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CoD MW3: Prestige 10 in 20min NO Cheat/Hack/Bug [HD]

by GammelfleischLP • 218,343 views

This is a Tutorial how you´ll get Lvl 80 Prestige 10 very very fast on CoD MW3 (PC version) !!! Enjoy & Have fun !!! Would be cool if you like and subscribe. THX :D You just have to activate the...

I cant find any of them
if u get caught then u get banned permanently and this is cheating and bugging so change ur title.
Can someone lend a hack server IP? I cant find shit that lvls you D:
are you playing it with alteriw??
Ghfvv ycgygttyv hhggy thats mean on ps3 or xbox!!
Stupid dumbshit this is cheating asswipe
KD only shows how much of a hog killer you are. Not really that you've played the objective and aimed to win.
yeah pc only ps3 and xbox dont have dedicated servers THUMBS UP
How many people are there normally online on MW3 for xbox?
No, it isn't. The server modded it's gsc files so everybody has modded xp. A cheat is an advantage only you have, everybody who plays there has that.
hey add mich mal ich find keine mehr .__. hier steam id : pedro13600
Lol. Without cheating. I think this is cheating m8. No offence.
its not fake fag its called modded lobby in the dedicated server list and its pc only you console fucker
its only for pc read the description to those who r to lazy to do anything
will they have something like this in black ops 2?
yes in pc there already is but there wont be for console sorry
this just ruins the game. get everything in 20 minutes and get bored. Nothing to achieve.
no it doesn't, theres no point in this it defeats the purpose of the game, if every single player on the game can get to the maximum level on the game ( e.g. complete the online/ multiplayer) then no one would bpther playing properly
is it pc only???? i play on xbox 360 but i might start playing pc
hey "Gammelfleisch" spielst du mw3 über steam???
das ist gepatcht worden!!! es gibt keinen lvl server mehr auf PC
???? ich denke auf diesen "servern" gibts keine ep..??!!
I'm prestige 5 and played for 4days
dude nobody plays cod on pc its janked up xbox 360 is where it's at
Go and try to make your xbox pick up dedicated servers haha
this only works for pc xbox and ps3 havent browser /:
Playing on the hacked by cheaters server is not a cheay? You're kidding. L2P and make fair play!
MrJoshi386, ne er spielt über facebook weißt ;) ... jeder der am pc mw3 spielt spielt es über steam ... nachdenken man
someone knows if its works today too i tried and it didn´t worked?
Kann ich deswegen gebannt werden ?
Ok, cool thanks man. Alot of people wouldnt even reply to my question thanks for taking your time and explaining.:D
Its pc, people hack it all the time. dont worry about it.
This does not work on xbox! or PS3 Fuckking dumb ass
this is why i love xbox... because they wouldnt put up with this kinda noob crap. modded lobbies and etc. you do this in mw3 or black ops on xbox, you will get banned perm from xbox console, period. well, call of duty 4, on the other hand, is filled with modded lobbies. but, im sure, that will end shortly too when they get more admins in action.
It sucks that XBOX does not have a browser.*** Notice the "It sucks" you said "its suck" :P
is it on ps3? like i did this on pc but can ya?
Can anybody read the description where it says (PC Version)?
ohhhh. I wouldn't know I've never played a gam on pc.
TO PS3/XBOX PLAYERS:this will not work on ps3 or xbox because he has pc edition which gives you a server search bar
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