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Call of Duty 5 - World at War Multiplayer

by Attila16 • 3,347,820 views

Want more? Visit: This is a video of me playing in Call of Duty 5 - World at War in Multiplayer. This video is a kind of condensed version of 3...

The absolute best game COD ever made period. Lame hackers fucking shit up because they suck playing normal. Hope WAW2 comes out with the same blood and gore WAW had.
+MaGiiC_GaMeRz | PSN I found that out the hard way.. I played a match with a kid hacking and i messaged him talking shit about it and the asshole hacked my account and unlocked all my guns and leveled me all the way up. I didnt even play the game for an hour. Rheres no reset option like the later call of duty's either so niw its pointless for me to play the multiplayer. IM PISSED.
if u guys wanna play a remade game of this with no hackers play in roblox (PC ONLY) Sear call of robloxia
This is Call Of Duty, not the shit we have now.
+jesser715 Maybe in your opinion .. Waw is just a awesome Game!!! 
BRING BACK WW2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Really tryin to play this game again, fuck off hackers
I miss this so much, so so so much. FUCK SAKE NOSTALGIA. 
I loved this game but I got deranked to -26493639264037303630174 😢
why is waw so unloved :(
Ppl didn't understand that the game was best played on hardcore mode, the game was designed for it. HC SND for life, psht i had like 24 days played and over 12000 wins.
fuck advanced warfare... fuck modern warfare.... fuck blackops.... this is THE BEST CALL OF DUTY EVER MADE. BEST MULTIPLAYER. SMART MAP DESIGNS. so as the the old call of duty 4 (modern warfare)... damn good old days :(
Black ops 2 is good too, but ghosts was complete shit
This is the type of Call of Duty the game developers need to look back on and think of how successful it actually was, and bring back something very similar. That would be awesome. Best COD ever!
This isn't Call of Duty 5. Activision will not call one of their COD games part 5 unless it is something ground breaking like COD 4 was. Good luck with that since the original Infinity Ward team who produced COD 1, 2, 4 (Modern Warfare 1 and 2) is gone. When COD 4 released it was amazing, there was nothing like it at the time. And now there are a lot of copy cats since Activision wished to cash in on the immense success of the series. Activision had Treyarch copy the COD 4 mechanics in World At World since their mechanics ideas for part 3 sucked. Then Activision forced the talented team who invented this revolutionary COD 4 to prostitute their baby and quickly release a sequel to Modern Warfare. After a dispute between them and Activision this team left Infinity Ward and started Respawn Studios. Activision would go on to release sequels to World at War in the form of Black Ops 1 and 2. Also Modern Warfare 3 which didn't improve on part 2. The horrible Ghosts which will probably not spawn any sequels.  And now Activision is releasing a new COD series with Advance Warfare. Which will most likely produce sequels. Yet no real successor to part 4 since all other COD games are just basically the same old shit with new bells and whistles. 
As A Kid I Watched This Video And Pretended To Play It To Impress My Friends....... (Don't Judge Me I Was Like 7) Oh Boy Was I Lame.... :)
I love World at War, but the bloody modders and hackers ruin it for everyone, pleassssseeeee ACTIVISION MAKE ANOTHER WW2 COD INSTEAD OF THE MODERN FANTASY CRAP
I'm seriously about to dust off this baby and play the shit outta this game…like.. right now
I just mine today too and I like zombies the most I've been playing for about 2 hours now haha
Just play mercenary game modes and there aren't any hackers :)
Has absolutely nothing on Red Orchestra 2
The days without hackers man I loved it fuck you hackers go fuck a dead body you 12 year old faggots
When call of duty was fair... Kids these days don't know what they have missed. This was real Online multiplayer
maybe my fave of the series?!? yea dont hate! use to own on this map too. so many sweet spots. like shooting fish in a barrel!
this game was amazing before COD went to shit. Problem was, it had hackers.
dude i so agree with you. this is the first cod game i ever got and i fucking loved it. freshman year of high school used to play like all day all night. was so addicting. sadly, the games after this sucked and this one had hella hackers :(
I really miss the old times with this Game <3 Every day i played World at War and i never was in ragemode :D CoD have the best Story And now this game is full of hackers
Ww2 guns were so badass too bad I didnt have a ps3 at the time to play. Can u customize guns, like add attachments? They need to make another waw
Watching this video is better than watching advanced warfare with the best commentary.. WaW<3
Bring it back update it best call of duty ever the games are shit to day
best fucking game ever made
Where did the days go Reply if you cri everytiem
This game is insane, I wish people play it :/
I hate autobalance
Joga bem mas só tem um pequenino problema deixa-se levar pelos cães. Acha que eles são fofinhos. KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
This COD had the best maps by far.
Bloody love this game. My fave cod
Back when CoD was Good and Nastaaay. Not like this cartoony Blops 2 and shit. I'm crying right now thinking about all of those good memories of hosing fools down with the Tommy Gun with the drum mag like on some God Father type shit. Good times. Good Times.
+Tom Price Yeah.  I liked to use the Arisaka, Kar, and  Mosin Nagant.  I hated the iron sights of the Springfield with a passion.
+HueyShabazz yeah, Scoped Arisaka is my favourite gun on World at war, its so satisfying to get kills with it
I miss it. so much :( 
