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nice Jersey Boy hair, Fail Anselmosaurus! Hahahahaha what a fuckin wannabe tough guy clown!!!!! Fuckin poser
Get out of the way, giant!
I was there stagediving and destroying braincells. How time flies...
pantera hultsfred 1995 full concert
very good quality of shooting on this time (1995) !!!
pantera hultsfred 1995 full concert
 * ------------------------ *
phils hair is cool here but i prefer his jesus days
I love how you see a bunch of long haired, blonde dudes in Sweden lol
Dimes tone through those Marshall cabs is so fuckin chunky
I woulda killed to be the guy at 13:40!
Pantera is almost as brutal & badass as bands like Poison, Cinderella or Motley Crue! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!
lol what's wrong with evolution and change? I agree the first albums were too mainstream for me, but you gotta at least listen to Far Beyond Driven and The Great Southern Trendkill, in my opinion, some of the very best extreme metal records ever released.
Lol damn bro what's your beef with pantera?? I'm pretty sure any of those fools up there are ten times more creative than you will ever be faggot
Pantera is the best!
hahahaha look at that wannabe tough guy Phil Anselmo!!!!! LOL & listen to him try to talk like a big tough guy!!!! nice jersey boy hair you fuckin poser
+Demian Green lol dude my comment was sent to the fucktard undead, I didn't send it to you bro
He's more hardcore than you'll EVER! be... Phil's views on everything METAL! are spot on... his rants are EPIC!... WHITE POWER!
25 years mother fucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! never woulda known they played it here it it werent for the full concert vid
1ero.. Pelado, sos phill.. 2do.. Donde hay tantos rubios juntos metaleros en el mundo??? Sólo ahí...
I mean, 14-year-olds get to act like that because they are all those things, Phil gets to act like that because he accomplished something worth beating his chest over. What did you do? What did you accomplish? I mean besides reaching the age of 45 without gaining the social skills needed to not act like a damn idiot, boasting over the internet how he would destroy what seems to be a couple of 17-year-olds that just wants to listen to some great music. Sad, really.
Im pretty young... but i know that this is one of the best metal bands this world has seen.
Because his camera would be fucking crushed into small pieces in the pit.. What the fuck do you think with? Be thankful this is on youtube...
overrated? kidding me? Pantera fucking revived the metal in the 90s
Pantera is the greatest fuckin band to ever live.Phil Anselmo is the greatest metal singer to ever put their mouth to a microphone,best frontman ever fucking awesome you ppl are watching history.I just wish whoever shot the video didnt look like they have cerebral palsy but anything with Pantera in it is definately watchable.
Layne Staley is the Father, Phil Anselmo is the Son, Dime is the Holy Spirit......for all you "religeous" types.
Porque phil dice nos vemos la proxima vez y al minuto salen y tocan CFH?
this kid sure seems willing to spread his ass open for karmablade!
What the fuck Phil screams in the end of "This Love"?
Fuckin badass man Dimebag is god
When u go to a Pantera show it's not ur typical metal show because phil was so aggressive and didn't give a fuck about rules or laws he did what he wanted which made the show so fucking great along with the kick ass songs he was playing!!!! ive seen people point to people in the crowd and tell security bring that fucker on stage sometimes they would sing and sometimes the would smoke weed together on stage!!! Phil would always ask the crowd 4 weed and the crowd would start throwing bags on stage
Ohh Hell yeah Soooo crazy BADASSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!
I think about more then half of all metal guitarists are inspired by dime. And they managed to create a sound that nobody will ever be able to do again. I rather think they are underrated then overrated
The beginning where he's getting his pics taken... OMFG. LMFAO. Phil xD
Is there one person that isn't blonde at that concert
Get your ass kicked standing around a Pantera concert.
Even if i really like the others, Phil was the real genius in PANTERA.
wow thats fuckin deep man!!!!!!and i was not boasting,grow up!!!!i am just tired of people not geting into it at the front. if you don`t like dancing sit the fuck down and let someone else take your spot.and whats SAD is when a great band gives you everything they have and the crowd stands there.THATS SAD
so cheesy. 0:21, french fry 90s guy.
ive seen pantera 7 times! first time they opened for skid row back in 1991!
45:19 "Thank you. We're fucking REO Speedwagon" HA!
Well, that's what was ever included in their music. If you don't like it: your own problem. I think the breakdowns fit very well and sound awesome
hahahahahahhahahaha.... yeahhhh New Black Metal !!!! You No Know nothing Abrasive.... hahahahahhahahaha...
como chama a primeira musica ?
Yep, I saw sepultura with pantera in 95 in atlanta. They where good but when pantera got up there it was no doubt who ruled that day.
I think that's my favorite Phil hair.
I love the way Phil screams '' THE WORDS MADE BY A LIAAAAR'' on 25 years, maaaaaan , that is killer
You have no idea what you're talking about, but that's okay.
i'm from Texas and so is pantera so they came to my city every year during the early 90s it was great man!!!!!!
4to vinnie sos igual al tanque de la renga igual te quierooooo!!
never heard about karmablade......
Yeah I just listened to one. Scandinavian death metal...Children of Bodom is much better. Sorry I just can't stand these new age metal wannabies. I'll agree with you on Sepultura from what you said but that's it. Metal after 2000 just plain sucks my balls.
pantera is hardly overrated, maybe rex brown is glorified some but vinnie, dime, and phil all are musicians that have an uncanny amount of talent.
what was the comment, y.t. took it off
if i had a time machine i would go back several years back and watch pantera fucking live man they were fucking powerful
As a bass player for many years, I'd argue rex is a pretty fucking tight player as well. They're all very good players, unfortunately there aren't many clean mixes on Youtube to really judge they're live sound.
that is a lot of fuckin blonde hair
@Overkill #1randall amps was his signature amps in most of his career, then Krank around when dimebag and vinnie started damage plan.
que terrible el audio, insoportable pantera chupalo!
Vinnie Paul playing Mapex? Weird? All I've known is Sonor , Tama for a short while , Pearl for a great Majority and Now Ddrum workshop.. Interesting... lol
brutal southern energy power. PanterA 4ever
Whats up with the Marshall cabinets??? I thought Dime used Randall Warhead amps!!!
Congratulations son! Let me be the first to tell you that heavier isn't always better! And I find it extremely hard to believe that Karmablade's best song at all matches the quality of Pantera's worst song. I'll give it a quick listen...but hey I'm just saying I find it hard to believe.
Look at all those blonde people.
I'm assuming Dime's whammy pedal was engaged at the beginning of CFH. hahaha.
NICE VIDEO !!!!! you re lucky you ve seen them live man !!! but why are there so many blonde guys!! :S:S:S
This was just amazing to watch. This band had so much character. The way they treated their fans was unprecedented.
i think I had panterasm :D awesome sound of guitars,drums... but do you want to punch those blondies at the beginning? because of them we are not able to see cowboys from Texas..
I'd sit through the whole thing!! Pantera is a great band!!
en ese tiempo eramos felices y no lo sabiamos!
great show! camera man needs a punch to the nuts
I'll be first to say that I have no idea who this Karmablade band is. The name sounds fucking stupid. What I do know is that Pantera are the kings of metal and that's a fact, just on the principle of the countless amounts of bands that have stolen Pantera's riffs here and there. This Karma bullshit band probably wouldn't even be around otherwise. Go back to licking your mom's pussy.
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