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Punch-Out!! Trailer - Nintendo Short Cuts

by teamawesomerocks • 1,487,968 views

Team Awesome's entry in the Nintendo Short Cuts Showcase Contest. Our mission was to stay true to the Punch-Out game characters while molding them to fit our modern day story. From the game that...

I thought master hand invited everybody
The story of Little Mac's journey out of retirement would eventually result in him achieving the highest honor. A personal invitation to the Smash Brothers roster by Sakurai himself.
I usually check a couple times a year to make sure this video is still as good as I remember. Yup, this is still awesome!
I still don't know how this didn't win the contest.
I still don't know how this didn't win.
I usually check a couple times a year to make sure this video is still as good as I remember. Yup, this is still awesome!
You guys should submit this to Nintendo. This would be an excellent storyline for the Punch-Out series.
Join The Nintendo Fun... i Mean Club Nintendo Today!
Make The movie already
I wish this movie was real! I'd watch it 24/7!!!
Wow. This was very well done. I like music at 3:41 the best. 
Pretty cool.  Mac was way too skinny, though.
No man he is buff go look at him
It is 2014, and I am still mad Team Awesome didn't win. 
I usually check a couple times a year to make sure this video is still as good as I remember. Yup, this is still awesome!
My question is why is Von Kaiser his trainer?
Because Doc was too old to train Mac again
I feel like Doc and Sandman should have switched actors acording to their hairstyles. Doc has more of Sandman's hair-do, while Sandman has less hair, however more like Doc's hair.
Sandman its supossed to be Mr Sandman's son
What. Sandman is Sandman. I R me 2.
how did they lose the contest this is awesome!!!
Paul Palmer Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
I usually check a couple times a year to make sure this video is still as good as I remember. Yup, this is still awesome!
This would be the most KILLER series EVER!
I still think this should've won.
Racist ass producer would take out the most necessary black character. 
He stole Mac's bike so...
Seven years later and I still love this. Thank you for doing this. The contest should have been yours 
Is von-kaiser Liam?
Doc Louis has borrowed Little Mac's bike for training purposes.
I wonder... when was the first thing said about Punch-Out for the Wii? Because I'm starting to think they only made that because they were inspired by this.
Oh, dude, I didn't even know you released the Contra songs. Thanks! :)
Good video!! I liked it so much!!!!
That four and a half minutes of video was better then 10 years of these crappy remakes Hollywood throws at us.
make the movie lol you can do it...
Looking at this I found 24 Nintendo referances to things other than Punch-Out...the first showing of the bushes from Duck Hunt only count and the Ducks themselves are a seperate one. How many can you find?
queers this should have won and no comments tht have the saying nigga stole my bike
This is definitely one of the greatest things I've ever seen on Youtube. You guys really need to try to turn this into a real movie.
Is there still a place where I can download the music used in this? Vaj's mySpace doesn't seem t have them anymore, sadly.
DAMN WANT THAT SONG....any one know the name of the video soundtrack
You vill alvays kee zee heart up! Great stuff!!!
Von Kaiser stole the show. He carries the whole thing.
I remember buying the t-shirt. Still wear it :)
The fucking links on your myspace don't let me download the music. Fix it please.
It's 2012 and I'm still pissed Team Awesome didn't win.
A great touch with the montage at the end was the flashing colors. It's an inside reference to when the TV screen flashes when you're trying to get your nintendo to work.
Too bad this didn't even come to the finalists. This one is probably the most popular of all the entrants.
how'd u get muhammad ali to play doc?
Where can I find the remix of the music this rocks and could be a good MP3 for my workouts lol.
@AquaPhoenix2006 It's a old video game where you play like it was a binoculars or something.
Still disappointed this didn't win. It's gonna be one of those "forever"-type my disappointment of Lance Bass voicing Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts.
I'm really glad I stumbled to this piece of gem again. Even 6 years later it holds up really well.
The funniest part of that was that sandman's manager is king hippo. They even put the trademark cross bandage on his belly.
what ever happened to teamawesome it would have been great if they did more nes game trailers.
Van Kaiser is awesome! In VK we trust! :D
Von can't help you now. (hop-hop-hop-POW!!!!!!)
The music doesn't seem to be available on Vaj's MySpace anymore. Is there anywhere else I can go for it?
You should make the whole movie. I would love to see it. The trailer was great I bet the movie will be 10 times great
I first saw this 4 years ago and I still get chills.
i forgot about soda popinski, he has no hair! this guy does, not authentic
Statik Selektah Big Shug - Punch Out !!!!!! Check it out!!!! youtube DOT com/watch?v=UMasG160DYI
@monsterdude279 thank you and wats really bad is that after i commented i looked it up on google lol
i didn't know king hippo was a fucking gangster....
Hey Mac, who's your favorite actor? Mine's chocolate!
this video is be honest
this should be a real motion pic your talking to someone not so easily impressed and im impressed
@gamehound83 What about Don Flamenco and Super Macho Man? xP
@luigi112344 Off the top of my head, I can't remember the name. Just search for it on YouTube, I know it's somewhere. I only remember watching and thinking: "Seriously, Nintendo?" -_-"
the "mac baby...SAY GOODNIGHT!" line was epic
@InusSonCurtis Ducks/bushes from duck hunt Peach Mario Ring king Bowser Oil drum from DK Pit Hammer bros N64 sign Crocs from DK jr Virtual boy Wii remote Rupees Stage from the Fzero game on gamecube Wario Waluigi Peach dome NES baseball NES on the TV Pipes from SMB NES Power Pad 'Now your playing with power!' Clouds from SMB 8-bit Dk Rainbow road 'Im Wario Im gonna win!' Nintendo fun club Also picture in the newpaper is a screenshot of punch out for the mobile...god im gay.
I would sooo love to see this whole movie.
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