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TOY STORY 3: HD Buzz & Jessie Dance

by karlkole • 2,828,278 views

Please be sure to leave a "LIKE" if you really enjoyed this video. Your comments are always appreciated as well. =D Here's a magnificent HD video from Toy Story 3. This fabulous Spanish dance...

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Wait, why does this have so many dislikes? When I saw the like bar before the vid started playing I thought the quality was going to be bad or that I was about to get rick rolled in some way, but no, nothing. Seriously, whats up?
Well, there are a bunch if people out there who don't approve of this pairing, they might prefer Jessie with Woody or Buzz with Woody u know? Either that or they're just hatin on Disney/Pixar. However, there are more people who liked this than disliked! ^D^
the only thing i want in life is too see 2 ppl cosplaying Jessie and Buzz and do this dance
Why would people want to see Woody with Jessie? Woody already had a romance, didn't he? Bo Peep. I know he lost her but, I prefer to see him with her.
Mr Potato Head's face at 0:38... 
Before TOY STORY 3, I preferred Jessie to be with Woody, but after seeing this movie - and especially this dance - now I know that, as weird as this pairing is, Buzz Lightyear and Jessie are one of the cutest couples ever.
Spanish friend call amigos
Wow you got a friend in me IN SPANISH LOL
0:39 I think Woody wants to dance Flamenco dance xD
That song is just ''you got a friend in me'' in spanish! :D
Te amo con toda mi alma siempre he de recordarte mi alma rota en pedazos me pide que no me olvides. Daria toda mi vida para que tambien me quieras muy tarde llegue a tu vida prohibida habías sido. Maldita sea el momento  en que te conocido mi vida ya te pertenece y no se como apartarla. HABLADO: Mi vida ya te pertenece y no se como olvidarte. II Te amo con toda mi alma siempre he de recordarte mi alma rota en pedazos me pide que no me olvides. Maldita sea el momento  en que te conocido mi vida ya te pertenece y no se como apartarla. Donde están esos momentos tan felices que vivimos ruego a Dios para olvidarte y nunca mas recordarte.(Bis)
que genial el baile ,y lo entiendo todo ,es genial
toy story is one of those rare animation movies where it can cater to both adults and kids. To kids, its just another entertaining cartoons, but as adults, there are a lot of subtle things we can relate too.
Awesome dancing, Tony as Buzz n Cheryl as Jessie. :D
very spanishy.. (which is not even a word i think
I did not see this scene in the toy story 3. Is it going to be a part of toy story 4 or something?
Que arte chiquillo 😂
Why is this so disliked...?  No, really I kind of have to know...
Sequence of events--Watched toy story 2 because of boredom. Remembered this from 3. Looked for it here. Found and watched this. Came to wonderful realization that at 25 years old I am still in love with Toy Story just as much as when I first saw the first one. A testament to how AWESOME Pixar really is,
Meu feliz dia do amigo para as senhoritas. É dificil achar uma amizade assim igual a de voces, e me aturar por tanto tempo nao deve ser facil... Veja pelo lado bom, voce vão direto pro céu =B Fica ai minha homenagem ;] 
Si un amigo em nosotros
so hot right now i wish too dance with buzz >w< kawaii explosion
Ed, Remember, Woody's girlfriend was Bo Peep in 1 and 2.  And at the end of Toy Story 2, Buzz liked Jessie as is apparent from his boy like hesitation at introducing himself at the end of Toy Story 2.  At the beginning of Toy Story 3, Woody chokes up at the mention of Bo Peep, so I would assume it is obvious he still has feelings for Bo Peep.
I think Buzz might have the best Paso Doble face I have ever seen - the drama and the seriousness is all there, especially in his eyebrow movement. I wish my Paso's were that good!
Wait why have I never seen this before? Is it only in the dvd version?
Why is that every Toy Story, and Mickey Mouse videos on Youtube get a lot of dislikes?
Amazing dance, i think that was flamenco style, must have taken ages to animate
I need to search them to see if i can find videos with them
Try "Dancing with the Stars"
The son is you've got a friend in me in Spanish
0:10 That smile the plushie does in the back is kinda creepy... Nice moves, Space Ranger. 0:39 I love the look Potatoe Head gives Woody when he dances xD
love toy story still my favorite
I love Gipsy Kings (^ ^)
Bill Howard Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Only Pixar could pull off this amount of awesomeness.
im gonna be realistic if they wouldve made a TS4 it wouldve been like a 75% chance it wouldve been better then TS3 but, thats not the point the point is that all good things have to come to an end if they wouldve made TS4 they wouldve had to continue with a fith one by logic but by the end of the fourth one people would end up uniintrested and bored of TS so i gues they thought it would be better to go off with a gr8 ending then, with a gr8 movie having a tragicly pathetic ending
I'm probably gonna be hated for this, but...what's Totoro?
I love Totoro when he smiles at Buzz when he starts dancing
@Chevy4x4shortbox ...I can't believe nobody has pointed out that 'fuzzy grey animal' is TOTORO FROM HAYAO MIYAZAKI'S TOTORO!!!!
@HardCoreGamer1990 He will be remembered hundreds of years from now, though, and that's as important as what he did while he was alive. Thanks, Steve Jobs! =D
But it's not the real one.. is the one that was made for this movie
did i watch this with my friend about 70 times just so we could do this dance properly? yes. yes i did.
Let's be honest this was just Pixar showing off how good they are.... TAKE THAT DREAMWORKS
Totoro's face when Buzz started doing his dance :))))))))))))))))
anyone played this more than 3 times b caz i did lol!
What our toys do when we're not there
this is one of my favorite scenes out of the whole movie! love these 2 together!
Totoro is the big stuffed rabbit behind Buzz and he is also not from toy story 3 ! he is from my naighbor totor Anime movie :D
I used to think that this pairing was so awkward, and now i LOVE them!! They're soo cute!!
Americans... they SAY they hate the Hispanic, but they love us. They love our songs, our awesome food, and the way we kick ass in baseball. Just admit it and we'll all be happier.
if i were a toy id probably look at woody dancing and say no >:I
I never expected this romance to appear. I mean, there was a small trace of a hint in the second one, but it was hardly a dent. I only knew that they would get together when it showed more, "less subtle" hints of him finding her attractive. Like the whole, "restarting him" to where he thought that they were enemies. He even said that she was good looking. I don't think it was an intentional thing to make them get together. But I'm glad that they did.
You've got a friend in me in spanish, win XD
Dat Totoro. 0:08 - 'Dude?' 0:09 - 'DUDE!'
No it's Joan Cusack, the voice of Abby Mallard in Chicken Little. Emma Stone was Eep in the Croods. And yes, Eep is also a redhead chick
I imagine its easier without proper spines
Que me gusta que los ingleses escuchéis música de mi tierra... xD
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