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Dirty Dubstep Mix & GeneticBros DnB Guest Mix [Ep.14]

by Going Quantum • 1,564,789 views

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Youtube seriously need to work on the video editor designs amazing before the annotations :/
:3 My favorite podcast of all <3
+Ricardo Bryant I'm sorry, is that a word? ;o
What's the 9:00 drop song, fucking made me jizz!
34:47 ... ew.........  apart from that, very nice.
Jizz jjizzzzzzzzzzz. Epic zzzzzzzz zzjizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Monster - Meg & Dia DotEXE Remix
"Can't find the beat in there."
how ironic, as i read this comment the song said that lol
+chris copley That's not irony that's a coincidence
if you like it simple,monoton and free? you can check my channel!
what song is  on at around 36:00
omg so much people watch ur video LOVE IT
Carrie Underwood <3
Best GQ Mix of all of them aha.
think its GeneticBros - Rush
6:25 is Meg & Dia Monster (DotEXE Remix)
I did not realize that was her thanks lard
6:39 from which song is this sample? The girl who sings "monster...."
meg and dia dot exe remix
GQ is so clumzy.. they allways drop the bass! :D
Vertex Draco Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
+Jessi Mon'e  When it drops You'll shit your pants!
I am a pioneer Dubstep and Drum and Bass artist. Making extremely hard music. Please listen to my tracks, they are extremely hard.
bluk galvan Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
echo Liberating Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
andy santo Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
るく Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
+もみじまんじゅう  がんばりまーす! +Mitsugu Katayama  他のトラックも、海外の女優さんが結構使われてますwwwwww まぁ、見栄えは確かにいいですけど....w
We have polution toxik!!!!! my contry daminit besii
Pretty lady won't you be mine
Lol, 'Mark everything box' wtf are you talking about ?
Dirtier than my dirt house in Minecraft.
What is the name of the original song in 6:20 plz
Isn't that carrie underwood? :S
Buy PC then, problem solved. Also, F3 is shortcut for searching feature (CTRL + F works as well, Mac has some kind of equivalent of key to CTRL).
This,one si good too /?v=MUeWALk-Vws
monster isn't dubstep, it's nightstep. u only slowed the track down.
Hey guys and girls, I made a channel for my music but somehow I dont get any views T_T I'd be really glad if you could support me and my songs. Eventually you have some time to listen to my song "Apokryphen" and if you're a DJ, maybe you're interested in playing that song in a club. I'd really appreciate that. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my songs and have a nice day!
i like the part between 0:00 - 44:05
Fucking Bad Ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6:20 song name is meg&dia monster dotxe remix
Warning do not turn up the volume 2 full
I was going to make a black joke, but someone might steal it....
rastaseedbank. tk for marijuana seeds
Dirtier than my bathroom after a housparty
:_ que gusto de musica tienes,clasica,que hater eres (ya se que era en sarcasmo pero bueh xd)
Skyrim + Going Quantum = Awesome Night :)
this new track is one of stephen hawking and me ? lol
5-11 minutes ♥♥♥♡♥♡♥》♥
wat hoort f3 te doen (ik heb mac dus bij mij werkt het niet)
Full Grizzly is amaziiiiiing!
I want that pic :D can someone give me link?
Dirtier than my bed after 3 hours wanking
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