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YouTube's 15 LONGEST basketball shots of all time (1st Edt.)

by Niall McEvoy • 481,128 views

UPDATED VERSION with new record: At last, an all inclusive compilation video of the longest basketball trick shots to be found anywhere online. All 15...

Guinness Book of World Records says the record is 109' 9" What a lie! I mean of course they have to send in someone to measure the distance and make sure the ball is the right size and weight and make sure the hoop don't have any bird poop on it, but still.
I'm pretty sure these guys once worked as snipers in the army before.
Number 9 is fake as shit the ball went off to the side and when he made it the cameraman moved forward and I saw another ball flying in the air.
it's not fake the wind pressure move the ball
That's easy but you need to try 9898989898998989898999999999899898989898989898989898989898989898989898989898989898989898989898989898989897989797969584635364384549454953935395394549539443544964950696858574748474847496485757575975597595758578575759575857585785759595759(859589585958595859585958595)05759575058058595859575555.4948695759759585959585858588589595959049949488383636748695995747959599484774747848595995959599494766747474884848 times
Cory is dude perfect and who's jimmy is how ridilous
2:32, I think you could use some mouthwash
you do know they showed two shots of him
I call those freakin' miracles really!
It's from dude perfect smart one
It's not Cory Cotton it's dude perfect
great shots! yall should all check out our video, we do basketball trick shots!
I think number 13 was fake
How come globe trotters have record
Actually Elan Buller reclaimed the record.  
yeah that globtrotter guy made it 109 feet and 9 inches!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Number 14 I live in Perth
WOW. I will forever remember every single shot they made. Best, ever!!
kid these are mostly the highest basketball shots!
Stop. Just stop. Do you realise how generic and stupid you sound now?
how did they get into an empty cowboys stadium
Watch Dude Perfect, way better
did anybody else see the guy fall down the ladder on the silo from video #7?
was it the white dot going down by the blue thing???? Thats what my brother thought. where was it
dude 4:22 was dude perfect not corycotton
competing with lee applegate for most thumbs ups
I bet these guys r true athletes cus that' talked a lot of skill 2 master them all
#6 isnt really a long shot its a high shot
umm im pretty sure the last guy has made multiple shots like this. dude perfect
i am competing with lee applegate for most thumbs ups
can u please do another 1 with my playground shot in it then tell me wen your done
Long basketball shots - Bringing people together
i'm competin with lee applegate for most thumbs ups.
Too bad this isn't real. If number 1 really made that shot in Cowboys stadium, I would personally fly to Texas and blow his cock so good his ass would be eating the bed sheets.
plz watch my videos i do basketball and mini hoops
lol i remeber when this video had 15000 views
yeah at 3:42 next to the tower on the left. its weird.
Sounds like a couple of faggots ramming each other at 2:25
6;4 brian towner jumps over a 6'7 player in a college basketball game and dunks. Search Brian Towner or check it out on my channel.
people that liked this please subscribe to my channel thnx XD
And not one of them fell off while celebrating......oh well
ATTENTION: Bogus camera angles make hoops farther away than they appear.
How did you get into the Cowboys stadium at the end? Do they just let you in?
OMG THATS ME AT NUMBER 11!!!!!!!!!!!! NO JOKE!!!! WOW thanks for posting me!!
last one looks fake... ball takes a weird angle in the end
Youtube's 15 longest cags of all time
mrstuey1080 watch my channel now
Like if U Cant Pronounce his Name!
[iminent=qisVL8YVffOB] _____________ I have just posted a cool BigEmo!
competing with lee applegate for most thumbs ups. Im 4 behind
Every one can you all go check out our channel. We make Good Music! #FSN2013
all these videos make me happy and number 9 was the longest
was one of them chris humphries
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