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One Direction in Oakland - Twitter questions: yodeling, name-changing

by psychasthenics • 31,750 views

06.14.12 Security made me stop filming. ):

@SisiANDAbbyILY Yes, but I've not uploaded them yet. I'm gonna do a write up on my tumblr later that will include the pics
1:06 Liam grabs his balls to help him yodel...
if Louis did a stage dive he'd probably get raped or something lol
Hazza getting sassy wit it 2:47 ;)
I was there! Except I was way farther up I'm the arena. Haha.
What did Harry say? So loud :)xx
I seen alot of people say they couldn't film... why?
And then Niall jumps up and down and I think Louis tries it too.. Lol
Liam's little MJ dance at 1:09 lol
It's weird to think I was in there.. :)
Hahahahahahaahahahahaha tooooooooo cuteeeeeeee
lol Harry at 2:47 "soccer playerrr"
That makes no sense! I was right in front of security during the whole concert in Vegas and they were sooo nice. I held a camera the whole night and was recording the whole thing. 2 cameras at one point. But I think the security I was right in front of was one that came with them like everywhere.
does anyone know what harry says he'll change his name too? cant quite make it out..
Am I the only one who remembers Harry's tweeting "Sydney is beautiful at night" ? Saw what you did there Syd.. whoops I meant Louis
1:05 Liam: yodela *grabs crotch* HIHIIIIIIIII
Hahaha Niall...still practicing his yodeling even after the question. <3
Yeah, I think it depends on the venue. They originally told us we weren't allowed to have cameras/phones period and if we were seen with one, we'd have to leave. But then right before Olly came on they said we could use them and there was no problem for like half the show. Then randomly they kept coming over and yelling at us for recording but then a different guard would tell us two seconds later that it was fine to record, so. idek it was so dumb.
idk they seemed to have it in for me and the girl I was with all night haha. Everyone around us was filming, but they kept coming over to just us and threatening to kick us out if we didn't stop. :/
*Harry strips* Me: take it all off,don't be shy:)
Niall said he wanted to play the drums Liam said he wanted to play the keyboard
i attend every concert sittin in front row seats. thanks youtube.
What does Harry change his name too?
I'm pretty sure Harry always wanted to strip on stage .
what was Harry's answer to what he would change his name to?
Why did they make you stop filming?
He'd be like "SYDNEY"! and i'd be like" YEAH" LOL LOUIS
lol thanks for detecting that! that just made my day.
why'd they make you stop filming?
why did they make you stop filming? everyone else is still videoing? so unfair for u. great vids tho
the way harry and zayn say soccer player
They should switch into each others clothes on stage. Just saying. ;)
Niall's just chillin... lol <3
Niall - Josh Devine I have no idea what Harry said, Jake Maxwell or something like that Zayn - José And Sandy would change Liam's to Paul Scholes (Man Utd player lol?)
god bless you for uploading this
@finalheaven143 it was the anaheim concert from yesturday! I was there 33
Anyone else notice Liam's crotch grab when he does the higher note at 1:05 haha
do you have pictures from the concert?
what did the rest of them want to change their name to? i couldnt understand. only heard louis.
Omg my name is sydney and louis said he'll change his name to sydney :) he made my day
harry's so cute omfg he always tries to find out EXACTLY where the person that asked the question is so he can thank them<3
I kept on going back to 2:47 I peed my pants laughing...
anyone know the concert/video where Niall sings the A Team by ed sheeran on stage?? please?? :( :)
when they were reading the tweets, it looked like steam was rising from behind the couch.
Both??? Luckyyyyyyyyyyy. I was going to go to this one but my parents wouldn't let me.
LMAO Liam grabbing himself at 1:06
When Liam said " I think Dan should yodel!" You could just see that Dan was like please god no! Lol
@seberhardt97 I wish I knew because people all around us were still filming the whole night, but they kept telling my friend and I we had to stop. There was a mom in front of me and she was literally recording with two cameras, one in each hand, all night. UNFAIR.
you went to both concert???????????????????????
@finalheaven143 type in the search bar: "Niall Horan sings a team" and it's the first one (or at least it should be..). Hope that helps!! He did the song justice btw ;)
What camera did you use? It's freaking clear!
HAHA. When they asked what's the one thing you wanna do onstage, Harry goes behind the couch & starts taking off his blazer xD
I know, it was insane. They wouldn't let my friend and I in because we had cameras so we had to hide it behind a bush! And this is Oakland we're talking about here, not the Bahamas. Then, when we got inside EVERYONE had their cameras and I was PISSSED. But what the hell, it was soooo worth it :)
Can someone write the dialogue ?
why has Zayn lost so much weight?
Imagine if Harry or Louis said they would change their name to Larry Stylinson. D'awwwww!
Louis has such a fat ass. Omg.
They sound SOOOO much different with american accents! friggin cray!
what would Zayn change his name to? i didn't hear :P
OZ and Sydney! Aussie references! AUSSIE REPRESENT.
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