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Modern Warfare 2 - Zombie Mod on Highrise

by ThatGuyWhoKillsHD • 1,315,283 views

Modern Warfare 2 - Zombie Mod. Yes this is REAL . MY FACEBOOK:

xd o lucas comecou a ser gamer
Isso e tudo inveja? Haze tv?
Ты тоже ржёш над ними
subed an liked add gamer tag Zlliz add plz
ADD T7_xsnipez for loads of GREAT MODSSSSSSSSSSSS
woah this was posted before MW3 even came out
what do you do unlike this video
Add x-HorizonModz on PSN (PS3) if you want to play some zombies with me (I host Hawkins Zombieland, AI Zombies and a few others I also do CL's)
I replied 3 days later. . . When was the last time any of us have even seen "sun"? ._.
I know, I am mentally inferior to most human beings, and/or humanoids. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
i didnt see any fcking zombie...just things moving and you staying there
everyone stop hatin on his vid cus this is a gamemode on pcthat i have played many times before
Why you do this to me!? I kill you, with my mind.
Probably Delta Four One based. Delta Four One adds dedicated server support and i believe mods too.
the people from my country always suck . (im portuguese)
Did someone just sayd " Um de cada vez" in portuguese ? Im Portuguese BTW
Jumping off that building reminded me about 9/11 why did I watch this video.
i used play whit mods but on a moment its get realy bored ;P
Shit cunt at the end biggest fail
fuck this i played mw3 inf and mw2 inf and mw2 is 10 times beter
I played this ages ago when everyone hacked on ps3 it was soo much better there were care package walkways and teleport flag and big forts that zombiessucks
Are you an oger, because they are like onions, they have, "layers"
having fun sitting up on the roof there?
Zombies+Teddy Bears=Nazi Zombies MW2 Zombies+Teddy Bears=??? Maybe They're going to combine Nazi Zombies with Modern Warfare 4 in 2015?
10 minutes I will NEVER get back!
....Why the fuck did I waste ten minutes of my life for this? I hate you. I hate you so much.
Lol in the deresctiption he wrote this is
yes but the patch is available for XBOX , since MW2 , on every cod , when there is a PC patch ... it work for ps3 and xbox ( must convert it before )
the whole video is just him in top of the highrise and just sitting there typing AND SHOOTING NOTHING. fucking retarded doesnt know how to make a video
then add me? my nameis Ali_Gata42-_- this other guy added me but i live in england so he goes on it when its like 3am here -_-
Well, TBH i kinda found this useless. You dident record anything else then some people running around and falling down, recording some ugly snipers face, and the damn ground... If you were in there to record the mod and nothing else, you should be running around recording the fights and the zombies instead of the ground you're standing on... Wasted enough of my time on this.
Lol, their probably one of those foreign gamers who play on low end 1998 Box PC's.
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