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Man in the Box - Sara Class Reunion 2

by Man in the Box Show • 75,973 views

In the dramatic conclusion of this gripping saga, we find out how Saras class reunion went. It probably didnt go well.

Even with that haircut, Sarah is still pretty. 
I wish Euclid's next re-union is at Corky's.
aww i really thought it was going to go well =/
more of sara shes friggin hot!!'
meh... i am not surprised this one didnt make me laugh. mitb has been slacking for some time now. they need more of the terinator!
sara is a cunt but i'll be danged if she aint cute as a button.
I don't know if this helps greg's case or not, but Alana making out with the biggest loser at the reunion kind of hurts her image, logically speaking, and elevates sara's. Also, if she let's slip that it was a pity date that she couldn't get out of and happened coincidentally on the day of the reunion which happened to be the low point planned in her schedule comparatively, then she might recover.... if anybody believes her.
I can only imagine why the two top comments are the same.
is it just me or is sara getting a bit chubby. her arms and body. her face is still aite.
HAHA!!!! "I Fucking hate you" man... Sara is DVNO. When can I tap that?
Making out with a chick after passing out and throwing up lol
hmm he broke the deal tho, so she is no longer obligated I believe, but it would be cool if he started dating Sarah's rival
is it just me or could this been more epic? it was ok but not the usual "great" that i guess expected it to be :)
I always wondered what he was always thinking - he was thinking Arby's.
"I can't be expected to stay in perfect guy character when there is unlimited alcohol at my disposal" - This sounds so much like something I would say, god I love that qoute.
Jesus Christ, I worked with all of these people...which, I think, is the point.
Is it wrong that I think Margi is hotter than Sara?
This was probably one of the worst episodes ever :(
Also, she looks like a pissed off peacock.
I'm the man in the box! Buried in my shit! Won't you come and save me? Save me!
We need the uncensored picture
1 star only for the advertisement.
I like the pseudo tribute to the Hangover with the pics. Not a bad one but not your best work.
Haha greg and sara are practically married!!
for people questioning the view count vs. ratings disparity: unlike ratings, the views update every hour. also, best picture was greg passed out wearing a suit w/ sneakers
this is kind of random, but I think the guy who plays keith was in 500 days of summer. that or he just looks like the boss in that. I could see keith writing greeting cards...
Sara gets hotter and hotter as she gets more angry at him. It's kinda messed up, but mostly awesome.
watch i walk the bloody pathway from us
LOL @ Greg wearing white socks and black tennis shoes!!!!!!
Sara could have gotten a hot stripper replica to go to the reunion... Dye Laura's hair, know what I mean? Maybe she can bring her bearded clam.... Know what I'm saying?
Also, Sara is not so friggin hot. She has a tan as bad as her attitude.
It was!!! Sara's ass shot with Ms. Pac-man in the background was the one!!! Hey-OOOOOO!!!!!!
I wonder "What is this leading towards?"
lets be honest what did she expect? its GREG. douche of the douches. too funny
You guys/gals do a great job. Thanks for all the laughs!
lol, i knew he would do something like this rofl
Or it hurts her image that not even the biggest loser in the room wated to be with her and chose to make out with Alana.
Bars still have cigarette machines? Nice.
I wonder who their Camra man is. My current theory is that it is normally Terry, unless terry is in the shot in which case its Greg. I dont believe I've seen a shot of them together past still frames.
i wonder if it means he did get this part of the deal?
i kinda knew he would screw up:))))
He was promised attention next time balls for brains J/K!
putting this in capitals gets you 48 more likes than not putting it in capitals.... good job.
she has a kate hair cut from jon and kate plus 8
does he say jamocha shake at the end?
man sara is hot. she would look so much better still with a long hair cut tho
Finally some nice video; hire the DOP; not Mr Shaky cam or Mr. blow out the whites (video reference), oh and buy the cam if you haven't already!
Where's the facebook links on this one?
That is exactly my point retard! Which is more important to Greg, a jamocha shake he could go out and go buy anytime or groping Sarah? Don't you think Greg would be yelling at her as she walks away, "Oh and you owe me some groping too! And I'm charging interest!" ?
I love how everytime he is talking to Sarah and she walks away, he never finishes his sentence, he just like stops mid-sentence and then says something related like he did with " certificates are fine, I don't.......Jamoca shake"
i bet if she promised intercourse it would have gone better
@thevapour It's probably meant to imply that he succeeded in groping her at some point in the night.
"no body told you to go commando" haha LMFAO
what u mean they didnt really have him puke in her purse? what u mean this isnt a real life blog of someone!
She should have just said she became a date required. GET THE MAN HIS ARBYS!!!!
Greg...will you be my date for my upcoming class reunion? I need someone to get drunk, vomit in other classmate's purses, and make out with them. PS I went to an All Girls Catholic High School. AND: I would wear my school uniform at the reunion. AND: You might need to get drunker to make out with the nuns.
fuck these ads. Im glad they kept sarah haha
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