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Lebron James Marriage Proposal By Girl

by jimcostafilms1 • 697,262 views

I produce videos for a living and I love it. It lets me go to places & see and meet people I would otherwise never be able to. LeBron James hosted a scrimmage against top college players at the...

we got a paralympian.. and we don't look up to him, we look DOWN to him..
She aint bad. I'd smash that ass.
If lebron was at my school id probably shit my pants
That was in 2011 he got his ring's in 2012 and 2013...
anything to do with it? nigga he admitted that he committed adultery, do you know what that means? It means he fucked her and tried to cover it up. Was it mutual,yes. "And in 2014, you are going to laugh so hard cuz the lakers signed lebron" . Nigga I m laugh now when u lose d12 and go back to being the new clippers in L.A bitch.
yea cause I totally said something about her race right? I guess 72 other racist people liked my comment as well cause we totally made it clear that we're racist -_-
Um Lakers couldn't keep Dwight Howard and all he left behind was the Magic. What the hell makes you think they could convince LeBron to leave the Heat he'd probably sooner go back to the Cavs then that shitty ass Lakers team.
have a glass of water for yo thirsty ass. its like that
so many things to point out from stupid kids in the background
Hes soooo cute when he laugh omgg man wish he would marry ME
Man I would have said the same thing (;
this vid was posted on my b-day!!!
Look you may not believe me because of my name and all but after this season when the heat luxury tax kicks in one of the big three has to go and i think it would be cold if they got rid of bosh
he can't win if he says yes he's a pervert if he says no he's an asshole lol
that would have been HILARIOUS except the last 2 years...well you know where I'm going!
Let me just go ahead and destroy your logic: 1. Ok 16 championships, nice, to bad those were all when the Lakers team wasn't riddled with injuries and poor coaching, that team/teams that won over a Baker's dozen of championships no longer exist. 2. LeBron would become a legend no matter what team he played on, pretty sure he's not worried about his seat in the Hall of Fame. 3. If he wanted money why would he go to the Heat that has too pay him less than he was making on the Cavs.
that's not funny at all, I don't get how people joke with "raping" crap, even tough it was proved that he didn't have anything to do with that, I bet your another dumbass lebron james fan that thinks he is better than kobe (something he's not, he has five rings to prove it, and lots of broken records in nba history) oh and in 2014 I'm gonna laugh soooo hard when the lakers sign lebron.
He had a ring at the time you posted this comment.... dumbass.... now he has two.
What does she mean by coal digger?-Gloria
We get nothing but banners in the halls for no drugs lucky basterds..
Goddamn, why didn't I think of that joke?! I'm actually pissed off at your genius, sir!
lmao apparently most of the people on youtube dont watch basketball. Cuz yall still doin ring jokes...
Nigga's be like that's my baby daddy even though he don't admit it.
from 1:17 to 1:20 he is just freakin naming his teammates.
I only have a few things to say, with the new tax rule, it will be almost impossible for the heat to keep their "big three", why? because the heat doesn't have the income that bigger teams have, like the lakers, celtics, bulls, now the nets, etc. About Nash, Gasol and Kobe, it's OBVIOUS that Nash wasn't a long term deal, of course they already tought about the future, Gasol will be traded or released after this season, and as for Kobe, I haven't seen a drop on his playing, he's still clutch.
he didn't get a ring until 2012 so ur the dumbass
I was there the guy said omg it's lebron James in a joking voice cuz this girl loves lebron James
Наш тризуб! Добре тут побачити українця :)
What makes me think that hmmm let me see: 1- 16 nba championships 2- Almost every player that has played for them has become a legend (magic, kareem, jerry west, kobe bryants, shaq,etc. I would continue but it would take me forever). 3-There's no other team that can offer him more money than the lakers 4-For the moment free agency comes, the lakers will spend lots of money, to put great players around him 5-D. Wade is getting old and I bet the heat will trade Velociraptor Bosh very soon
I would have love it if he said; " I would but i don't have a ring"
Wow, some of you guys seriously can't take a joke.
wellnhis named his account after kobe bryant so yea i think he is a pretty big fan
he's all cracking up, kinda awkward though. Lebron's married, isn't he?
Think that stool is too small for him
ew look at this dude gettin all butt hurt because some dudes playing around as kobe on youtube... relax bro we get it your in love with kobe.. but honestly kwame brown was is and always will be better then both.... lol
not sure if she's a gold digger or a gold digger
Terrible trolling, btw change your profile picture. Posing with your 360 controller LOL what a tool.
well now he could play with wade and bosh for as long as he likes
ohh she mad now!Tha niggas getting married.
Thats Kobe is a balhogging brick head that rapes people. No one wants to play with him.............
Gotta get on Kanye's WorkOut Plan first!!!
Nah kobe only dates white women
Trouble? He's got 2! He could become a Mormon and have 2 wives!
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