcase in Pulp Fiction.
This seemed like a South Park plot. Lol, this was funny haha. Those little 11 year olds are classy! They know how to get the job done haha rofl.
This is like ur only decent video (secretsauce).
i remember how horny i was when i was 11
lolz WTH they got the candy too XDDDDDDDD i did somthin like this had a buldozer, a bunny....and a raincoat. sigh g00d times
um the kids didnt make and edit this movie, they just acted in it
Im gonna tell my kids that porn is good for you. That should keep them away.
@RickkShaw clearly your 7 year olds are Fked up.
AWESOME! excellently written, and acted out! Keep it up!
nice shop lifting tutorial....
Lollll, I tried something like this. Get a friend to pretend their shoplifting so they watch that person, and then go for it. It doesn't work. I got caught, ahahahahaha.
ahaha i remember when i was like this...
Play Toy lol Good vid. Funny stuff.
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