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TNA Bound for Glory 2011 - Sting vs Hulk Hogan

by ObsessiveFanBoy • 732,565 views

Disclaimer: I do not take any credit for this video. TNA belongs to its respective owners and these videos are put up under the Fair Rights Act for non-profit purposes only.

Here's the thing, as bad and washed up as Hogan is, seeing him turn face silences your critic and awakes your inner child. It's a markout moment bro.
DAMM TNA Had something going for a little with these Legends they brought in..Why did it fail and why isn't TNA competition for wwe?
because hogan lost so much money thats why he went into wrestling again, wwe offered him and flair more money so they jumped, sting knew he wouldnt wrestle for much longed so he jumped to wwe
Bunch of washups feel like I'm watching wcw.what a train wreck
+TheAmbitiousFish Yeah, having hip replacements is so rad.
Wow now I underdstand Hogan is the best wrestler in history
This friggin' made my day.
These two legends both look like they're over the hill
people are saying hogan should have one more match. to me it's just selfish to want hogan to wrestle. his back, and legs are beyond shot. he could end up paralyzed.
he wants to wrestle at wrestlemania 31, and i think if he does a match like this one  he will be ok
+WrestlingLife im cool with it....i think they should make him a manager or something, there's gotta be a good way to make a storyline with hogan
И еще обсуждаете?))))) Откройте глаза!, это шоу каскадеров. Все по сценарию. А вы тут пишете чуш какую то. Какой матч!!!!! Какой???? Где отеки и синяки? Да после стольких ударов, самый натренированный кони бы двинул. Посмотрите бокс. Янки одним словом.
what the fuck!!!??? Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan and Sting, A hall of Famer Match xD
I thought they put on a good show
Янки, вы точно придурки, что бы смотреть этот бред!!!! Детский сад! Вам бы еще в куклы играть.)))))))))
Why do you have to hate on Americans???? We are people just like you and can't control everything our government does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Вад непомню Why? Why does it have to be about Nationality? You don't like our shows, our culture... don't watch our stuff. Watch your shit. I don't care what your county has to offer... and if anything... ( yes I know it scripted ) WWE has Rusev, a Bulgarian/Russian "hero". So.. don't bash us, that twit and his woman does it enough week after week.
I understand wrestling Hogan is like wrestling a piece of fine china... But that was the worst scorpion deathlock ever...
this is probalby the biggest auidence they ever had
A million times better than the Wrestlemania 30 main event.
AWESOME POP as well at 15:15 - Fans went nuts when Hogan hulked up! Goosebumps!
+Krillep u got it brother. ..I got goosebumps
who is the milf?
Two old guys with their shirts on
Let's wheel all the dinosaurs out!!!
This was a nostalgic match
Agreed this was AWESOME. And it was a great ending for WCW with this storyline. Hogan hulking up at 15:15 was the biggest pop at that night The fans went nuts! A great ending of this storyline that began 1996.
Why would Hogan suddenly turn face?
I guess wrestling logic, really. Hogan was a heel for about a year prior, and if he was gonna turn face why not do it at the biggest show? I think they planted small seeds here and there beforehand, but yes it probably could've been done better
Anybody know if Hogan ever wrestled a match after this one??  I was there that night and I'd love to know if I was present at Hogan's last wrestling match!
I'm a big hulk fan and no this was not his last match .I saw him in 2012 with TNA but he just talked in the ring at London • but I think he wrestled in a tag match in Manchester England 2012. But yes this was his last singles match
LOL Oh god its joker Sting
Again the Girl in the video looking too awsome...she is behaving as she is watching the saddest movie. :D
was this hogans last match!?
It looks like a old folks how is having a party
this match already happen 100 years ago....
and it was already bad then
+Pogo Gichel Hogan vs Sting was bad? It's like Winston Churchill and Hitler going at it. 
lol this shit sucks
Must have seen this thing play out with hogan about 10 times now in different territory just see wrestlemania with the rock vs hogan
Great moment in TNA.  It was actually a pretty good match.  Hogan is the man and i respect Sting and Ric Flair
There has never been anything great from TNA .. quit kidding yo self ..
+Chase Knighton Clearly you never seen the spike hurricanrana that amazing red did to consequences creed that made him blow chunks mid-match. 
That knock off NWO theme is pissing me off...
sahnenin en önünde türk var laaa...xD
impact should not even be televized fake WCW cant believe sting chose TNA...the joker come on
Worst wrestling ever. I'm not sure how anyone watches this.
Sting selling like hell helps.
I liked stings crow gimmick. The joker one; meh
Why is it a mirror image?  Disable away dickhead.
Ahh great.. Sting, Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. They have brought memories to the crowd :-) . Cool moment 15:22 But otherwise painful to watch this.. i wish they will be forever young and strong :-)
whys it mirrored for ?  lame iam going els where
Sting starts out looking like the Joker......then finishes looking like Edward Scissorhands lol
