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Warhammer Online - Marauder 90+ RR after patch 1.4.2

by OrcMardok • 13,857 views

without def sets at all

This made me LOL. Does Mythic needs another prof of Marauder OPNES than this? I liked Marauder before it become EASY mode.
Prolly have bugged lotd weaps with absorb proc. Still, so many baddie order failing at positioning, would like to see how he would fare against a good player.
OP class in non retard hands, is redonc
You do nothing for damage, & with a defensive arm. Id get my WE, that proc doesn't effect WE 100% armor ignore, so the only thing your doing is healing for 1k over 5 seconds, which in my WH case, you will be waiting to re spawn before my knockdown is even up.
На любителя конечно , но 3 ветка оч скучная, слишком много щас дефо дрочеров) 1-2 ветка интереснее)
I agree, horrible marauder. You said no defense sets at all, so why are you using the defensive arn, it ignored armor pen. & heals, instead of having a arsenal of debuffs with Savagery, than when they hit 50% having insane burst & automatic armor ignores & automatic crit abilities with Brutality. Need to brush up on your MDPS skills Lol if you were truly a good player, you would be able to destroy that BW in 3-4 shots, Cutting claw, tough debuff, impale than guillotine.
Видео оч понравилось, жалко за ведьму так не потащишь......
@johnrehak Indeed, thats why my next movie is all about killing these freaking marauders :/
2011 and they still haven't changed your targets portrait ? blah
Шмот талишь в выносливость?А за очки рр что берешь?
What tactics are you using? Nice video!!
Не подскажешь что у тебя за билд? Желательно в арсенале, если не лень, а то я сколько смотрю биоваровский форум там нету билдов в монстро, заранее спс)
Быкотта, офигенне видео. Но почему на некоторых сражениях нет конца? А так все супер
@TheMoonscrupter Absorb proc happening not from set and after patch 1.4.2 def sets have not got healing proc
Youve got both lotd absorbs, tactic absorb, looks like armor absorb, resolute defense & cleansing wind. Im more of a group player so my motto is all or nothing into dps Lol but if defense is a must, trivial blows & parry is the way to go... You will make up for lack of dps with riposte <3
PEOPLE STILL PLAY THIS!? Awsome now im gonna sub to Warhammer xD i was scared it was too under populated :)
Люблю мар как клас) но топ сеты настолько стремные)) один это "плащ" чего стоит
@Lorddarryll lol like there are not many orderpowning almost any1
The fact he doesn't have to stance dance at all should tell you how bad the Order are in this video.
@azzag123456 Слеер и кобс с двурой убегали, не было смысла показывать скучные догонялки, а на щитового кобса просто не стал тратить время
All this video proves is you can kill terrible players in Monstro. /golfclap
ROFL that slayer at 7:50 when you got out of that snare and popped speed, he just turns around and goes OH FUCK!!!! lol, i lold
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