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Tamagotchi: The Movie 2 (French Trailer)

by Taryn Betz • 9,156 views

*If you can translate this, please contact me and I will give you credit!* Official site: The trailer for the second Tamagotchi movie in French. According to the...

It aired on our country today!!!!! in ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on Cartoon Network Philippines....................
@Nadim13344 Wow, you made a big sacrifice. Keep counting down for the dsi. I got one, it's really worth it, trust me :)
i sorta like the french tamagotchi movie theme a tiny bit more than the english ( even though I can't understand french XD)
Yep! You speak French? You're lucky to be bilingual!
Oh really ? What have we done to you ? Most of us consider German people as bros.
@Nadim13344 Wow, that's cool too! Lucky guys who can actually understand half my vids xD
For some reason, I like singing the French version even though I have no idea what it is saying when I sing it. I like the accent when they say Tamagotchi. Is there an english version of this movie?
I guess while Bandai was working on dubbing the first movie, Bandai France was working on the second, so that's how they got this ahead of us. I'm worried about the English dub of the second movie. Wasn't it supposed to be released around Christmas time in Oceania? I really hope they didn't forget us D:
Oh common, where's the French voice acting?! I don't wanna hear a freaking narrator!
@Azuriopeiru I hate not you or your Land but i hate the language cause im very very bad in France at school!
you know that little sun from Movie 1? is he in this movie?
Sortie le 17 Février 2010 en France! Released on 17 February 2010 in French!
Why that Video exist only in French?! In English or German it were better! (I hate France!!!)
@happytreegirl779 the 30th march is my B-Day and i was gonna get the dsi but i found the tama v6 and i made the sacrifice that i will get my dsi when i graduate anyways i am 10 and in the 5th grade and if i pass to the 6th grade i will get the dsi i live in bahrain and the tamagotchi v6 is 10.900 BD and the dsi is 89.900
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