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by pants are unwelcome • 14,252 views

Crazy near death experience... So glad things weren't as bad as they could've been... Any near death stories of your own?? Thanks for watching everyone! Follow me on Twitter!...

so sad to think i haven't ooked at one of your videos in over years.........i almost died once.....i luaghed so hard.....i chocked.......almost fell off the roof.
Do videos in another room not one that rapes my eyes and chill it with the voice.
well, i've been following you on tumblr for a while and i've never ever heard you talk!
Yeah were you been man? I need my fill of alex , I miss you man ! GET MORE CONSTANT ! Please? (((:
I was in a Car accident when I was 9. Another car beside us happened to hit us. We rolled off the freeway and onto the side. Thank goodness that everyone lived. And I forgive the person who did it. I'm pretty sure it was an accident. I had no injuries. Except for my sister, and cousins. It was terrifying I got to admit. Also Alex, I'm glad you're alive and don't have any Major injuries, And as for your friends, I hope they're okay.
So glad ur not dead and stuff Alex. :D internet would not make sense without u!! <3
Well you kno if you had roads like us the outcome probally wouldn't of been the same.Glad ur ok :)
I'm really glad you were up. Neeeded to unload that. <3
... What the hell are all those blue veiny things, Nat.
Yea that was a pretty effed up night >.< Update on our friend. She is out the hospital now and is fine.
I cant believe u r Trinidadian. Your accent is really good, my God.
Well thank goodness you made it out alive. I donno what most of us would do without our Alex :( Glad you're okay, and best wishes to your friend /: Good to see you back, as always <3
I'm glad you're all okay. It'll be an interesting story one day. I'll keep your friend in my prayers. :)
"shit has actually revealed itself to me"
woaaah that's crazy! SO GLAD YOU'RE ALIVE
I ALMOST DIED... of laughter
OMG thank God it wasnt worst if i lost you where would i get my dose of laughter :O :'( btw this happen in Trini :O omg
Aww I see ur owie @3:11. I'm soo happy you guys were safe though <3 :) Btw i effing love you. And your accent. It's delicious.
funny thing is this video is on my Subscriptions but i did not subscribe to this channel.. youtube failed!
Harry Potter mug for the win. and Prince of Bel Air for the win. ...and just like how you reacted my friend got in a car crash and her and her brother just were shaking nothing else.. except for messing up her shoulder... one question did you get your slipper back??
im on youtube right and i see you uploaded a new vid and i just 'bout had a heart attack! <3
There was a pre-roll?! I had it set not to... AND HOW DARE THEY ADVERTISE SUCH A THING...
4 flips like we are in the god-damn olympics
you're so amazing! i love your videos! <3
It`s like an episode of Mushi-shi
I love the way you say Tuesday .. it makes my heart melt ♥_♥
Thank God you're alive Alex! We would miss you so much <3
oh my godd. that's scary!! happy you're okay though:)
ah like a boy take a drive down maracas its a good thing it wasnt on the way to the beach
-- hoping for the best. Get better soon Niamh. Sorry about the serious comment, but anyway, love your videos Alex! Found them today, and they haven't yet failed to cheer me up :) xx
LOOK AT CHUUU WITH YOUR COOOL THUMBNAILS NOW. look at mine -shows thumbs- C:<
Kinda fast :/ haha :P Could've been... And yeah, that slipper is gone for good :'(
I had a similar accident involving a beaver and a wet fish. I too was lucky to survive that one but the poor fish did not make it. The fish was well and truly fried. But seriously dude I am glad you and your friends are OK. Just put it down as one of those life experiences. Lesson learned. Peace
you remind me of one of the guys from rizzle kicks.
My family and I were in a notorious road in Sudan. A bread truck ran into the side of our pick up truck. My dad had a dislocated rib which in his words "hurt like a bitch" when he sneezed. My mom hit her face on the dashboard and her face was deformed for days. My sister had a huge cut in her arm that still remains a visible scar. My brother was fine except a little cut here and there. I had nothing. The pressure opened my door and I rolled out and passed out. I'm really thankful we're alive :)
You're a really good story teller! I'm sure you've got a lot more that I'd love to hear. I'm glad you're ok.
Did you die in real life cuz you don't make videos anymore
You told the story so well! I'm also honored that I was the first person you messaged when you got home.
when i saw the video title i kinda expected you to have broken a bone or something, so glad you didn't though :) Tell your friend i hope she gets better also x
OMG What If You Died! How Would We Know That You Died? You Would Have Just Disappeared And I Wouldn't Have Known :'( Dont Die Okay! <3
Oh man I am SOOOOO happy you are safe, what is life without Alex? =P
My friend got a convertible VW bug,, we went 55 around a turn,, rolled it into a ditch. Me and her had seatbelts,, our friends in the back seat didn't. No one was hurt.(=
have you gotten your new glasses yet?
Me:hey can i borrow you DVD player? Friend: the pause button doesnt work. Me: life doesnt pause Friend: woah thats deep
you must be talking about dat messed up windy road to maracas from Saddle Road. Good to know you all are okay. enough trini's dying the hard way.
In second grade I had a bully who threatened to kill me 3 days later he was expelled for bringing a gun to school thankfully, his best friend told the principal. That's the story of how I almost died
Ah! When I was listening to your story I was really freaking out and scared! Thank goodness everyone was okay. Hope your friends get better! You too! <3 Love you! Keep up the great videos. TRUE FAN!
you need to come to trinidad i love you
U should make a video teaching me go to talk without my trini accent plzzzz
yuh real bad i from trinidad [thumbs up]
OMG!!! You replied to my comment!! AHHH OMG!!! I FEEL SO SPECIAL!!!! :D Ok, breathe, Casey, breathe. I cannot believe I am now seeing this....-__-......I got so super excited just now, I was screaming and my mom came inside to make sure I wasn't being murdered or something...Lol...I am going to awkwardly leave now.....Bye!!
lol your too funny. i was born in Trinidad i know that road to maracas is crazy. glad you r well! *stasha*
Wow, glad you got out of that one! One of my best friends recently was in a car crash. The car flipped into a ditch, and she would have died, only for her seatbelt. But the seatbelt also pushed some of her organs to the side, so she had to get many operations and is currently sedated. She'll be in for the next few months. I cried for awhile, but I visit her all the time, and I think she's going to be ok. She can't hear me, and they're checking to see if she has any spinal injuries...but I'm hop
btw which beach u guys went and jus glad to hear ur ok :)
I'm glad to hear that you're okaay! :) and i hope your friend gets well soon! sorry to hear about what happened :( <3
Glad you're okay, but be very careful next time!... And don't do anything crazy like that again, please!
AHHHHHH CRAZY! Glad you're okay too man! AND YOU ARE TOO!
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