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GUILTY DOG! almost as good as denver

by LeoFreakTayLA • 2,334,886 views

My dog cuppa showing her guilty face because she ate a packet of snaka jacks. Follow us on twitter;!/taylaskeggs Like & subscribe ! Thanks guys x

Big wup. I can look way guiltier than this dog, and probably even guiltier than Denver, but because they're dogs people think it's somehow cuter, or better. Whatever!
Couldn't hide his guiltiness lol too funny and his eyes are like playing up for the cam.. Lol too funny
oh come on he didn't even smile
What kind of dog is this? It's BEAUTIFUL.
She has beautiful exotic eyes when she looks up. Love the bat wing eyeliner too!  
Awww!such a cute doggy!how can u be mad at it!!!!
I do not want to be rude, but Denver The Guilty Dog was much better
Omg how can u not love dogs?
Those lovely eyes lol
Dude, blame it on the cat.
Why is it that when a dog does something bad, it's nearly impossible to be mad at it, but when a kid does it, you scold them?
Dog was only licking lips after as this is a sign of nervousness! !!! CRUEL CRUEL owner!!!!!!!
Very pretty eyes on this dog, indeed.
Big, brown puppy eyes makes it hard to stay mad lol
I think Cuppa needs a big hug and another bag of snacks.  :p
This was absurd. He felt no guilt at all
Awwww, what a pretty baby!!!! Beautiful eyes <3
0:32 I'd give that poor girl a hug :(
I would never tell a dog off if it did that face! AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!
calm down, it was just my opinion
That is so cute. What kind of dog is that?
Beautiful beautiful.
Dogs are smart they know right from wrong this dog has beautful eyes looks like they put eye liner on him
Am I the only one who thinks this dog is getting beaten up? That face shows clearly an abuse
My opinion but Denver was better. Your dogs eyes are beautiful.
Those eyes. Loveable
Nowhere as good as the Denver video. Not funny at all
you cant be mad at that face
Much cuter than Denver!
awwwwwwwwwwwwww such cuty babyyyy, pretty eyes on that one
i wan kiss him :( he feals bad
Awwww she's mentality 2 yrs old. That's ABUSE!!! Lol k Stop
I love how British girls say naughty!
that was nutty !lol im more amazed by your accent then the video 
I really wonder what's on their minds at such moments. "It's because I chased that cat last night? Oh, it's cause I didn't bark at the mailman when he came? Hey, I want more treats like those you had in this bag in your hand"
Hes thinking: oh shit oh shit...uhh no i didnt.... .....
I'm just wondering if the dog genuinely opened that packet of snacka jacks so neatly? The right way up as well...
Poor dog. It was like the inquisition. Pretty and soulful eyes!
XGAMER X Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
GUILTY DOG! almost as good as denver
 N A S T Y  H O R R I B L E  I N H U M A N
humans deserve this not the dog
Those eyes... so pretty oO
JILL MARTIN-ANGELOS Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Awwwww got caught look at the eyes love this dog
00:31 omg look at the dogs eyes.......awwwwwwwwwwww <3
he's like no mum, you ate it last night
No where near as good as Denver. I'd say the only reason for adding " almost as good as Denver " to the title was to gain views. That a side, cute guilty dog :-)
You think every single video on the internet is fake and CONSPIRED to get 7 million views? Does your brain actually exist?
Oh, those eyes... It was me, not him, he can't be guilty of anything :D
She is so beautiful! Is she a mixed breed between German Sheperd and Border collie?
the dog like bitch u better get your hands out my face or ill bite them off lol
She could have left them anywhere in the house and the dog could have taken them as well.
How gorgeous is she?! My dog makes a guilty face, when she's eaten something she shouldn't. All I have to say to her is "What have you eaten?" and her mouth clamps shut and she turns her head away.
that face if an automatic get out of jail free card lol
That dog has beautiful eyes. It'd be hard to stay upset with him/her. The best sad face.
That is a beautiful Dog. He knew that he done something wrong.
he or she ate them and blamed the dog
How could you ever be mad at dogs who misbehave. They are like children.
Def not even close to as good as Denver
Letting them get away with doing things they shouldn't would be stupid of the owner. You're an idiot. They're in trouble for eating something they shouldn't have- luckily it wasn't chocolate. The dog knows she's in trouble, and that's how she will learn. It's not like the owner was abusing the dog. How about YOU learn about dogs, dude. They can't do whatever they want because they don't know everything that's good and bad for them.
Its impossible to get mad at that cute face awwww
I'm unable to read or write? Well, that is quite accurate... And thank you! Good luck with yours, too. :D
RE: previous comment : I think the huge viewing figures confirm it.
you name the place....I'll be there. What a chicken shit.
what a darling dog he is, he looks so guilty its hilarious lovely boy
How did she or he open the bag perfectly? I'm not saying Its not true... But I just think that the owner opened them and put them on the floor for the dog to eat. Just my opinion! Just my opinion!
Poor dog. I would never make my dog suffer like that, he is distressed.
Dude can't get mad at that face. It's just too cute.
you might have to go to her and then you will learn. Tell me how you got on better than her dog.
Aww, do you notice how the dog licking his lips at the end? That's a calming signal, he was saying "please don't hurt me" :) Cute dog!
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