FACK I miss this game, now its just filled with glitches and mods
I used to play waw and never saw 1 hacker and I played it for a long time. Yet again that was about 8 months ago :0
Hackers please f**k off this amazing game so I can enjoy cod once again
Bring back fucking oldstyle Call of Duty and fucking everyone would be happy (except those camping hacking teens and the would be exterminated - wouldnt that be wonderful??!) - Its a dream and cod-reality sucks but sometimes dreams get true and then I would buy that Call of Duty in a heartbeat
start a petition to bring WW2 based COD back in 2015!!
I heard they are going too in 2015. I hope so!
WaW hackers are fucking tards. You only hack it cause ur fucking noobs
If anyone wants to play this on PS3, add me Fuju97x. Just looking for fun. Not hacking crap
This was such a good game the mp40, G43 and m1a1 bring back so many good memories. I really want waw2!
hearing that artillery alarm, brings back the good old times!
its real fun, but the hackers kill the game
this game was a classic until it got so easy to hack... never forget
R.I.P 2008-2009 (When I played Waw) those were the good old days ;(
There used to be some Ground War servers on PS3 and now there is none. Someone on PS3 should start up a ground server and hopefully more people will be encourage to play more ground war.
I'm down if you start it up PSN: TisAFineBarn
When CoD was decent.
There's also dogs in there, they are called German shepherd dogs
To me, Call of Duty: World at War is the last good CoD game.
Black ops and black ops 2 are good as well, but ur right, the other ones suck
Such  fond memories. I don't want a game with some new bell or whistle to make gamers say ooh and ah, just remake WaW. 
PC makes it perfectly fine no hackers or anything :)
Lol I remember this shit, lol 6th grade finally got a ps3 mw1 and waw lol the two best cods ever lol and I had got my first Mic lo I was too happy
Holy shit I thought the screen recorders sucked in 2008 but damn
Cant never forget the original
was the first CoD game I ever bought and it was for xbox 360. By far the best fps game i've played
If anyone has this for xbox 360, add me and maybe we can get full lobbies again. My GT is Im Beatboxing. Add me and send me a message
Still play it, got a 66-21 tonight on a tank server with no killstreaks, M1 carbine with ap sight, type 100 supressed, perks , 2 satchels, overkill and dead silence, primary nade frag and secondary smoke.
There would always be a bouncing betty at 0:19 
I still play this game today one of my faves of the CoD games but multiplayer core is infested with hacker :(
best Call of Duty ever 
what of this shet its this i dont like :(
+Jamarco Wilson Please take LOL out of your vocabulary, you sound like a retarded 3rd grader.
dude why do u only get 10+ xp for a tdm kill when on the wii its like 20+
+Jamarco Wilson Please take LOL out of your vocabulary, you sound like a retarded 3rd grader.
Never played WaW that kiefer sutherlands voice? lol
When call of duty was fun. Ghosts and BOPS 2 are both fucking retarded.
Blops 2 not too atrocious, ghosts is however
I play waw multiplayer every day on PC version and I still only need to unlock one more weapon and I will have all the guns
dude me best streak is 22 wats yours (wii)
I remember back in Spring 2008, I had just gotten my PlayStation 3, upgrading from my PlayStation 2. I already had Grand Theft Auto IV, but all my friends were talking about Call of Duty 4. I bought it, expecting an exhilarating next-gen experience, but I was fairly disappointed in the graphics and gameplay, which was largely rooted in the previous-gen. Up until the release of Black Ops, I always liked Call of Duty, but still had always thought it was overrated and didn't deserve the amount of respect among the gaming community that it had. I guess watching this video made me nostalgic for my mid-teen years, but also helped me remember why I converted to the Battlefield franchise. :)
OMG I MISS THIS GAME!  i remember my favourite weapon in multiplayer was MP40 with Extra mags omgg it's a beast lol I lost interest at playing it after i learned how to glitch in this game >.<
I had the game for ps3 but I found out that in PC there are not as many hackers so I sold my ps3 waw and got PC waw
Hackers ruined this game it was amizingly fun and mw1 and mw2 was also ruined by hackers mw3 started to get bad but they fixed most of the hacking thank god
This game got infected by hackers that play this game.
ho comprato questo gioco 3 giorni fa, ed ogni volta che gioco on line mi buttano fuori dal server dopo 5 minuti(colpa del mio ping), io gioco ancora su cod 2 ed è sempre pieno, invece su questo on line ce poca gente. come mai?
an epic game with too many hackers!
The best cod.....ever
For me the best cod experience that you will ever have is hardcore search and destroy on this not exxageratiing.....actually i this the above combination is the best fps moments i had and will ever have.....just legendqry times....especially with friends....
Cod4 , waw , bo1 and bo2 are the best cod !
Should I get the game because they said their hackers
R.I.P world at war...
still my best cod! better tha ghosts!
Its nice to know people are still playing this game after 6 years... I played a few good TDM games that weren't hacked.. (Sadly tdm and ffa are all thats left now) it would be nice if they could make one more update that let us all vote to kick out hackers. And they should also separate the lobbies with people who have dlc, and people who dont... If that were to happen.. I feel like this game could last another 3-5 yrs
Loved the game... On ps3 Then came fucking asshole low life dicks take it over with hacking
This is one of the best call of duties Eva
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