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Cher Lloyd - Want U Back ft. Astro

by Cherlloydvevo • 53,462,507 views

Want U Back is released 19th February in the UK. Click here to buy your copy from iTunes now! Music video by Cher Lloyd feat. Astro performing Want U Back. (C) 2012 Simco...

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Why's there a 7 year old rapping on this?
+Zachary Twist he was on the first season of The X Factor USA. I thought they pulled it off Youtube recently. But he did great on the show. The first season was really good.
Hes a rapper and actor. He recently did a movie with Liam Neeson called Walk amongst the tombstones. After X Factor I knew he'd go far but people were so mean putting him down. Im so happy for Astro!!
Ive never seen a singer make two videos for the same song. The UK video is better!!
But the one without Astro is kind of better. But only a little bit.
Jesus. I thought this song was pretty damn shit, and then that little douche kid came on rapping and it took the shitness to a whole new level. People actually listen to this stuff?
I actually prefer this version.
You do realize that if you don't like it, you don't have to listen to it, right?
omg it's dash from red band society???
I was thinking that and I think it is!!!
so this is where being the school bully gets you in life, thanks Cher, great role model(!), but as much as I hate to say it, I do like this song...
Ikr! I love it nope, not using sarcasum
Cher Lloyd is hot when she's angry
Like I was literaly the first person to comment it
so...she DOESNT want him to have another girl? she wants to ruin his new relationship? ... stay with the new girl, PLEASE!
LOL ! I wouldn't leave @Cher if she was my gf ;-)
its just a video, you don`t have to get in panic mode. Cher is just acting to make the video funny ( in my opinion )
Why does Simon Cowell use her for pushing consumption and have her acting like a brat?? I know he sees her that way, but that's not her personality!! The person, Cher Lloyd, comes off to me as having a lot of emotional depth, strength, strong character, and more like a girl who gets along with other girls, rather than picking fights with them! This just isnt her character that they keep pushing like its cool. Going around being a jerk to everyone is not cool! I feel like this bad influence she's getting is keeping her in her Eliza Doolittle stage (acting common, stupid, petty, shallow), rather than finding her inner Audrey Hepburn (truly grasping and owning her real character/personality). Let the real Cher Lloyd out!
This videos cute actually. The other video makes her seem quite an offensive person. (which of course as a person, she is not!)
Why does she make 2 videos for the same song. Even though that is pretty cool and I love this song. Also I think the UK video is better. I don't think Astro belongs in this song. Just my opinion so don't get mad. (Please) :-)
at 2.10 she IS Cheryl Cole or what her new name is now anyway.
Love this version with Astro "The Astronomical Kid". He is now on my favorite show "Red Band Society".
This version makes more sense than the U.S. version
+jade ann natasha Merrilees I think its because the short haired blonde reported her but I dont even know. Hahaha
Cher's husband is a lucky c***, a lucky c***, a lucky lucky c***! Or should it be "Cher's husband is a spoiled brat, a spoiled brat, spoiled spoiled brat!"
I thought this was a lot better than the US version but I think they should have cut out the 11 year old I mean seriously?!?! They used a different guy to rap rather than guy she's actually talking about!!!
why does she demean other women in all of her songs?
that kid is such a faggot which makes the US Version much better
It sounds like she has an american accent when she sings but an english accent when she speaks. is it just me?
whats up with this 11 year old boy cameo
That's Astro. He competed on The X Factor USA and came in seventh place. Last year, he starred in the Relativity Media film "Earth To Echo" (which I just watched tonight). He now stars in the FOX drama series "Red Band Society".
this video is actually better than the US version one
Who the hell is that little kid? Ruined the hole song for me...
love this one soo much better XDD
bieber? lovato? miley? cody? 1d? ariana? derulo? all names we love... check me out and see if you can add me to the group ^_^
Now I know why there's one called "US Version" :P
why is there a  little kid there
Listen if you aint. Got anything nice to se about cher Lloyd then don't say it at all because she is a very good singer and you all shouldn't B giving her all of this pressure why do you think we don't see her now.
the us version was to get rid of the kid...
could i please be as pretty as u
Iha ok, mut video on vähä tylsä
whats the difference between this version and the us version?
I miss the old time, the "HAN!!s" and the rap... This is still her best song ever! And I prefer this version, mostly because of the video.
Omg Astro is such a fetus here! XD
People who think cher loyyd is bad are mental
Tyria Williams Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Love this video also loved her first audtion on the XFactor a regular song (viva la vida) and your own rap so unique to me.
where are you cher? we want you back :(
Ya why is there a 7kid wrapping
Am I the only one watching this in 2015 
This version is better than the UK version
This is kinda therapeutic to watch and sing.
I love your voice! <3 OMG You're beautiful! <3333333333
I love it <3 one of my fave she should have won the x factor xDD
That boy is about 13 or 14😃😃😬😬😬😬😃
Osea a ustedes que carajo les pasa si no les gusta escuchar a cher o al nene rapear no lo escuchen ademas me parece que les gusta demaciado por eso estan pendientes de escuchar a el nene rapear,dejense de joder 
i loooooooveee this song     its great my cousin is obsessed with it ( so am i ) 
This is just her in the bedroom
This is even worse then the first one!
The kid in this is so dum he can't sing 😛
Omg my favorite part was the tattoo on the girls arm lol those things are permanent
This sucks! Uk one is better
Well this is the uk version and ur commenting on the wrong video.
The US video is better, to be honest
Loved the song coul dn't get it out of my head for ages
THE UK video is better !!!!!!
Astro best kid rapper ever
how are you doing this
This is Better Than US Version 
Astro- red band society
Sarah cool Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Cher Lloyd - Want U Back ft. Astro:
i love this song cher lloyd is AWSOME !!!!!
Leisy Nathaly Llanes Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Cher Lloyd - Want U Back ft. Astro:
güzel bir şarkı türkçesi de güzel.
How old is that little kid
Len Crespin Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Top Tracks for Cher!
hanzmarklo kyle Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
So she only wants him back because he's found happiness with someone else? Dafuq.
I think the uk is more clever cuz here in the uk we have lots of big studios I have 1 studio in my school we have are own computer at school and iPads and NO homework
Lucky you, what school did you go to, I live in UK Norwich
Why's there a 2 year old rapping
Ich liebe dieses Lied
Johny Phothisarn Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Хубава вечер ПРИЯТЕЛИ ! +++++++++++++++ :-)
Cher sound like, nanny fine. On helium @ times * Gimmicks clearly not needed.
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