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Rudess and Wilson perform Even Less

by Jordan Rudess • 77,995 views

While out on tour opening for Blackfield as a solo artist ion the west coast, I had the pleasure of having my good friend Steven WIlson join me on stage and sing his beautiful song Even Less. Here...

Those embellishments by Rudess don't add anything to an already great song.
So much fluidity and emotions in the piano! Amazing version of an epic song!
Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) Steve Wilson (Porcupine Tree)
Manish Acharya Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Fuck you and your book too You can have it back When I'm gone these songs will Will be my tracks
Steven is wearing shoes! :O
+nikolaus walls  "what could be so important to show steven that somw guy comes and itrupts him in the middle of filming a video? (1:11 INTO SONG)" He was showing him your comments on YouTube
7 Dislikes must be "Justin Bieber" fans
please stop with these comments.... so pointless
Nice acoustic version of this Porcupine Tree great song !
@Bleen0 Weird...this comment is similar to one that was posted to reddit not too long ago.
jordan and steven doing a project together would be awesome... steve's awesome with PT and rudess in DT... but together? would be like gold
Wow.... two of my fave musicians on the stage together. Amazing ... "Even Less" turns out to be "Even More" Howie Roxx*
Two of my heroes on one stage... Absolutely amazing! Jordan, I love your music, man, and I love Steven Wilson's music too. It's amazing to see both of you on one stage. Keep rocking!
Two gods on one stage. This is fucking great!
The entire Stupid Dream album is so outstanding. I used to love it when i was 13.
this is fantastic, two of my favorite artists playing my favorite song.
the guitar was not necesairy, the singing is amazing though...
The first time I've seen these two play together. Awesome.
This is such a stupid fucking comment. No, Chopin doesn't overdo it obviously, because listening to Chopin pieces is listening to original pieces by Chopin. Jordan Rudess is playing Steven Wilson's music in this case. Does he embellish? Yes. Is it so much of a bad thing? Possibly, possibly not. It all depends where you come from and has nothing to do with 'educating yourself,' it all comes down to TASTE. Personally, I find Wilson's simpler piano arrangements suit the song better.
3:21 ........for eveeeeeeeeeeeeeen leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeess!!!!
i've never heard Jordan playing that emotional...he's not overdoing it at all! it perfect!
You've missed out on one of the wonders of the world
love jordan rudess, but he kill the simplicity of this song.
bring blackfield, bring porcupine bring everyone to Buenos Aires!!! :')
Simply an awesome performance by Rudless...the melodies and the exact notes of Even Less without harming its originality...Steven was just as good as he can...Indeed i have my own rendition..which may perhaps impress U
Two "heavy wheights" of prog for sure. Steven is a genius and Rudess is perhaps the best living pianist in the world.
what could be so important to show steven that somw guy comes and itrupts him in the middle of filming a video? (1:11 INTO SONG)
Can't Jordan stop playing these fast string of notes that have no meaning whatsoever. Seems just like a bad habit.
@topkho PWNED by the Wizard... HOWS THAT????
Cool take on the song. but gosh... you need to learn to play less
@NikWalls1022 The setlist for the evenings show I would imagine.
exelente....saludos desde chile...el pais de los alunakis xD
@JCRUDESS His simple mind can't comprehend the wonderful stream of emotion flowing out of those fingers.
Got chills just looking at the video title in the suggestions list.
Sounds great. I'm a big fan of both musicians and I think this is a great song for them to collaborate on. The guitar's a bit quiet though.
that piano part adds so much to this song
@BrandoWRX I feel the same way.. In my opinion he overplayed it
Is it possible you will be doing something like this with Petrucci again? An Evening With John Petrucci & Jordan Rudess was mind blowing!
But in fairness, he did a good job on Insurgentes and Grace for Drowning mostly because he cut out all the silly speed runs. Deform to Form a Star was good because of how minimalistic his playing was there.
That's the averagest of songs.
