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Real Life Habbo Hotel

by SheedsEnterprises • 123,861 views

-UPDATE- WOW! 100 LIKES! THANKS SO MUCH GUYS! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE SHEEDSENTERPRISES and leave a comment below if you want a sequel! -UPDATE- This is our take on Habbo. Crap game, but it was good to...

Das ist Nicht heil nop ist es nicht
I think that last habbo jacked your shit...
que horrivel ashuahsuahsuashuahsuahsuahsuahsua
i see dem peeps on da steps
That's the most desperate video I've ever ever watched.
They look like they suck dick behind there school parking lot
check out my habbo coin hack on my channel!
Its all a scam been there been hacked
lol 'oh fuck' u flopped 3:27! fix and edit :P
Retro/Hotel.c,c//spass// viele items//40 user//nicht zu wenig user nicht zu viele// Retro/Hotel.c,c//spass// viele items//40 user//nicht zu wenig user nicht zu viele//  kommt
jeje muy gracioso el video de verdad parece habbo
Love love love this video :D
i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and lol at kids
Trop bien mais t'est francais ou anglais ou blingues ? ;-) sinon +1
If u are leaving or donatings your things pls give it to me im sweetsky inhabbo
Best surname in the world!!.... Not just because it's mine or anything :3
Check out our latest habbo vid! Enjoy! /watch?v=W4hq2BTvqeE
And that's why i hate Habbo. Because of scammers and Noobs. I don't even want to play habbo anymore after watching this. Nice video btw.
i can do beter i have like 60 furni in my room suckas
0:39 tenia razon subvención v.vuuren si se ven claramento pero no los encontrava.
Thank you so much i really appreciate that but when does it come ? I'll like to do it by my self that would be cool ! And i've got 1 more question who came at the idea to make SheedsEnterprises and the guy who made it : YOU ROCK MAN !!!! AND ALL THE OTHER ACTORS FROM SHEEDSENTERPRISES
Genau so stell ich mir die Habbokinder vor..^^
What if we could make videos like Smosh nigahuga hoistroi and theDOMONICshow
quem viu os dois meninos em 38 segundos kkkk da um joinha
What program did you use for this video?
Hey you know that time when i said how do you do thos effects and you said subscribe then maybe i'll make some tut's right ? So i subscribed (a long time ago) so when comes the tut for how to do habbo effects ?
Das passiert wenn man zu iel Habbo spielt :D
Where do you get these damn effects?
até ki fiko massa mas uma koisa ruim é ki aki in kasa essa porra demora pra karregar desgraça
that is how the real habbo is lol awsome i had one since i was 7 now im 11 go to habbosunshine it cool free vip and 15000 credits
lol this is funny the creator hada gun!
I can see kids on the stairs at 0:40
I made a program where you can get FREE habbo coins and a DICE RIGGER. Go to my channel and check the video out. I am a 23 year old profession at hacking, codding, and modding. I know what I am doing.
ich habe das gleiche laptop wie er Coool !!!!!!!
haha this is actually the best!!!!
brasileiros dão joinhaki e quem é viciiado em habbo pirata tb XD
I didnt get the gun part. Someone please explain
Hahahaha, I love how he leaves when you pick everything up
i hope u dont accutally like this game
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