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Everyday I'm Dovahkiin (now with subtitles!)

by Jade Carroll • 296,617 views

Figured there weren't enough Skyrim shuffling vids yet, so here you go! Be sure to check the video responses for other renditions (including a dubbed version!) Dancing mod:...

I used to be an adventurer like you ...
But then a meme to the knee.
liked it lyrics were good too. both fitting n rhyming
I used to be a dancer like you Then I took an arrow to the knee
at 0:55 someone had too much mead that night
Original: Alright stop! Stealin' is bad!
dude its party rock not dovahkiin
+Mariocraft57 Hit me as hard as you can...
Lyrics are great be nice if you could actually record and play them. I had a hard time reading with the actual lyrics in the back. woulda been better if you could have even chopped out the vocals from the track you played.
I'mma download the mod, but how do you activate it/stop it?
I love skyrim ( im dovahkin- oooosh beat dat !! )
Should totally play this a music video after completing the main quest . . . xD
These lyrics are Godly hahaha
2:27 college of winterhold s last movie :D
I love it!!! So funny!!!! I just want to know who is the lady with the wings at 1:31?
hahaha gee thanks??lol glad u like it that much=)
one can not just dance to mordor well know thay can
That was hilarious and catchy. I should know, because I started singing as soon as the video started.
i got an awesome idea make draugers do the dance to thriller
You're more full of shit than a toilet, only things to put with a DLC are converted ESM and ESP packs which is, by far, not mods, and trying to put fresh graphics and textures files would result in the console game going kaput, and the only technical change can be scripting which does not really do much at all without additional folders, so you just failed hard at not knowing anything about consoles.
is there any more danceing mods???
They say Ulfric Stormcloak murdered the high king. Danced him apart!
The best Shufflers have Knee Guards.
Hey Jade...The mod for the sexy or nexus link plz and thank you..
Whats the gear the character is using while dancing on the well? the one with the wings, it looks more than epic.
i dint know u culd do this in skyrim holy crap wat is that the shufeln bolt of suprem power
Dovahkiin Dovahkiin giva a shout
Next step-dancing dragons, giants and bears? That would be awesome!!!
Then watch the dubbed version in the video responses. Or don't. It really isn't going to hurt any of us either way.
a guard that dances inpossible he has knee injuries!
Hey Jade where am I in video I am high king I am boss :D
this would be so much cooler if someone sang it.
Dat guy is shuffling away with swag. 1:56 - 2:02
Bethsheba, Please make this downloadable for consoles!
I only have this on Xbox shufflin' :(
This makes me sad... lydia is dead :(
there are ways to get mods on xbox. youtube skyrim mods xbox 360, should find some relatively easy ways to do it
shut up noob lvl 5 the beginning is a epic one. it must be the lost spell book of the jackson 5 lol
make this with the dovahkiin words like actually sing it
1:54 Its him! Marilyn Manson! MOTHER OF GOD! :O
This is the shit, someone has to do the vocals for it. For once someone makes a parody where the lyrics actually make sense AND rhyme. Good job, man.
What's with those wings at 1:32 ?
I am just a regular size prick, about 15cm. But thanks for the compliment nonetheless. p.s. I am wearing my pants, how can you tell?
Holy shit that dance mod is amazing!!! :D
2:25 if only the statue could of dance
it would be sweet if lmfao actually would be willing to sing these lyrics.....lmfao? you out there?.....
Disrespect the dance and you disrespect me !!!
its called fallen angel he says what armor that is in the descreption
That put a big grin on my face. Thanks!
Good job you didn't take an arrow to the knee ;)
grey beards schedule meditate meditate meditate lunch meditate meditate dinner afternoon shuffle rave with the hagravens bed
when i saw that i laughed that strong that i almost awake everyone in my house XDD
Fail troll. Go watch your Gayber somewhere else.
Shout to them if they don't give you work!! Nice work!
you should do one with the dawn gaurd and vampire lords
This is lame, i can still clearly hear the orignial lyrics... The fake 'subtitles' don't make any difference...
Oh really, well then, that would technically take you weeks if not months alone with more texture oriented mods, the simple process of extracting DDS files, then reversing them and dual injecting into DDX packages, and that is, by far, not for a one simple person to do, so I doubt you can you anything else than simple ESM packages.
What armour mods were used in this video, like that Fallen Angel @ "1:30" & That Robe @ "2:25"? They Look awesome, xD Nice Job on the Video. Hope to see more from you ;D
I would actually have to argue that the worst failure ever is failing to look at the top uploader comments, the link in the video, or the video responses.
can i get this one in the steam workshop?
If you look in the video responses, there's a recorded version.
Whoa whoa whoa, I didn't know Nightingales can dance!
Talos called he wants his awesomeness back
you just had to steal the vid and title for JT Machinima
Good luck to you good sir on your life.
shouldv'e changed the song to but awesome job :)
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