@BrandoWRX I was happy with the arrangement... I'm getting a little tired of Barbieri's constant soundscape stuff.
:/ this shit sucks. Rudess would never fit in porcupine tree.
I liked this video before it even started.
I bet Jordan is improvising this whole song.
@Deadwing1411 I completely agree. Typical Dream Theater, they don't understand sublety.
just love this! so beautiful. greatings from bavaria, please come to play for us here!
Steven Wilson! You two are made for each other - seriously.
At first I was like "meh". But as the song continued... Sweet mother of god, it's beautiful *.*
Absolutely beautiful! Love it! Also, I have to agree-shoes? On Steve on stage? Since when?!
One of the wonders of the world that's going down.
@djkikko because, i like porcupine tree because they are very simple, when you hear this and jordan rudess doing all that crazy things......well, but that is my opinion, i know there are many people who love that.
Well, if this song had not the same vocals, I would never say that it's Even Less... It's almost another song [except from the main part after chorus on the keyboards], but...
Is Steven using Hughes&Kettner Amps now? I thought he used 'Bad Cats'.
@MrMarcioCanedo He doesn't put any crap in DT's songs. And just because Barbieri only plays 1 chord every ten seconds doesn't mean Rudess has to do the same thing. Just enjoy it for what it is.
I really wish you could hear the guitar
@grayson75 Gavin isn't in Blackfield, so he probably wouldn't fly to the US just to play a show :) Although.. I'm sure we wouldn't mind!
Steven Wilson, continuing to play the guitar parts despite there being no sound at all. profesionalism!
am i the only one who gives a crap about the lyrics and only pays attention to the keyboards??
@JCRUDESS Jordan, who makes better keyboards; Roland or Tomy? I know that Tomy makes small pink ones that you can buy in Argos for 30 smackers...sounds like the better deal.
a shoe company can use this video for own promotion saying something like: even steven uses our shoes haha
Yo J,what do you think about Nord piano 88?
@Fredoki26 ...that's a very, very, strange way of saying "awesome"
@Joostieboy finally someone intelligent!!!!!! thank you!!!!!!! :P I wish I could thumb up a 1000 times but I cant.
Remember that this was a Jordan Rudess set and not a Porcupine Tree show, so Jordan had the right to mess around with the arrangement really.
The guitar!!!!! it si no sound with it ¬¬
Now play the full gigantic version :3 Love this. Hope there's more Rudess piano on the new Dream Theater album. Also, can't wait for Steve's new solo album! 2 of my favorite musicians :3
Guys, Jordan's a classically trained piano player. Of course he's gonna add the embellishments. He can do it pretty damn well too, I might add.
Good Lord, he's actually wearing shoes.
@Fredoki26 Is there something wrong with your ears? These are two of the gods of prog... and that's all you can say? If you don't like Steven Wilson, you don't like music...
I like this arrangement. I'm a huge P-Tree/SW fan and though I have never been a fan of Dream Theaters songs (not their unquestionable ability as musicians), I went to their concert last week in FL and was most impressed with Rudess' playing. He has such a cool and calculated demeanor on stage and is a true pro. Nice to see this type of collaboration between an amazing songwriter and an amazing pianist.
more... MORE... MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!!! pleaseplease? :)
I think they mean that he's overdoing it for this particular song. If he isn't embellishing a little here, then we'd have to say that Steven Wilson under-did it when composing the song. Rudess is an incredibly gifted pianist, though. I personally don't think he's overdoing it here.
@TheGlassDot Abou t Kissin: Agreed! He's an unexplainable exception but he is classical pianist and I'm talking about Rudess as a Prog Rock pianist like he is in DT! =D
Two amazing genious!! Loved it! :D
Jordan is a great player but I think he's cheesy, that's just me. He's just too much of a progressive rock keyboardist. He does an allright job here all in all but he really steps on the song. I would have been more impressed if he was able to loop some more ambiance into the song, create a soundscape rather than just wank on the chord progression with a cheesy auto drone synth patch. Oh Rudess, how you wank, how you wank.
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