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When tortoises ATTACK!!!!

by neillswan • 5,647,146 views

Joseph and Grace Swan meet a tortoise from Madagascar . . . . with horrendous consequences!!!

How much was the hospital bill? Or, did he even make it to the hospital?
Okay, yeah, I know that the title was sarcasm, but still.
Neill Swan feels like bitched out.
I got so scared I pooped my pants
Maybe a little too gory for youtube
Wow, it's like watching a reptilian cow.
Who ever liked this video, needs to be attacked by 10 Tortoises!!!
all the tortoise did was open his freaking mouth.
Tortoise probably thought the boy had food for him
Fucking tag line....where is the fucking attack moron
misleading...but in a good way! You get a like!
I dislike this comment
I want to pet a fucking turtle!
i was expecting him to get butted and walked on, most disappointing lol
i thought it was funny
Looked like the tortoise way to say "Look..this is where you are supposed to put food in" ;)
It didn't even bite him it just put its jaw down
Where is the   ATTACK!!!!  <<    ???? 
You know if I was your kid I'd be ashamed knowing that my dad is a faggot who intentionally gives a false title to a video in order to score some views.
The whole video i was thinking it will bite that kid's arm off
wtf. hahahahahhahhah i was waiting and waiting for the bite.. but it didnt even happen. lucky boy.
So much fer the title..
I wonder what species it is.
stupid people uploading misleading shitty videos
Even years after I first saw this, I still find it adorable as fuck.
Ever heard of a snapping turtle? Other turtles can snap as well so its right to jump a little...
i came here to watch the kids hands gettin ripped off..well nvm! some othr time
>honorable warriors to enslave humanity >honorable warriors >enslave humanity dis nigga srs?
You just know it when you have to leave an animal alone...
That's it? My tortoise almost but my finger off and she's two inches long!
that Tortoise was probably alive during the Revolutionary War! I wish I could live that long!
Omg ahhhhh run away , it opened its fucking mouth
The boy is very gentle & respectful to the Tortoise, his little bit of fear at the end is a common sense response to what he thought might happen. Apart from the fact the Tortoise looks like it's being held in captivity... this is actually a beautiful video of a child & an animals interaction. I'm proud of that boy, well done. :)
because letting your children near a huge turtles mouth is the smart thing to do.
What how is this a attack he just opened his mouth? With
That was rubbish it wasn't a dangerous pinch!!!
Holy crap, can we say NUTCASE? I hope you fall in a meatgrinder... hows that? Or better yet, you piss the wrong man off and he pulls your nails out one by one, then slowly cutting your eyes with an exacto knife. Then we can stick a thermometer in your urethra, and then bash with a mallot (in case you're a man) and if you're a woman, we can do plenty, with hooks and prods 'inside'. So then we scalp you slowly, you bleed so little, you'll live through every bit of it. Wishing harm on children..gth
because your a wimp, dude thoughs thingsdo not hurt, untill they get fucking big that's when they hurt
a slow and painful death awaits this little boy... a very slow death.
Yeahhh...... If this is an attack then everyone I've ever met has attacked me.
I'm a wimp? I'd love to see you try to teabag a vicious marine creature.
just licking its 100 year old lips haha
lol I thought this was funny. There is humor in the title y'all, so don't feel misled.
Dumb Shit you wasted 35 seconds of my life
and its not a turtle ITS A tortoises THATS WHY ITS CALL When tortoises ATTACK!!!! .
The Kid's not a pussy, just the person who used FRAUD to get people to watch this Shitty video.
Who wouldn't want to taste him?
If u know anything u should know turtles are the best living creature in the whole word ..... If you dont know that then u dumb ... Oh and heres some boobs. ( . Y . )
*groan*. You could have at least 'tortoise' some new puns.
I waited for the part where the tortoise bites off the boys hand. Well, could have happened.
this is dangerous. Tortoises have very powerful bite. Dumb petting zoos and dumb parents.
He didn't attack; he softly said, "Help!'
Evil??? Lol these animals are nicer than you are. I would put my hand in front of its snapper before i put it in front of your snapper.
fat fukin tootle, it need 2 lose weight nigga #SWAG #LOSEWEIGHT # FAT
what type of tortoise is this anyone anyone??? :)
What the hell he didn't Attack him
Dude -.-'...Your parents must'ev abused you or "its not your fault" *pat*
I believe the tortoise thought he was being fed with the open hand and all
While watching this video , I was nervous thinking that during the ending the tortoise was gunna do a long bite on the poor kid.
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