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Sum 41 - The Hell Song Acoustic

by sum41brasil • 137,498 views

The Hell Song Acoustic Live

I luv how Steve's enjoying playing this song xD
This is fuckin wicked
chords and arpeggios please
got this song stuck in my head
cone wasn't laughing, Stevo did, and lol he was just chillin back there
@xxthesilentshadowxx What do you mean "electric shit"?
Steve having fun during the solo! XD
This is the hell song!!!!!!! *.* ;D
@Haavard993 use your brain, a bass, an electric drum kit, along those lines
@Haavard993 i have four acoustic bass' and about 9 or 10 electric bass' but thats besides the point, almost no bands use acoustic bass' because they kinda suck for live performances and no i was not thinking of recordings i was thinking of live performances dude
@xxthesilentshadowxx Yeah, sure. You're really not clear on what you mean. I won't reply any more, it seems I have better things to do.
drummers always get bored if they have to be silent (=
ofcours not the song or the part of the song. stevo's face...: D
1:30 is that blonde across the street wearing a bra?
@xxthesilentshadowxx Ever heard of acoustic bass? And if you're thinking about recordings and mp3 files, then ofcourse there's been used "electric shit". It's a recording. And yes, it can still be classified as acoustic. However, it can still be acoustic live, even if there is a drummer. Drums aren't always amplified. They're loud enough, like in this video.
acoustic versions should be without drums.
sum 41 is the best band in the world baby!^^
rohadt nagy életkedvvel dobol STEVE XD /
@HuMiL1At0r so you think deryck didnt sing good
1:47 - 2:00 fuck thats boring like the hell...haha...Hell. :D
they must be thinking what the hell are they doing there since its an acoustic..haha
they all have a bubblegum respect i cant sing with a bubblegum =)
Stevo is looking like he's extremely bored the first two minutes here...
my fav part is at 0:00 when the song starts and the shi8iest part at 3:47!!! :( just don want this song to end!
Haha the "HELL" song... on a more happy side! Love the way stevo laugh's during song especialy during the acoustic guitar solo :P
steve look so relax playing drum haha
@Haavard993 dude thats not neccessarily true some somgs still have electric shit in them and are considered acoustic
ghaha steve o looks kinda boring xD
@theturn02 ya he looked asleep at the beginning or really bored until cone looked back and got him to smile LOL
before 2:15 the drummers bored as hell
that one crash cymbal he hits the most rings out too much and it doesn't sound right.
they should turn the bass vol down a little
he's probably happy that the guy stopped singing xD
Stevo could be taking a nap and he'd still be beating the crap out of that drum
lol cone was laughing halfway through it
hardly any close ups of dave through out..... absolutely typical
@PunksNotWeird "Acoustic" means no electric amplification of the instruments. Since this was all recorded with no mics attached to the instruments, it is still an acoustic version.
camera guy should've been on dave for the that's like the best part of the song
yeeeah very cool ;] <33 sum 41 miss dave ;( omg i miss him really ;(
the acoustic version is ok..but the original is awesome...I think in acoustic it looses the power that song has....
LOL look at cone and steveO at 2:09-2:19 ohh man they rock!!
200th like whoohoo ^_^ their acoustic versions of their songs are awesome..!!
that fa drummer ruined the whole song, it wud of been good if it werent from him the dirty prick
the chorus is so perfect god
lol judging a song on the person who playit, fail
@Haavard993 yeah ok then you i lliterate monkey go play your fucking call of duty and your god damn what ever it is you losers who have no life play
this version is cool...but I think the orginal is besser
Acoustic is better without Bass & Guitar they should replace them with guitars xD
Please ^^ watch?v=IAEsGUCMw98
check my cover on the hell song
hes horrible at singing acoustic songs
why doesnt cone use an acoustic bass here??
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