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Starfucker- Millions

by RCKNP • 180,540 views

Song: Millions Artist(s)- Starfucker Album: Reptilians (I have another version of the song, without the Outro, just look at my videos to find it, thanks.) I DO NOT OWN MUSIC/PHOTOS/ALBUMS All...

happy music mixed with sad(istic) lyrics
+nerdlova the lyrics are about a guy who likes a girl but he is in the friend zone..she has a boyfriend so when she fights with her bf and gets sad it makes the guy happy because it gives him hope that they will break up and he will have a chance
@red289100 like i said, most people wont mind. some people like to queue all the songs up straight from the album though. thanks for posting again, i heard it here first!
i love to see you crying,so happy when youre sad-lyrics
this song kicks ass, just found this band and i must say they have the most epic band name i have ever seen.
@gs1408 are you on crack? He likes to see me crying because I can't be with him cuz he's not gay. Its the lonely tears I shed while I grab some more lotion.
great song. although the outro isnt for everyone. i uploaded a [No Outro] album version if anyone feels the same way.
Unfortunately, I heard this song on Skins. What The @%$#.
starfucker makes the best music but ok lyrics
i like this song because i like to make girls cry right before i give them my meat :]
@ImCurrentlyAlive Its in the description(info)
i hope i never forget about this song
haha, explains my life right now ;p
id love to get soo fucking drunk to this<3
"I love to see u crying So happy when ur sad"
Can anyone guess why this song is called Millions" ? ;)
@Linkfighter321 My mistake, it may be Grand Adventure.
@Linkfighter321 It is called.. Peace at our Time, my good friend. The song is used in the game Advance Wars Dual Strike.
I love to see you crying So happy when you're sad
Thanks so much for the post dude!! Just one question, whats the ending song you used in your credits?
@gs1408 holy fuck, that's my exact scenario as of right now.
This song is about a guy who is a dick but happens to be upbeat. :P
SO GOOD ! just what I've been looking for !
i thought he was saying "I love to see you when you cryin' so hug me when your dyin' "
@gs1408 Orr it could be that she cheated on him and now the guy she's with is doing the same thing to her and he's being all smug about it. Just throwing things out there :]
@gs1408 You just changed my whole point of view on this song, thank you! XD
It's from Advanced Wars: Dual Strike. I'd know it anywhere!
Don't feel bad about the outro in the description. I thought it was badass.
I don't know,but something about this song gives me chills. :D
@gs1408 no its about the guy leaving his bf so the drummer of strfkr can fuck him.
unce uh unce unce uhuhuhuh unce unce uh uhuhuhu
this is wierd but i see tons of starfucker songs with one dislike....looks like we have a starfucker fan in denial
pop-infused techno rock....
Im reallly suprised theres not more drug references/comments. Go world!
I like the tune a lot I love the lyrics they make me think about my ex lol
wow this song makes me want to show my feelings out to other people its so awsome <3 :D
My finger just moved the mouse towards the like button to the beat of this song. :3
My ears have been blessed. I'm throwing away my q-tips
If you like starfucker, check out my video. You won't be disappointed. Trust me.
1 person didn't fuck a start. It fuck'd a black hole. xD
Reminds me of when I first kissed the girl I love. She had a bf and cried. And I consoled her. I wasn't really happy though of course. And I've been left in the dust myself now.. prob didnt cry over kissing someone other than me.
Lyrics are pretty easy to understand. There's a girl he likes, but she's in a relationship with some douche, and when she is crying and sad, he knows they might break up soon and he'll have a chance.
Uhh this is random but what is the outro song? I think ive heard it before.
They're just having fun with those SID chips.
funny how two lines can mean so much POWERFUL LYRICS
i love this band and this music style, but it always makes me think about life and then i get sleepy
Love the name, Soooo chill.............
Does anyone know where can you download this??? Ive been looking all over and found nothing!! :(((
just saw them yesterday this song was amazing
It must have been very hard to get all those lyrics and write them down
Ugh, I hate when people make a video for the song, but then add an outro song. I don't want to hear it, I want the music to play in my playlist without being interrupted by some completely different genre.
I always thought it said "I wanna see your body"
Lol advance wars at the end. Brings back many hours spent defeating the Black Hole Army
fuck this fuck pakis moan the nazis. actual hate everyone with different coloured skin
this song is about a guy who is single and likes a girl, but shes in a relationship. And you can say their bestfriends(the single guy and girl) So like whenever the girl cries(she cries bc her bf is being a tard) hes likes it. and when the girl is sad, hes happy. why? because he has hope that someday her and her bf would break up, so him and the girl can be together. thatss what i hear when i listen to this song:P
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