Why the hell is Hogan introduced first? I dont care what year it is, what company it is, the Hulkster is always the good guy and is always introduced last!....yes I know Sting is a legend...nothing against STing...but this is the Hulkster!....its crazy!...Its hulkamania! (Get it?)
I youstu wash wwe but now I am watching Tna it is way better
this is almost starrcade 1997 again
Starrcade 97 should've ended this way, with Hogan turning on the nWo after losing to Sting...would've been epic.
I watched this for the comedy. Loooool!
how tall was Hulk Hogan in this vid? Obviously not 6'6'' as he used to have in wcw but i'm still curious
Hey RafealxPhoenix, not trying to Troll, I just Legitimately want to know why is it Mirrored/Reversed. Is it a copyright issue? I looked in the About video and I scrolled down through some comments but could not find out why. Serious question, I've seen other videos Mirrored/Reversed as well but could never find out why that is.
Yeah, I believe they do it for copyright reasons.  As for music I know people sometimes change the pitch or other things slightly so Youtube's automated system doesn't pick up on it.  Although on this vid it could simply be a technical issue.
AWESOME END! AWESOME CROWD! What a pop at 15:15! That's the biggest pop I've heard in a long time!
Awesome pop! That's the loudest pop I've ever heard in a long time in wrestling. We miss WCW/NWO
lol enjoy these 2 retirement home residents WWE sheep glad TNA got rid of all the old bags 
No wonder that TNA got fucked up if these old farts took over the company.This is not wrestling,this is a joke.Hogan and Flair need to realise that their time is up,they need to retire and stop doing wrestling matches
LOL, this was an awesome match! Hogan did great work! Travis Burns is full of crab and so are you!
This... is just sad... This is not a good match.. Hogan can barely move.. Hogan Vs Savage at WM3 was good.. this.. well this is just pathetic.
Hogan wrestled Andre at WM3. Macho wrestled Steamboat. You must be talking about WM5.
you caught me..I have trouble remember the late 80s early 90s
LOL @ TNA fans .. LOL @ Wrestling fans anyways
Anybody that uses the internet .. uses LOL .. you fuckin retard ... You do realize that you have Batman as your pic ... You must be a 13 yr. old boy .. "LOL" faggot
You're cool bro !! Keep em coming
روعه المصارعه جميله
This is the GWF, Geriatric Wrestling Federation.
this was a good match people hating on it that's your opinion but the pops in this match are amazing you dont hear pops like that in WWE anymore unless there's a special entry in the royal rumble lol
this match sucked balls dude ... TNA sucks balls ..WWE sucks balls ... Wrestling should of died in 2003
+Chase Knighton i cannot disagree with you mate XD
What show is our icon picture its driving MD nuts lol. Rafeal
I watched this for the comedy. Loooool!
He does this for 4 years in TNA then comes back and hosts Wrestlemania 30.... Im starting to think WWE owns TNA.
Shades of Starrcade '97...  I swear, man.
Kiddies may believe this is real. Grownups?
TNA will always be behind in pro wresting and never be on WWE level even tho WWE is boring lol
After all that sting was fine, and look at hogan it took him five mins to get up DAT MY WRESTLER
de nis Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Say what you will, but @ 15:23 I heard the loudest pop I've experienced in over ten years in the business
You know what? F**k blocking. I'm just gonna disable comments if people keep trolling.
I gotta admit, that was fucking awful...
This just looks like The Rock vs. Hogan angle redone from Wrestlemania. I miss TNA when the younger guys were given the push.
at least he uploaded something. what have you uploaded? your mother
How much Tna is remind me WCW right now:wrestling is put to the back,stupid characters,talking and gimmicks is going on the top..and the Immortal on the top of the top..whats wrong with so nice company..i told you what is gona happend-ist HULKAMANIA BROTHA..of course wrestling is entertaining,but wrestling is wrestling in first place..
So so so sad. Old guys thinking they can still perform.
True, but meeting a few wrestlers (even though they're indy) kind of made me change my perspective on the retirement match - it's a decision. Do you want to selfishly put yourself over in your last match to go out on a win, or do you want the legacy of putting over someone who is carrying on what you devoted your life to? I'm just surprised Hogan would choose to lose his because you know because of who he is if he REALLY wanted to win his last match, they'd have honoured that request.
Great to see that Hogan was almost 60 years old here, and yet he still draw the pop much larger than anyone else. That pop at 15:25 is larger than any pop that TNA and WWE have ever generated in the last 5 years...
Why are you blocking everyone? You're not Goldust.
Hogan always had the best ring entrance music
damn this is soooo american......
I don't know how Hogan took those bumps but it was a great match indeed!
Hogan's way past it here, taking only minor bumps yet Sting has defied age and still brings it.
You dumb ass bitch, fuck this video and you, suck my ass
hulk hogan is too old in this match
ok i know who dixie is ....strange that she is in the audience ......and what about fat guy ??
This is what TNA is putting on Pay Per View? A couple of guys in their fifties?
Maybe Hogan vs Cena could be the send off that Hogan needed.
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