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Fireworks: "Detroit" Video Shoot

by Dan Cox • 16,781 views

A video taken at Fireworks' video shoot for their song Detroit. This was of the band by itself before the crowd came in. It was pretty awkward to watch them do this about 8 times. Better Quality:...

Yepp, my brother and his friends were in the music video riding bikes and running around or somethin.
NEVER. I've been asking the guys and they'd like to know also. hahaha.
i was there too, any word on when the video comes out? i saw a promo for it, but its been so longg!!
that's amazing, when they come back tell them to come to reading, pa and play at the silo :)
When is this video coming out??
saw them live a few weeks ago. they are so good. really cool guys
when is this video going to be done? i have probably checked near on once a week for a few months now
dude do you know when the video is coming out?
:42 seconds. ouch. lmao . but they are so good
@BryanBEATBOX no shit sherlock, ive filmed a few myself. i just thought it was funny to see in a video
im sure they are, they're just one of my all-time favorite bands and i actually did a project on this song in school so you can see why im so jealous
@KILLxTYME93 you have to lip sync when you shoot a music video
love these guy!! but who else saw the lip syncing/?
i didnt know bands actually played music at there vid shootslol
look closely at the singer and camera man at 1:04. did the singer finger the camera man in the butt?
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