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Fight Camp Insider with Matt Serra - Chael Sonnen Episode

by UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship • 417,522 views

In the first episode of this mini-series, Matt Serra travels to Oregon to visit Chael Sonnen at his Team Quest training camp. Serra gets an inside look at the daily training and life of the #1...

Bring the show back with Serra UFC!
The UFC should have Matt Serra make more of these shows!
bring this back. serra is the best personality in all of mma
Bring this series back!! 
How can you not like Matt Sera
because he reminds sane people of Jersey shore.
hi im a friend of chaels = hi i know the owner im not paying haha
did he take him to the closet and show his steroid collection?
lol chael sonnen alter ego shows up at the end..
to this day I assume serra is the 5th ninja turtle
8:55 "feel my nipples, they are hard. Get away from me!" LMAO!
As of now.. you're definitely NOT going. HAHAHAH.
They should bring this back Hell, if they gave serra a 30 minute show every week on fight pass, I'd buy it
This is a piece of shit
chael is an awesome articulate, super well spoken person. you cannot hate. on top of that one the best fighters in the world. wether it bothers you or not. deal with it.
Matt "The Ninja Turtle" Serra 
Fuck I love Serra, wish they'd do more stuff with him video wise, love to see a Serra reality show!
Matt Serra survived the mean streets of West Lynn, Oregon. He must really be a ninja turtle!
Matt Sera, pizza an martial arts. You deserve a UFC reality show with Chael 
Chris weidman well done ray longo
Im number 1 mixed arts of the uk, my style is run fast as kan-do & hide cant see-do, im a keep pants up belt in most of my arts - i was trained by where's'hecon. 
damn, pizza girl is smokin hot
matt serra is the fucking man big fan of him since the beginning
martial arts and pizza. he's like a ninja turtle
Chael's moms! its owsome!
he is fatter than this video shows now!! All he does now is eat pizza
we  need more of these
 Cant get any better,, Matt serra. doing Vblogs.. you and Ray longo awesome coaches  
Serra is probably the best personality in all of MMA.  Dude is hilarious...AND a legendary grappler...AND a UFC champion.
155 people hate pizza
why u eating the pizza chubby lol jk 
I would watch a reality show featuring Serra and Longo
11:00 big story! Great story! 
i love serra but man does he talk about longo 24/7
Damn the girl working at Mean Streets Pizza though lmao
Chael is a disrespectful faggot and shld get killed in the ring
you obviously didn't get a good look at Britney, check out the video again, hardly a "faggot"
Ignore that troll. lol 
If Serra were a Ninja Turtle, which one would he be?
This gay porn has the worst acting ive ever seen.
chaels mums al g, i b keen, lol
Matt has GOT to do more of these. Fucking love the guy, the UFC underuse him. Matt and Ray could do a sitcom together hahaha.
I fucking love C Son
4:25 chael greco roman clinches matt serra 
You gotta love Matt and Chael their both fun guys to be with, too bad they're almost a generation older than me or it would be fun hanging out with them. 
live in portland, oregon, gotta say mean streets pizza is freakin great, me and my girl go once a week or so always hope i run into chael, tell him thanks for getting me into fighting (jiu jitsu) and ask for a hug, no homo.
matt serra only said that's awesome
10:26 "Longo is going to be out of the job"  LOL!!
I tried to watch this video and youtube stopped it to ask me what kind of ad I wanted to watch first. NOBODY want to watch Lumosity fucking ads and shit.
only thing sonnen was not ready for was Silvas amazing short grab takedown defence.
I used to hate chael but now I really like him
Retard... Couldn't even spell loser correctly. Dumb ass.
09:24 "Very lucky lady right here!" 09:30 "This (points on wife) NOTHING!" wow, really chael? I bet he hits her too
stop eatin the pizza chubby!!!
no its not hendo dosent have tattoos like that on his legs
The interactions between him and Ray, though breif, was hilarious. In fact all three of them if they were to have a show would be entertaining. If they'd be able to add in Rampage that would be an epic show.
Matt serra é chato pra caralho Matt serra is little peace of shit
Chael the dick is just a character. He's actually a decent guy.
@ 4:22 when the Great Chael P Sonnen hugs you, he uses the gable grip, make no mistakes ladies and gentlemen, this is intentional.
ps. Chael is a really genuine nice guy. good video
Whats that machine in his garage?
did he not end up doing a Tito blog?
The ufc should do more shows like this..
That blog was about a guy in a red shirt...
I don't think you understood, he was saying that she doesn't have a reaction about the gym
feel my nipples there hard LOL
real pizza come from glace bay n.s.. that pizza look like shit
Put Chael and Serra in the same room, roll the camera and you'll have an epic video no matter what.
That's what they say about every fighter. Shut up.
Chael got some money, he is business savvy for sure. Wonder if he is still doing real estate as well. The troll act has worked out great for him also.
A lot of people do it, it's just more manly way of hugging instead of wrapping your arms around someone.
THIS SITE SUCKS! Choose a commercial??? STFU
need more of these love The Terra
there's a link while watching the video to the next one...
"I'm basically a ninja turtle" LOL. Best line ever
Cheval sonnen is the Muhammad Ali of mma, his antics equal exposure. The main drive here is money.
Also you asshole, when you look at the federal governments food stamp statistics, more WHITE PPL ARE ON WELFARE than blacks, mexicans & asians combined! In other words, white folks are the main ones relying on the government, and I wish your lazy cousins would get off their sorry white asses, stop relying on the government, leave the trailer parks and get a job, Keep watching politics and learn spanish because blacks, brown, asian and white females are taking over. Chaels a steroid using bitch.
Good eye. He was probably given the heads-up that Serra would be showing at his house for the interview.
Damn! chael's gilrfriend is hot!!!
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