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Example-Posh Birds

by lozyido4life • 156,071 views

A Song From Examples New Album What We Made

"Pronunciation runnier than honey I think it's kinda funny although she wants my cock I want her daddy's money" Best. Line. Ever
i really want to suck your cock
how else is he ment to get money and anyway although its not as good as this the new stuff is still good
i love it when he does his lil posh voice on his songs
@iiiTzGiBBo haha its not gay at all! 1B2OJLucifer must just have some insecurities with his own sexuality....
ahahaha, the bit at the end is jokes
but unlike all the cabbies she goes south of the river..... hahahahahahaha
roots manuva, rodney p,braintax and phi life cypher imo best uk, example is pretty amazing too loving it
@charlottemaireem Hahaha, the hilarious thing is that he actually does
I'm very polite he told me when I met Elliot, I hate myself.
Americans can definitely relate to this song. We have plenty of posh birds in the US as well.
Used to listen to this years ago and he's been my favourite atrtst ever since
If Americans get this, it's online as an import. We would have gotten it sooner, if The Beats didn't fold.
from 3:25 sounds exactly like Jack Whitehall:')
this song is funny and true, posh girls are just as slutty as working-class girls if not sluttier.
what a brilliant song! i love the ending. this old school stuff is so much better!
@Crozier92 same accent maybe, hair and fashion? noooo.... :L
yeah we call them booshy or sadity.or they call themselves princesses spoiled brats.
plan b rocks lovin exmple/prof Green too no forgetting mike skinner,da streets 8)
see her sitting there in her mink coat wouldn't think she was proficient at deep throat
first 10 seconds is why i came here LMFAO!!
she had me when she said 'ell, you know my legs spread well. At school i wernt a prefect but they called me the head girl.' pronunciation runnier than honey, i think its kind of funny, coz tho she wants my cock i only want her daddy's money. into the toilets, skip the foreplay, grip the doorway, just like bk you can have it your way, she's so polite she always says 'Is that ok?' hahahaha
HAHHAAHAH.... no dont beg lol Epic fail on your behalf
:L I love the start of this song.
@BillieJeanWontBeatIt you're telling me if i was to walk through any all-girls public school in the country, i wouldn't see over half of the girls constantly pushing their hair over to the wrong side? and they don't all wear jack wills then no?
any link to lyrics please¿
"but unlike all the cabbys she goes south of the river" lmaoooo priceless
@BillieJeanWontBeatIt Your just a kid. When you get out into the big world you will meet alot of people like this.
@1B2OJLucifer how could you possibly cosider the start gay?!? hes talkin about getting a blowie
Well, perhaps only the same Americans who received the Streets and Dizzee Rascal. Not so much the mainstreamers.
this man is immense! his album is fucking awesome !
@ShakespeareOner Theres a difference between posh and rich spoilt. There can be rich spoild girls who talk and act like complete chavs. Posh is the opposite to chav, nothing to do with being spoilt. Its just about people who are classier than others, and brought up in a certain way. Dont prejudice. what do you know?
@randomjunk4 Look on his website he has free download links to all his mixtapes and B sides
best line... 'look at her she's sweet sixteen in her mink coat, little would you know that shes proficient at deep throat' ;)
A nice posh enlgish bird loves it rough :D
Hey im posh, my initials are UK and i am irish, i have my own style, im described unique, but yet very posh:)
@Crozier92 thats precisely what im telling you, i go to an all girls private school i dont dress like that and nor do a lot of my friends, some do i'll admit, but the majority dont.
he sounded EXACTLY like Jack Whitehall at the end of the song there! :D love it
I wish it was out in America sometime. I'm trying not to order thing online often.
@BillieJeanWontBeatIt sorry to break it to you. ;)
hahaaha love 3:25 and on, good mimic
its a shame he turned absolutely fucking shit the cunt sell out
Posh HOT country girls, cant beat them<3 behind there front, they like to get dirttyyyyyy
good lyrics but the intro is GAY!
I'd love it if he sang this in February.
clasic LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
No I mean like undestand it, cus it's a very british concept I didn't think Americans wud get it lol!
FUCKING EPICC = P 'i would really like to suck your cock' LMAO
U r so right! I'm from Putney lol is he rly from Fulham? That's sick! I'm a poor gel and like rich guys lol I see where he's comin from!
Heh. once you get to the third verse's point, you wonder WHY NME even thought this was mysogynistic at all.
@BorisThe13lade He did say on facebook or twitter something like: alrite i need some cash so im gonna go make hits now. I think it just shows how good he is that he can do sick stuff in both catagorys. best rap.
this must be my favourite song from him. Example is BIIIIGGGG! <3
I've had this song stuck in my head all day. Love it!
loving people saying hes a sellout... what he should make cracking tunes make 0 money out of it then go work an ofice job 9-5. If i was him id say fk that. "if your good at somthing you dont do it for free" NUF SAID!
lol can u please send this to me oon msn just reply and ill give u my msn cheers
@iiiTzGiBBo if u dont know why it is gay then im not going to explain it to you.....
Posh little rich girl, wants to be an it girl, prim and proper voice, but you know she sucks dick well. Fucking yes.
its a different thing in the UK though, in america, they are just rich spoilt girls, over here there's a difference between posh girls and rich girls, posh girls are like a different species, they all have the same accent, hair, and fashion.
*the head girl* lol yep done that....
BoyWithBlackWings07 n tweisster im from somerset n get all his songs, stop chatin shit plz init (thats a joke b4 u start going off on 1)
omdz PFCAHAMMED, fuck off u cunt face prick, example is sik, signed to the beats, hes makin the p's, ur reheatin kebabs at certain degrees
u stupid retarded cunt grow up and get ova it,mug
JOSCREAMO...hook me up babes lol
sorry, can't forgive anyone who rhymes 'james blunt' with 'cunt'. Pooooooor
god this example sounds like such a fucking wigger prick
Fucking black wannabe cunt, if I ever saw this mug I'd knock him out and kick him into intensive care.
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