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How I Met Your Mother - Give Me the Stick

by CBS • 1,673,826 views

Never break up a girl fight!

I have to agree with Barney on this one.
CBS no you never end this show NEVER (punches a wall)
Writers! NO! You never have Robin and Barney get married! NEVER!! (punches wall)
+charismaticace NO! You never have Robin and Barney get divorced! NEVER! (cries)
Robin´s a good canadian girl, eh
Ted! No! You never break up a girl fight! NEVER!!!! Punches wall
Neil Patrick Harris was this show.
How many more years for the reunion?
I like Robin's accent
Why do the gloves have no brand name on them?
Some are her some are there lol
This part was so funny
Lololol, this was so unexpected...
i think i laughed a bit too hard at this i want to see more of this version of robin because this shit is funny
Love the Canada jokes in this show!!
Does anyone know the year of the Stanley Cup she's referencing?
Yeah, probably the 94´ Stanley Cup finals. Canucks against New York Rangers, the series went to a game 7 and unfortunately rangers won...
Canadian Robin is hot!!
Now the real question is, why is she taking slapshots wearing a Luongo jersey?
Barney punched the light to be brighter... 
Entirely Barney's fault, as - by the way - is the scorch mark over the fireplace.
If Anything, it's teds fault
What episode is this
Its the episode Intervention (S4E4)
Summer teeth, summer over here summer over there.
dig girls in hockey sweaters
I don't think I've ever called tim horton's "timmy ho's" lol but i think i going to start
this is the hottest robin has ever been.
It's in the Bro Code. You NEVER break up a girl fight.
Really though, what does Hoser mean?
Her accent is soo adorable and hot ._.
im so excited this exact bit is on youtube. god i love the internet
Google KATRINA KAIF -- Cobie Smulders Look Alike !!!! thumbs up if you agree !!!!
She looks so cute in pigtails. p.s. nice catch by Lily
What's hilarious is that we all know the Canucks lost haha. Go Hawks!
look at Barney laugh when Robin says the Summer line, I bet they improved the scene and NPH is like "WTF"
TEEEeeEEED!! YOU NEVER breakup a girl fight! NEVER!
This scene didn't need the fake laughter.
I cant beleive barney is gay in real life.
Wtf is the science behind that lamp?! I am actually baffled. SOMEONE CALL STEPHEN HAWKING!
haha i remember this ep, i love this scene, there's so many things in it! could watch it over and over and still find something new to laugh at! weren't they in a flashback explaining why there was a hole in the wall? everyone expected it to be robin missing the door and putting the puck through it but no, it was barney's fist from lack of girl-fight! :D anyone else hear marshall say GO AMERICA! XD
okay now i am sure. . . Barney Stinson is Chuck Norris' cousin. .
K i’m not even kidding as soon as I typed how i met your mother in google this was the episode that popped up. Scary stuff.
So why would anyone name their bar the Hoser Hut? lol
this is the first time i noticed that the light gets brighter after he punches the wall
Hot? she's acting like a drunken imbecile here.
i love that marshall shouts "america!" when lily and robin are fighting!
....I find her way more attractive when she goes full canadian
Barney: you never break up a girl fight, NEVER! (Punches hole in wall) Me: whats up with swarley
So.... She has Luongos shirt, but is a player?? Must be a joke to all us hockey lovers :)
some comment that barney is god.well in the show barney prays when he found out that he's probably gonna be a dad and then he goes to church(seas 5 i guess"hey god its me barney wat up??")n another in seas7 when he tries to find marshall and lily's sex tape.. both the times he just prays and voila he gets what he wants.. so i'm just guessing he's unleashing the inner god in himself when he prays.... this is just for people who think barney is god.. for those who dont this stuff is lame
lol robin cnooks lol i give u somer teeth here some there hoser lol
Only Barney can punch a wall and make bulb shine lighter C:
When you say ''How I Met Your Mother'', you mean the ''Barney Stinson Show'' ?!
lets face it, well all thought that hole in that wall was gonna be from the hocky puck
well...i said a bang bang, bangidi bang, i said a bang bang bangidi bang!
cobie smulders is the reason i follow the canucks....
The punch is priceless... I laughed at least 10 minutes!
il give you someare teeth, some are here, some are there XD gets me every time
Jason, Josh and Neil can't stop laughing
NPH!!! NPH!!!! NPH!!! without Barney this show would probably suck royal monkey ass
I don't know if its fair to say that Ted's responsible for that. Robin was always their friend and always over there both before and after they were together. It could've happened anytime.
Barney is so legendary that he can make a dim light brighter...just by punching a hole in the wall...and not even injuring his hand in the process.
lets face it, we're all here for 0:46
walls in America surely get broken EASILY, no wonder people get robbed a lot
love it when barney hit the wall and i love this episode:]
I think I can hear Robin shout "Freedom!" at 0:39. Perfect!
I'd give her the stick, repeatedly.
I'll give you summer teeth summer here summer there
Haha it really does look like they probably improved it, especially since he and marshall look at eachother
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